Material success Affirmation-Parahansa Yogananda

This has been interesting discovery the works of Parahansa Yogananda reading and enthralled about the amazing history of this remarkable yogi. I know Steve Job at his planned funeral had copy of his book given to everyone there and it was the only book he had on his phone.

Material Success Affirmation
by Paramhansa Yogananda
From Scientific Healing Affirmations, 1924 edition
Thou art my Father
Success and joy.
I am Thy child
Success and joy.
All the wealth of this earth
All the riches of the universe
Belong to Thee, belong to Thee.
I am Thy child.
The wealth of earth and universe
Belongs to me, belongs to me
O belongs to me, belongs to me.
I lived in thoughts of poverty
And wrongly fancied I was poor
So I was poor.
Now I am home and Thy consciousness
Has made me wealthy, made me rich.
I am success, I am rich.
Thou art my treasure, I am rich, I am rich.
Thou art everything, Thou art everything.
Thou art mine.
I have everything, I have everything.
I am wealthy, I am rich.
I have everything, I have everything.
I possess all and everything
Even as Thou dost, even as Thou dost.
I possess everything, I possess everything.
Thou art my wealth.
I have everything.
More Prayers and Affirmations from Paramhansa Yogananda:
“I will find something each day for which to give thanks, and thus form the
habit of gratitude for all the good gifts the Father has bestowed upon me.” “Father Divine, I care not what I may permanently possess, but
give me the power to acquire at will whatever I may daily need.”

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