My Story

My name is Frazer Goodman. Welcome to my world!

I live a multi-faceted creed based on passion, purpose, contribution, and gratitude. I consider myself a professional, father, friend and to some extent curious.

Convictions in your beliefs is a strange thing.Too little of it you begin to doubt yourself.Too much of it and you come across as pompous and pretentious.

GiveThanks… I am involved in many ventures that revolve around my family music friends internet marketing writing music eating out . My focus is love my religion is kindness.

Musicians like to tell the story of their struggle to do well. They tell it to try to inspire people. Honestly inspiration is not really what I’m after. I hope people can take something from it but really I’m just telling this story because its mine to tell. In it, as you read through the steps I went through to become the person I am today, you’ll probably notice that some things are good, some things a bad, however all of it is true.

So I guess the big question is where do I start? My childhood has little to do with anything other than born in NZ to wonderful Samoan parents and lived in Auckland NZ before arriving here in

Brisbane with my wife and 4 kids in the 1990s.I am glad to say I got it right by having a beautiful family of 4 children and seven grandkids allot of that I attribute to my oldest daught and their mother  Phyllis who is now deceased Phyllis Masoe.


While I wish I could say that these where good years the sad truth is  they where some of the best times of my life. After  finishing high school I decided to leave my parents house, got out on my own got married, and start making my way. However ‘my way’ quickly turned into the wrong way as I forgot any youthful ambition in favor of the pleasures of the world.

By the time I was 38 years old I was divorced, started drinking haha that I could not handle . I was working at random dead end jobs,trainer ,youth worker,security(hopeless),cleaner, that came and went through temp services. I chased girls. I fought guys not really was a lover not fighter. I had zero ambition and no future and I didn’t care one bit. I did what I wanted, when I wanted. I had no responsibility which was actually a good thing because its not like anyone could have counted on me anyway.

The places  I lived in was some a total dump others shared and shared. I’m ashamed to admit that I had none. Though I worked just enough to pay the moderate rent at my apartment ($40 per week), buy booze, have fun and get just enough food to keep myself alive (because that was a waste of money) beyond that I cared nothing about improving myself. Honestly looking back on it now, I really don’t know why. That’s just the way I was I guess. A total waste.

By 47 I ended up facing harsh realities of life when my children mother had passed away and I became a solo dad to my children. I think it must have been a testament to my oldest daughter and youngest son that  somehow convinced me that I was a decent guy and had earned some respect to them take  up the mantle of fatherhood to support and love my kids. I left the dump I called my home and I moved into a much nicer family home in a different section of Brisbane Logan and got job as disability carer.



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