Which Keyboard is Best for Beginners-My Top Best Keyboards

First Keyboard for beginner

Which keyboard is best for beginners:

My Top Best Keyboards

Which keyboard is best for Beginners-the beginner keyboard is usually dependent on whether you can afford to have a real piano or having to settle for a digital keyboard which is fine. You got to start somewhere with musical instruments .

If you are a beginner keyboardist start here with my suggestion for an electric keyboard these are a great option.

Like my picture shows of my 2 year old it is a toy but at that age anything is possible and wasn’t long that we upgraded that keyboard.But by all means start as soon as possible with any musical instrument

First Keyboard for beginnerHere is my daughter in law and grand daughter 2 years birthday with her first keyboard. As a poppy I was glad to see she loves it.So you see a toy keyboard, but I see fun and activating musical passion.You know it needn’t be expensive to get started.

You can get some great tips from piano lessons at my piano lesson beginner blog pianolessonbeginner.com  here.


MY TOP 5 best Beginner keyboard suggestions below I will describe the features and benefits of each .

Here some advantages for beginners keyboard- Which keyboard is best for learners

Eventually you should invest in a weighted digital piano. That should be your expectation later but for now here are some of the advantages of buying a keyboard over a piano.

  • smaller size.

  • a choice of sounds.

  • no maintenance.
  • never needs tuning.

  • volume control.

  • portability.
  • private practice (headphones)

  • on-board recording.

  • Which keyboard is best for beginners for Yamaha and Casio.They are the two big beginners keyboard brands. As at 2019 they have evolved to provide professional technology with complete customer satisfaction in all their products.

  • YouTube can attest to huge variety of performers.Name any popular local school who teaches fine music. You will music rooms full of their featured products.

  • The combination of digital learning keyboards and online lessons are now popular than ever. Nothing wrong with electronic music instruments. In fact I own many but if you can get a real piano and hire a teacher, so much better.

  • A good teacher enables you to get instant feedback unlike online courses.Going to private lessons gives feedback that would increase your results in playing.Especially if you are adult learner want to learn the piano.

  • Enjoy my REVIEWS.


1.Yamaha P45 Stage Piano

Having your skills develop is important and I start here because this a quality electric piano where it is solid and you don’t need lots of different sounds(voices).

Technique is important the Yamaha P45 gives you the hammer weighted keys like a piano,matte finish gives you the resistance of a live piano.The keys lend itself to your experience of a real piano even though it is a digital electric piano.

Including headphones, a stand, a stool and a sustain pedal and USB interface with this bundle you have everything to launch straight into learning piano.

2.Yamaha PSR-E263

400 sounds like orchestral,brass,drums and some great woodwind section insures a voicing section that is vastly expanded .Also a more polished feel is achieved by the presence of reverb and delay offering overall sounds that are new to a beginner.

Yamaha is exceptional with years of refining its continued popular Yamaha Education suite with thousands upon thousands beginner piano students participating and getting the results.The partnership you have with these features will ensure continued quality assurance by users and regular update of learning features.

The Ipad,Laptops can be adapted to the endless resources of backings and sounds on the online Yamaha Education suite.

The options and benefits are huge for a new player to experience new sounds be part of a ever so grown community.

This will ensure for the months ahead much more enjoyment and feedback.

Remember to have FUN

3. Casio SA-46


The Casio SA-46 is small but surprising has 32 keys its friendly experience offers everything that functions to keep any piano lesson beginner interested.

Little fingers ideal for sure because it so easy to navigate and its non-weighted electronic keyboard  is a great experience for first timer.

For little ones at home ,Which Keyboard is Best for Beginners.

Certainly my choice for starting here it maybe the perfect launch for all those considering their first musical instrument.

Yamaha PSR-F51


TWO HAND PLAYING begins here as a beginner on the piano.It features 61 keys and as array of fantastic sounds 120 voices covering all your favorites synths,guitar,piano,organ ad great strings.

Its essential from here the learners has access to 114 backing styles which now provides an opportunity for you to play along with.This certainly enables you to introduced to slowing down the backings to access your place in the music.

This alone opens up some really crucial elements in your progress .Knowing when to start and stop, getting yourself to hear the different styles a wonderful time to learn about rhythms and styles.

This means you will always have access to voices to play something different over these styles and train you ear to appreciate the different nuances in music.

