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I thought what if I look at this differently what if I look at what have I done in my life during my most difficult times. And this might be useful for you two to kind of look at your own life and say when I was in the toughest times I was able to pull myself through how do they do it?

what were some of the elements that made the biggest difference in your life when you did those turnarounds when you made it through whatever was your toughest times the first thing.

I believe you got to do to turn yourself around is really take control of your mind or specifically you got to feed and strengthen the mind.

The mind is an interesting place isn’t it. I mean fear can take us over uncertainty kind of unleashes all these thoughts that make us start to believe very often that things will always be bad,that we’ll never be able to turn it around, or that we don’t have the capability it’s just the nature of those inner voices that everybody feels at times.

now maybe you’re not feeling it right now but I’m sure there are times at half so to take control of your focus what do you do

well then I was told all sudden I had a tumor or a way back when when I’m on my own trying to figure out what to do

I realized that somehow to take control of my mind how to feed it that if I didn’t feed my mind I’d you know I’ll be living on the weeds that came around me

I mean today if all you do is you know pick up your phone you’ve got all kinds of messages that are gonna get your full attention or flip on Google and check out the news or watch CNN or whatever it is you do it’s constantly coming at us

one of my first teacher Jim Rohn taught me something years ago he’s a Toney every day you got to stand guard at the door of your mind

he said you know I’ll give you a good lesson he said think about this

what if your worst enemy in the whole world came and dropped some sugar in your coffees and what would happen to you

I was just a seventeen year old kid just getting started and I said what do you mean I’d have sweet sugar

he said that’s right he said what if your best friend with the best intention in the world drop one drop of strychnine in your coffee

I said I’d be dead because

that’s right so remember life is both sugar and strychnine and you better stand guard at your coffee stand guard at the door of your mind

because things feed in there and you start to accept them they start to become beliefs

you start to make up meanings to take over your life

my fastest way of combating that when I was first brand new you know trying to figure out what to do with my life was to read and I was poor I was literally sleeping in my car

so I’m ain’t you enough to remember when there wasn’t to internet and when I would go to the library and I’ll go to that library and my whole ball was feed the mind

feed the mine for at least an hour minimum a day and sometimes more than that where I would read somebody’s biography

I read the story of somebody who went to seven unbelievably difficult time and how they turn it around and it gave me perspective

or I read a book like as a man thinketh if you haven’t read it it’s worth reading again and again you can read the book in about 20 minutes

or I’d read man’s search for meaning where all of a sudden Viktor Frankl a man who is literally living at that time and ash wit’s losing all of his family and he figured out how to make it through that time and add value

these stories these things fed my mind something nutritious something strong

if we are what we eat we are what we read we are what we listen to

later on I think I to feed my mind you know about understanding ideas around health principles and how people have turned themselves around without tumors or had cancer

I did the same thing most of my life starting on a 17 by listening to audio tapes I went out that was constantly feeding my mind

I didn’t let or hope that a good I’m a good idea whatever you know interrupt me or interject itself up on me I knew a great idea how to be pursued I had to go after it

I had a feed and strength in my mind every single day so I did with audio tapes I did it with books and I did it by literally doing incantations saying to myself something over and over again with such intensity to my mind began to believe it

so reading listening feeding your mind is the first step to get out of that place of uncertainty and start to recap into your real ability to thrive in any environment

what’s the second key while number two is you got to feed and strengthen your body

as simple as that sounds if you’ve been around any of my work at all you know I believe physiology first but sometimes even try to feed your mind you can feed it but those thoughts keep coming back what’s gonna change that mind faster anything else it’s a radical change in your body

a radical shift in your physiology

how do you do it

well think about this when times are really uncertain fear creeps in

what is fear fear is something quite physical it takes a hold of you when it’s really there and intense we’ve all had that gut level fear that dark night of the soul at times or it feels like you know nothing’s gonna work

so how do you turn it around yeah you feed your mind but you also strengthen that body

when’s the last time you really pushed yourself you went on a run a slight jog or walk but at the end you pushed yourself of that last two minutes five minutes whatever it was – you felt like your heart was pumping up

