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Music Artist Frazer Goodman appears 2019 Blues On Broadbeach Music Festival

Fans of Blues Music are in for a treat, Frazer Goodman premiers again for 6th year in a row at the Blues On BroadbeachlMusic Festival, Gold Coast, Australia on Saturday, May18 th, 2019 @ Broadbeach Koi dining restaurant.

Australia Fans of Blues Music are in for a treat with Musician, Arranger, Keyboardist and Hammond Player Frazer Goodman. He Premiers his New EP Launch and Merchandise  Blues On Broadbeach Music Festival, Gold Coast, Australia on Saturday, May 18th, 2017 @Koi dining. Performing his bluesy jazz originals ideal for back ground music whilst dining, dancing the night away at your next function or just kicking back on a Saturday afternoon. Frazer Goodman is no stranger to the stage and launches his New CD,” And Now We Are Here” which you can hear on his site click here

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Musical Ear Advice: More help with Intervals-Chirn Park Jazz ,Gold Coast @Taste Restaurant

Great night with Malcolm Capewell on the Baritone Sax playing at Taste Restaurant on The Gold Coast .

Today I have a member question:

“I can’t hear the difference between whole-steps and half-steps, major 3rds and minor 3rds etc.

I’ve been practicing with interval-trainer apps but without much success.

Do you have any tips?”

Here’s a new exercise you can use to improve your interval recognition:

Practice Tip:

Go to the piano and play a C.

Now try to sing up an interval – let’s say a half-step.

Sing the note, and then test your answer by playing a Db.

Then do it again – sing up a major 3rd from Db.

Sing the note, and then test your answer by playing an F.

Then do it again – sing down a whole-step from F.

Sing the note, and then test your answer by playing an Eb.

And keep doing this f...

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Frazer Goodman Entertainment

What Makes Jazz n Blues So Cool?

In a word – improvisation.

jazz  n blues performance is like setting up a musical base camp. Once this is established at the beginning of the piece, each musician is free to wander off to explore – but always, eventually, returning to base. Variations on the theme. The heart of jazz n blues

It’s the goal of each musician in a jazz n blues band to take you with them on their improvised journey; to show you how they do it. And then, of course, to bring you back from the wilds of their imagination to the others at base camp; back to the theme – a little wiser and a little more fulfilled each time.

To experience jazz n blues live is to experience the music being created before your very eyes and ears. Miles Davis called it “the birth of the cool”...

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