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2019 Keep Positive Mindset

The power of the mind is truly unknown…keep positive mindset

Even to the greatest scientists studying it today, the mind holds many mysteries.

From my personal experiences,positive  mindset is truly the make or break.

When I first started earning income online… Back in 2006, all I cared about was the tactics or the method.

“Just show me what button to click, and tell me how may times to click it… And I’ll do it, if it will make me money!”

I was motivated, ambitious, smart…

But I couldn’t build a business mindset or a  real business to save my life.

The reason wasn’t because I hadn’t found the right tactics or methods…

In fact, this relentless search for a ‘magic solution’ lead me to going
flat broke following fake gurus and having to move endlessly

The real reason I constantly FA...

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