I’m gonna spit out blood where there was an intensity in you

I know I sound over the top but that’s what I turned myself around

way back then when I was literally just starting my journey I was 38 pounds heavier than I am now and I start to feed my mind but it wasn’t enough

I had to really feed my body and the way I did is I decided to go on this run

I picked up you know these in those days I had cassette tapes and then that’s how ancient I am sorry of time there was a time before you know iPods or anything of that nature

I listened to this song this cassette tape was by this group and it was a female group called heart and saw was Barracuda never forget

and I went out there and I decided to go on a run man run for god only knows how long you know years and I’ve nice big fat belly

but I gotta push myself so hard like I had nothing left I pushed myself even more and when that blood started rushing in me when that was pumping in my brain in my body or go out and lift weights go and push yourself and feel yourself have to force through whatever was your limitation before

when that gets inside you that physical strength again that sense of breaking through every part of you starts to operate differently your body changes so does your mind

what’s the third key well

that third step is you got to get a role model that inspires you and really shows you the way one of the biggest things that will change you once you’re mentally and physically strong is you need to believe you need to not just have a sense of certainty but you have to believe that there is a pathway to get to where you want to be whatever it is you want to change whether it be your body your mind your emotions your finances your relationship

you need a role model

so for example last October I realize I only had a few minutes to be on television

how do I get these people that think they’ve lost their nest and it’ll never come back

to not just think I’m being positive but show them a real example that’s what a role model s is I should say

it’s a real example so I thought well the best example is just show them history

so at that time you know the interviewed me and they said well many stocks have gone from $80 and the last few months they’re down to $8

I said well let me tell you the good news and the bad news some of those $8 stocks are gonna be $5 or 2 or $1 many of their gonna go to 75 cents and you know people were hold back and saying well that’s not very positive I said

well here’s what’s positive if you study the patterns of history if you look back to what happen in the 1930s if you see what happened in the 1970s during that time as well

when the market went through this huge crash in the depression or in the 70s there was a period of time not not long afterwards when there was this big growth an $8 stock that went down to $1 or 75 cents didn’t make it back to $80 right away that took decades

but a 75 cent stock had been $80 or 50 or 60 would go from 75 cents to $5 literally in a month or two or three

it’s happened twice before it’s happened during this same pattern there’s a role model for this

that means you would go from 75 cents to five dollars that’s a 2,000 percent increase

that’s a greater return than most investors will see over their entire lifetime it could happen to two or three months

you can make it back now I said but I don’t know if now is the time to jump in I just know that time is coming you gotta study it and then you know I told investors look at Sir John Templeton

he just passed away a few months before I fortune enough to know him you don’t know the name is one of the greatest investors in history and he became an investor a billionaire I should say by being an investor he started with $10,000 how do you do that he did it because he believed you make all your money at times of maximum pessimism that was his role model

in 1939 the depression is going on Hitler invades Poland and he’s in a place where all heck is breaking loose and he took his ten thousand dollars he invested and all he could in the stock market bought stocks that cost a dollar many of these stocks were near bankruptcy but what do you think happened after

or things got back to normal the season always comes back he became a billionaire from those investments

he invested in Japan when no one would invest in Japan because no role model would do that there they just got bombed the country’s down to mud and dirt he bought things for pennies that grew and he sold them for a huge profit

if you’re looking to make your business successful today you’re trying to think how do I do this in this tight economy look around role models who around you is still doing well there are people you just gotta find them

look at Zappos topless is a company that only a few years ago was sitting around in a garage and in this economy they’re thriving selling shoes

they’re gonna do a billion dollars this year or better yet if you’re just feeling like you lost your job you know you’ve lost your home you lost your income your nest egg or you fils it facing just unbelievable challenge

then look at somebody like a Nick V if you don’t know I’m talking about go to my blog and watch a video of him

now I’m shortening his name is very hard to pronounce his name I’ll be respectful but I’ve got his whole story there you can watch it

here’s a guy that was born with no arms and no legs we literally can’t dress himself can’t mood can’t feed himself he wanted to die

he was totally depressed and then one day he figured out a different way of looking at life

he somehow began to strengthen his mind and body and he got a different role model what was possible inside of himself and now he inspires people all over the world