Which Keyboard is Best for Beginners Aiming to be a Professional-Here is a Perfect time to imagine yourself playing in a band this keyboard will certainly start your journey to consider a vocation as a musician.



Yamaha YPT-260



Younger players are cover adequately here. The included sounds keep it interesting and the keys are just big enough for any young beginner to feel comfortable to play.

Introduction to recording is provided with USB input.

Which allows you for the first time to track your progress and to instantly get feedback.

How this is so important for a beginner ?

Hearing yourself being recorded allows you to experience instant real feedback.

Comment below if you have any questions.

Having enough space and having the money to purchase a real piano, is a consideration for learners with teachers decide straight away to buy digital pianos.For me they have improved so much that you cannot not tell the difference in sound from a real piano.

Can You Learn Piano on a Keyboard or Organ?

I get asked that question allot YES.

In short and that is why I have provided the above review for your consideration .


  • For a beginner start with a  88 weighted digital piano. Most good teachers would encourage you to get one especially if you are going to do an formal graded examinations.However much I love organs ,they don’t satisfy this.
  • The weighted keys is the main difference on a digital piano than a keyboard.It’s easy to push down on most keys of a keyboard. When playing the piano, you need to put more force to create a good sound.
  • Price is not everything and just starting off you needn’t  get something expensive but first enjoy the experience of getting started.
  • You can go up the scale from a keyboard as you improve. Just in case you decide you have no longer want to learn the keyboard,you can return it.Imagine the thousands you would have saved had you gone and spent allot of money on a piano.

Piano for beginners






Keep it simple. When starting as a beginner ,start with my recommendations as above. When you are ready up grade you can comfortably to so knowing you are totally excited to continue.


You know that it this stage buying keyboard as  advantages like Easy Access being light to carry and Portability is a key focus.

I feel,that you maybe wasting time and money buying something Bigger.Keep it basic and just focus on seeing whether this move will ignite your musical passion.

Would it make sense if you were learning to drive a car that your handed a

brand new Mack Truck to drive ?

It would be very complicated you find it a struggle and will probably loose interest and loose interest.


Why do I want to play?

Do I want to play for church or school?

Or Do I want to play at home ?

I see myself playing and singing as a professional?

Have you always wanted to learn the piano as an adult learner? Your ok to pay for more expensive digital piano and go to a private teacher.

Have you already set aside a place in your home for a keyboard or upright piano or a baby grand.

Do you see you and your friends family surrounding you as you all sing along with you playing?

Do you watch Youtube or want to connect your keyboard to an Educational Music Suite like Yamaha or online lessons like Playforall

Buying a Keyboard come in all sizes.

I am glad that you have come here to seek advise as this can be a important decision.

But remember that FUN is the most important feature in learning a musical instrument.

If you can feel that joy and passion then you a well on your way to developing as a fine musician.



Make sure your satisfied with a money back guarantee so when you go out and make that purchase you feel assured you are going to be able to return it.

I want you to feel comfortable and prepared to ask these questions so you can be assured of your purchase.

Remember the sales assistance is there to give you confidence that there is such a warranty.

If not, stay clear items with no warranty,but guess what?

You have saved yourself allot of us have felt after purchasing something we regret, buyer remorse.

CHOP STICKS with Headphones

What I loved playing when I was a learner was “chop sticks”.

I learnt that from my local church youth group.

We all be playing it together and even hear it continuously at home with my sisters joining at all hours of the nght.

My mother would often ask us ,can we play something else?

With digital keyboards and piano they have headphones which my mother would of loved back then.

If you live in an apartment block, or shared accommodation a digital keyboard makes sense as you can practice knowing it won’t disturb anyone.

Read about Music as Inspiration


If your budget is really low I recommend the Rock Jam 54  

It enough for one scale and incredibly comes with LCD and 30  songs with its Piano Maestro Teaching App. Comes without the headphones but you’ll be able to pick one up easily.

Its a 54 key option sturdy keys easy to play and the portability is fantastic.

PROS Low cost,portability and a learning mode makes this an ideal choice.

CONS Does not have a headphone socket.I can’t imagine having this for kids and not having the option to tell them to put on the headphones, just to spare me from the inevitable noise.

Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

Listen through earphones, connect a speaker to improve the small on-board units, connect to a computer, etc. The keyboard has many built-in bells and whistles which are clearly detailed in the product information

PSR-EW300 76 key keyboard and includes the AC power adapter. This is a portable keyboard, weighing just under 14 pounds and if desired, it can be powered by six AA batteries. Included is the keyboard with separate music holder (snaps into back of keyboard), power adapter and Owner’s Manual. There is no complicated setup. Connect the AC adapter to the back of the keyboard, plug into a wall outlet, press the power button and it is automatically in grand piano mode ready to play.

Starter digital piano.
This is a super value, a full-size 88-key digital piano that works very well.

Sound quality is excellent; the piano & other patches are solid.

Key action is in between a keyboard & hammer-action; good spring action.

It’s full-size fun. At 15 pounds, it’s solid and doesn’t slip around, it’s built strong and sturdy.


You can see that affordable options do exist with all the added features as outlined above you can get started very easily.

I can assure you I have spent a small fortune on keyboards and lessons but that came way later after as I got more confident and transitioned to being self taught to getting a teacher.

Learning music at high school and later on in life discovering learning online lessons.You see I was around when Internet Youtube and social media wasn’t around so when it did arrive everyone benefited from the instant access of information.

Held in our hands is the new marketplace in the world,the smartphone remarkable.We have experienced more than ever the ability to listen create and view music. But I want to emphasis its important to spend time improving your vision of yourself with confidence and removing any negative thoughts from achieving your definite purpose to learn to play.

I encourage everyone to pursue a life of personal development and learn to create music.You will find deeper comfort and satisfaction having learnt a music instrument in later in your life as you will have developed a wealth of life experiences associated with playing music with others.


Playing on many digital pianos at the time of writing this blog they are so many that very close at simulating the feel of a real piano or known as type of Graded Hammer Action.

Playing digital pianos the many companies like Nord, Kawai,Casio,Roland ,Yamaha have come very close to sampled representation even the weighted feel and matt finish on the keys come very close to the real experience.Allot of keyboards are semi weighted.Technology is improving  so much that I have found it diffircult to

For example playing harder on weighted keys makes the sound louder and thus on cheaper inexpensive keyboards you cannot get this weighted tonality.


Sparking your child’s musical passion can best be served by introducing them to a cheaper keyboard without putting you out of pocket.

A piano is a significant investment to make first and possibly could remain unused in your home if, for some reason, it is not your passion.

But in my family home as a young child, the fact it was there made us want to play it. The many family gatherings around the piano were a constant reminder of its popularity.

My parents invested in all three of us going to piano lessons, and so I can confidently say that starting with a piano as a beginner was the right move.

Learn to play piano

But beware…

That was in a different time and with the technology, today piano keyboards are amazingly appealing and portable.
With all the bell and whistles you will spend 90% of your time playing the acoustic piano, for example I have never played the keyboard using the Tuba.

These are the common ones that I have used.

Acoustic Piano
Electronic Piano ( “Fender Rhodes” sound)
Jazz Organ (AKA Hammond B-3 sound)
Acoustic “Nylon String” guitar
Acoustic Bass
Electric Bass

I have continued to use these voices today with some advanced settings.

If you want to spend more on features here are my recommendations

Keyboard or a digital piano with SPLITS meaning you can play bass on your left hand and acoustic piano on your right hand, even now this is my favorite feature when I perform professionally.

Having an inbuilt metronome rather than a separate one convenient to help keep time and find your place in the music.

You got to have pedals it is impossible to play modern music without a sustain pedal, so get one. On most good digital pianos they have three, but they are fantastic value, and you needn’t have to consider buying a grand piano they that good these days.

Avoid tons of functions as this will distract your child from playing to explorings lots of less quality sampled demo songs. Keep it simple and allow them to explore their passion.


The right stool/bench/chair is essential for playing with correct posture when practicing.

So essential that you may need to adjust it to your child’s height ,but also comfortable enough that they are playing with hand position and back all appropriately placed.

Go Here to learn more about posture body position on the piano.

“My teacher has helped the importance of body and hand position so I can avoid injury one day. She would observe how I sat on the stool and adjust accordingly with my arms and chest in an open poise. Preparing me for her ideas on how to move to a note, strike it, and bounce away from one note to the next.”

Piano Posture for beginnersThe bench should be set at the right height so that the player’s arm from wrist to elbow is parallel to the floor.

