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Do you want to sharpen your blues piano skills .
Blues is one the few piano styles apart from jazz allows total creative freedom within a 12 bar construct.You can reshape the rhythms and melody of a song and give your piano blues solo section allows you to create new melodies on the spot.

Having access some 100 ultimate piano blues riff  by Andrew Gordon is an exhaustive guide to some of the best musical phrases that make up blues piano/keyboard playing

Liberating it is creative freedom is our goal and here are some basic theory.
Now these exercises assume you have a basic music theory knowledge such as scales read music and know the basic piano 12 bar experience as well.

1.Practice your 251.
This happens often in jazz but can really transform your approach to 12 bar blues when played mak...

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Blues Piano Licks : Blues Piano Easy Lick One

Hi, my name is Jonathan Wilson on behalf of Expert And we’re learning thirty must-have blues piano links. These are easy ones and we’re starting with lick number one. Without further ado, let’s just get right to it. Here it is half tempo, with a metronome. Check out the notation, it goes like this. Okay, good starting point, not very complicated. Now, the only thing tricky about this one, if you’re just kind of a beginner piano player, sometimes those thirds can give you a little bit of trouble. Just practice. Take it very, very slowly. Don’t worry about the finger strength so much on these. Sometimes people, their fourth finger is usually your weakest finger when it comes to playing the piano.

If you can, in a situation like this, just kind of put those fingers down and use ...

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