These are the questions about your lifestyle business

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These are the questions I asked myself. I hope this proves helpful to you if you’re currently contemplating the future of your business;

1. What’s your hook? What’s your unique angle within your niche that you want to become known for?
2. Who are you serving? Who do you want to serve?
3. Why are you creating and publishing content? What’s your reason for doing so?
4. How are you ensuring you’re adding the most value and meeting the specific needs of your target audience?

For example;

If you watch a David Goggins video you know he’s all about strengthening your mind and not allowing yourself to get away with weak minded excuses. He’s primarily aiming his content at men who want to get super fit. His content leads you to his book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ which is an awesome read by the way. He makes very short videos once a week showing him working out with a very specific mind strength message.

If you watch a Sunny Lenarduzzi video you know she’s going to be giving you tips and tricks primarily on YouTube & video marketing and more recently on Instagram marketing. She’s aiming her content and businesses and brands who want to master video. Her content leads you to her YouTube courses. She publishes videos once or twice a week with very specific ‘How To’ tips.

If you consume Amy Porterfield content, she’s going to teach you how to create and sell online courses. She’s aiming her content at educators & small business owners who want to sell digital courses online. Her content leads to her online courses. She hosts a popular podcast and webinars focusing on list building and digital courses.

Gary Vee, all about the hustle and not being blinded by the sexiness of entrepreneurship – primarily aimed at young men. His exposure leads brands to his Vayner Media brand, plus his new small business brand, his trainers, wine, investments, connections etc. A very clever model. He can go off the beaten track a bit more but primarily focuses his messages around hustle & grind.

Marie Forleo, female empowerment, creating a purpose driven business and creating a business & life you love all leading to her annual B-School. She attracts primarily women wanting to have an impact in the world. Her weekly Marie TV Q & A Tuesday answers specific questions from her audience and she’s also branched out into interviews, if you notice primarily with purpose driven business owners.

When I started my online adventure back in 2010, I taught online entrepreneurs how to use Facebook fan pages to grow their audience and business online. My content was aimed at those who wanted to build a business online and it led to initially my free fan page templates and later my Social Networking Academy. I regularly published specific facebook ‘How To’ videos. I built a successful six figure business from this specificity.

Read all of those again.

Every single one has a specific angle, a specific audience they want to reach, specific messages and a specific reason for creating the content they do. Therefore all of their content adds value and serves the audience they want to reach.

Can you answer those questions with such specific answers?

Can you describe your business, your market, your content strategy and your reason why with such clarity?

I realized I couldn’t and that my friend leads to creating content for contents sake, which will get you nowhere fast.

So let’s start answering those questions and really get clear on what we’re trying to achieve with our businesses.

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