To prevent a cacophony of awful noise headphones is recommended for the first few weeks as you experiment with the musical instrument.

Ignore demo songs for now. The cheap keyboard is always best avoided unless you are buying for a very young child (2 or 3) in which case it is more like a toy which stimulates their interest and familiarity with the concept of keys producing tones.



What is keyboard success when learning to play as a beginner

Success for some maybe learning to play a song another writing music, and again others it is performing in front of others.

You may not have had the experience to play but you’re indeed on a journey to learn music and eventually go on to play other musical instruments.

Here are my success tips

Its a journey learning, and as many times I have been asked I want to learn every lick in one lesson it is not to be.
The enjoyment of affirming your creativity and producing a sound that is unique to you, and this has been the driving motivator that helped my passion for piano.
Enjoy your journey, you’ll be fantastic.

A measure of patience with yourself and assurance that progress is not immediate may help you overcome frustration especially having to stay in the game as a pianist
Always get up take a few minutes breather and come back to the practice with renewed vigor. Nothing wrong with self-analyzing your mistakes but how you deal with it is essential.

Try and not take yourself seriously Malcolm Gladwell say it takes “10,000-Hour Rule”, claiming that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill, to master anything does that give you pause to actualize that you a lot of time to improve.

TIP 3# THINK 5 minutes a DAY
Surprising how having a portable keyboard anywhere at home, imagine it next to your bed and just reaching out for 5 minutes a day keeps music on your mind and done in such a fun way.
These casual sessions can turn in to long creative practice sessions.
Keep your keyboard set up nearby visually, so a moment of 5 minutes is available and immediate.

TIP 4#
5 Positive Affirmations for Musicians

I am growing. Every expert in their field started somewhere! …
One task at a time is enough. I am doing the best that I can! …
I matter and what I offer to the world also matters!
I am so thankful for everything I have achieved in my life. …
I have the power to create change!

TIP 5#

Find a teacher there are plenty online like Piano WITH Willie 

As you find a teacher it is the quickest way to improve your skills getting immediate feedback is the advantage over online programs no matter how convenient.

Keyboard V Piano
Which keyboard is best for beginners-Making these decisions are essential if you do not own a piano, and there are many factors.

Are You Motivated?

What can you afford?

Do you need to practice quietly?

Are you moving, renting, or sharing a home?

Piano requires tuning and upkeep.

Often keyboards keys are smaller and have semi-weighted keys, so when you do get a piano, the difference to weighted keys may take some time to adjust. But with a teacher looking over your progress, you will be excellent, play with confidence.

Electronic keyboards do not come with keyboard bench, music stands and sustains pedals, so these are extras.

Keyboard v Piano has Differences.

A Keyboard is an electric instrument requiring a power source with semi-weighted keys lighter than a piano.

A Piano is an acoustic instrument has 88 keys and is weighted, which is suitable for building finger strength and technique.

If you listen when you play piano notes, you’ll hear the (enharmonics) neighboring piano strings vibrate in harmony with the notes/s you have just played.

The AMAZING distinguishing feature sounds unique to the PIANO richness.

Frazer Goodman

So a Piano needs to be tuned not like electronic keyboards, which comes with a lot of tones and backing tracks to play along with which is a great help in improving your timing.
The MIDI KEYBOARD  and its connectivity to Ipad and computers are exciting as well as opening creative possibilities.

What do you call a weighted electronic keyboard?

Its called a digital piano which has weighted keys not like the feel on a organ.

A keyboard has unweighted keys.

MIDI Keyboards refers to either Unweighted Keyboards or Digital Pianos with weighted keys which uses Midi capabilities.

So, in summary

Unweighted keys are Keyboards
A Digital Piano has Weighted Keys

Playing On the Keyboard POWERS YOUR BRAIN

As a beginner having a keyboard allows you to easily explore the black and white keys It also give you time to learn the notes of the keyboard and it’s allot easier to play than a acoustic piano.

When you play a musical instrument you are powering your Brain.

It improves confidence and you develope better concentration.

You also have fun and enjoy the process of learning.

It improves your motor skills and strengthen your hand and eye co-ordination.

The socialisation aspect of meeting other musicians is great for your confidence.

The prospect of developing a career from being a musician as a writer,producer or even a teacher.

These are just a few of the great things that taking on this journey may result as you become a musician.




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