little kids who think they have a big problem adults who think they have a big problem meet here my god how does he even make a phone call

you know and you’ll see him do it he’s got let’s one little web foot

please go see it he’ll be inspired we all need contrast sometimes not only role models of how to get it done and be successful but role models how to deal with our problems and our challenges

so get a role model that’ll inspire you and show you the way and

the fourth key now is you’ve got to get a proven plan

and you got to take massive action don’t even worry about a proven plan there are lots of role models hopefully they’ll prove it to you but get a plan do something I tell people all the time you just got remember the power of massive action so often in life people don’t begin the journey because they’re not quite sure what to do or how to do it right or how to do it perfect

you want to change your body get yourself moving don’t wait for the perfect trainer just bill it up here move put on your shoes and move and get momentum

just remember progress equals happiness

if you can start to make progress and you get yourself going it’s not perfect if it doesn’t work you know what they do just change your approach that doesn’t work change your approach

but if there’s anything that shift your life that’ll get you to thrive in a difficult situation is take some massive action

try something else change it try it and move it

I want a lot on this but respectful to your time so let me give you the

final key number five the five

I think is the most important also just to remind you first thing you got to do is be and strengthen that mind read lesson feed the mind

take control of that cloak is stand guard or what other people are saying focus on what it is you’re here to give what you can control

what you can make happen number

two feed and strengthen that body remember fear uncertainty different physical experiences so the best way to deal with something physical is get physical

change that body goal if some weights go for that run do something that’s gonna get you in that state if you’ve been to our seminars you know exactly what to do

but get that our power going that 15 minutes to thrive if you’re familiar with that

to train your body and mind to be strong again number

three make sure you put yourself in that position when you find a role model it’s gonna inspire you and show you that way

maybe it’s a contrasting role model you think your life’s so tough

find somebody with tougher look who’s really turned it around or maybe it’s just somebody who’s really succeeded but you can now see there is a way there’s a way through there’s a way to make this happen

even in the toughest times there’s always a way for make sure you get yourself into action get a plan take massive action and the number

five most importantly of all of them feed your spirit feed and strengthen your spirit and there’s only one way to do that it’s to

find what you’re grateful for and to take time whether it be prayer for you or just take in a moment to think about what is it so lucky in life

there’s there’s a rejuvenation in our spirit when we stop taking things for granted most importantly what feed your spirit is to give to find

a way to do something for someone else who’s worse off than you are because what is this all about it’s about strength and it’s about perspective it’s about action it’s about emotion and it’s about heart and so many people you know miss the opportunity to feel like their life makes a difference I’m a big believer that motive does matter that why you do something people can feel that people may be skeptical they may have their judgments or their fears because they’ve been through so much but and

my experience ultimately why you’re doing something people feed on if you’re doing this because some part of you knows that you’re here in life not just to get but to give

then there’s a spark that happens of other people cuz they feel the genuineness of that and there’s a spark that happens and you cuz it reminds you what you’re made for and you know

I’m telling you this now and I shared this with you because I want to give you some tools but also because I want to invite you to participate in something

Thanksgiving is coming and it’s supposed to be a time of giving thanks right

but unfortunately for a lot of people what we’re finding is it’s just about eating turkey or you know in so much go and watching the ballgame and forgetting what the spirit of holidays

really about many of you who know me probably know the story what’s happened in my life

why I’m sharing this with you right now because when I was 11 years old my family and young brother and sister I’m the oldest and my father and my mother we were to position where my father lost his job we had no money and no food and we wouldn’t a star but certainly we’re gonna have a Thanksgiving dinner that’s for sure

and it was depressing and my father was saying things to my mother and mother was saying things to my father that you know you never forget and you can never take back and we were in this psychological emotional hole

and it felt like nothing could get better and what changed my life was a simple act of kindness

to somebody who to this day and Marshall even thinking about still so why I want to talk to you today

to the stand on who it was but they decided our newer family I guess and they sent a guy a delivery guy Commodore and you know my parents were fighting so I answered the door

and there was this tall man standing on this big box of food everything we could imagine for this holiday and beside him on the ground was this black pan with an uncooked turkey in it

