‘We can do anything but we can’t do everything’

So what are you willing to trade?


Are you trying to fit too much in to a super small window of time every day because you have huge goals and want to achieve them all yesterday?


If so the answer to your frustrations , is accepting the fact it’s going to take longer than you want it to.


We all want everything to happen quickly. It’s taken me four years to lose 50lbs! I wanted that gone in year one, but as it’s happened it’s taken me years of hard bloody graft to shift it!


The same is true of your business goals. They are going to take time and effort to get off the ground. The key is consistent effort and ensuring you get the jobs done you believe will have the biggest impact on your goals and accepting you will have to make trade offs to make that happen.


So your task for this week is to make a list of everything you’re currently working on and figure out what the priorities are and what needs to be traded off for the bigger picture!

This takes courage . You’re going to have to hit the pause buttons on some projects you’d love to get off the ground to ensure you’re focusing in on the right things. But know that the opportunities will still be there waiting for you when you’re ready.

My main message this week though is a subject coming up on Day 28!


‘We can do anything but we can’t do everything’


Quote from the book ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown


This is super poignant for where I am right now and I hope my lessons will help you.


You see my big goal over the coming year or two is to build my blog audience.


To start this process off I decided I needed some ah-maz-ing posts showing visitors step by step how to start and grow their own lifestyle business.


But to do this job well and in this century requires a significant proportion of my time on a daily basis. Therefore I’m having to make trade offs.


Not just social or family trade offs but within my business also.


I really want to do podcasts & videos and focus on Instagram growth & write more blog posts about our travels etc and all of that will come in the future but right now all my focus is on these training guides and is likely to be for the next 6 months.


(I’d love it to be earlier, but I have this rather inconveniently timed wedding right in the middle of it all!)


So I’m trading off elements of my business that I believe are necessary for long term growth for at least 6 months so I can get what I see as the most important task done and completed first.


Like I said at the start, you can do anything my friend, but you can’t do everything!

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