he said is your father here and that’s it just one moment now I quickly went over and grabbed my dad and didn’t tell him who was at the door just said you got to answer he got to answer it and open the door and

and unfortunately my father didn’t take in the gift he was angry so you know we don’t accept charity was very intense about it and it was a it was a seminal experience in my life

because I wanted to celebrate and ultimately became a celebration for the rest of my family but my father didn’t take in the fact that strangers can carry

that strangers could really look out for you that there could be an opportunity for you to take in a gift in life

and my father shortly after that experience left our family it was one of the more intense moments of my life

but the beauty that came out of that event is the reason why I’m here right now

I’m not just talking to you and this conversation you’re on the internet but the reason I do what I do is because I was penetrated by this kindness because the meaning I gave it was that strangers care

they’re strangers care about me that I care about strangers

I gotta find a way to give back I promised I find a way to do that and so by the time I was 17 years old I figured how to do it

I wasn’t real successful yet as you might guess but I said I was gonna feed two families and I went to the grocery store and I got two baskets and I went around and put enough food you know for two different families to have this incredible dinner

and I started the journey and I began by feeding a family with five kids who had no clue but the father had left and it was it was destiny for me

next year I decided it was so moving and emotional I was gonna feed four families and I didn’t tell anybody

and the next year eight because I wasn’t doing it for the stars on my chart

but eventually eventually I thought God I could use some help so I got my friends involved and gradually through some of my small companies and my employees got involved and really the power to tell you that you know 30 plus years later today we’re in a situation now where through the foundation together with people like yourself

we feed more than three million people last year in 32 countries so my final kind of offering to you my invitation is come join me

let’s go out and touch some souls let’s go out on Thanksgiving and let’s see if we get his touch if it doesn’t take I don’t want your money

I mean welcome to send some money the foundation if you want but that’s not what this is about what I really wanted you to have the experience of reach on touching a stranger for no good reason except that’s right

cuz I know what that’ll do to your spirit if you’re successful it’s gonna make you feel something more than success

it’ll give your life more meaning if you’re facing some real challenges and you enter a place like when I went down to South Bronx I’ve ever forgotten

you know entering a place that no electricity where people were literally starving or a man who was literally on the streets and we brought him this big basket it was beautiful and getting blankets and socks and food and I literally jumped out of the van

I was with this amazing man from the Salvation Army I was driving around and jumped out and handed this big basket to this huge basket for this man and

I mean first he just looked shocked then he started to get this big smile then he got teary-eyed when I was leaving there was this moment that you never forget

you can do this you can do this by yourself you can do this with couple family members you can just do two baskets of food

where it feels like a gift where it’s not a handout like my father expected but really a gift where it feels like a present something special and if all you do is go to Anthony Robbins foundation org Matthew Robbins

you can put yourself in and say I’d like to be a coordinator for a basket brigade even if it’s just you and they’ll send you a little booklet how to do it we have a little book called notes for a friend which is this tiny little book I wrote that show somebody how to turn their life around you can give that

or you can just get food or you could do this with your family you could do this with your company and get that spirit back inside your company with the employees and you do it really easily or all over the country and all over the world

we have large basket brigades where people come together and you could join a group that’s going to do this so this is my invitation

I sent this video to you to hopefully during the holidays hopefully add some value to remind you and what I know

you know can thrive no matter what the obstacle no matter what the economy no matter what the challenge the fundamentals are really basic and you can take that control of your life and if you’re doing well it’s to say to you man you and I if we’re doing well we have responsibilities give something back

not only responsibility but our opportunity so thanks for listening for so long Elizabeth I’ll leave sorry I’m emotional but it doesn’t matter how many decades I’ve been a part of this there are people out there suffering people out there that you could touch and I’m one of those people that got touched I’m here because of it and I think I’ve been able to help lots of people in my life because of those challenges and because of someone caring and I know you care too or you were still wouldn’t be watching this crazy video so thank you for watching and please go to FB Robin’s Foundation org and join me in the basket brigade or do something to make this Thanksgiving different or more meaningful and I hope this has been helpful to you in your life in some way and again I appreciate your time and I look forward hopefully our paths cross again sometime soon till then live strong live with passion and god bless you you

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