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Translator: Jelena Vukovic Reviewer: Ivana Korom There is one phrase that I have always wanted to say to everyone in “peoples lives”. That phrase is “Life is easy.” It’s so easy and recreation. I never concluded like that before. When I was in Bangkok, I felt like life is very hard, very complicated. I was born in a poor village on the Northeastern of Thailand And when I was a kid, everything was merriment and easy, but when the TV met, numerous people came to the village, they said, “You are poor, you need to chase success in your life.

You got to get to Bangkok to pursue success in your life.” So I find bad, I find good. So I needed to go to Bangkok. When I went to Bangkok, “its just not” very fun. You need to learn, examine a lot and handiwork very hard, and then you can get success. I worked very hard, eight hours per daylight at least, but all I could feed was just a container of noodles per banquet, or some Tama dish of fried rice or something like that. And where I stayed was very bad, a small area where a lot of beings slept. It was very hot. I started to question a lot. When I work hard, why is my life so hard? It must be something wrong, because I make a lot of things, but I cannot get enough. And I tried to learn, I tried to study. I tried to study in colleges and universities. It’s very hard to learn in university, because it’s very boring.

( Laughter) And when I looked at themes in colleges and universities, in every faculty, most of them had destructive knowledge. There’s no productive knowledge in university for me. If you hear to be an designer or architect, that mean you ruin more. The more these parties act, the mountain will be destroyed more. And a good region in Chao Praya Basin will be covered with concrete more and more. We destroy more. If we go to agriculture module or something like that, that means we learn how to poison, to poison the territory, the water, and read to destroy everything. I feel like everything we do is so complicated, so difficult. We simply realize everything hard. Life was so hard and I detected disappointed. I started to think about, why did I have to be in Bangkok? I thought about when I was a kid , nothing wielded eight hours per date, everybody worked two hours, two months a year, planting rice a few months and collecting the rice another month.

The rest is free time, ten months of free time. That’s why people have so many festivals in Thailand, every month they have carnival.( Laughter) Because they have so much free time. And then in the daytime, everyone even takes a catnap. Even now in Laos, go to Laos if you are able, beings take a nap after lunch. And when they are wake up, they just gossip, how’s your son-in-law, how’s your bride, daughter-in-law. Beings “ve got a lot” of meter, but because they have a lot of epoch, they have time to be with themselves. And when they have time to be with themselves, they have time to understand themselves. When they understand themselves, they can see what they crave in their life.

So, many parties see that they require pleasure, they crave ardour, they want to enjoy their life. So, people receive a lot of attractivenes in their life, so they express that glamour in many ways. Some people by engraving the manage of their bayonet, really beautiful, they weave the baskets very nicely. But , now , nothing does that. Nobody can do something like that. Parties use plastic everywhere. So, I feel like it’s something wrong in there, I cannot live this way I’m living.

So, I decided to quit University, and went back home. When I went back home, I started to live like I recollect, like when I was a kid. I started to work two months a year. I went four tons of rice. And the entire family, six beings, we snack less than half a ton per year. So we can sell some rice. I took two ponds, two fish ponds.

We have fish to eat all time round. And I started a small garden. Less than half an acre. And I expend 15 minutes a day to take care of the plot. I have more than 30 varieties of vegetables in the plot. So, six people cannot eat all of it. We have a surplus to sell in world markets. We can realize some income, too. So, I feel like, it’s easy, why did I have to be in Bangkok for seven years, working on and then not have enough to eat, but here, exclusively two months a year and 15 minutes a day I can feed six people. That’s easy. And before I thought that stupid beings like me who never got a good grade at school, cannot have a home. Because people who are cleverer than me, who are number one in the class every year, they get a good job, but they need to work more than 30 times to have a live. But me, who cannot finish university, how could I have a live? Hopeless for people who have low-pitched education, like me. But, then I started to do earthly building, it’s so easy.

I spend two hours per daytime, from 5 o’clock in the morning, until 7 o’clock in the morning, two hours per period. And in 3 month, I got a house. And another friend who’s the most cunning in the class, “hes spent” 3 month to build his home, very. But, he had to be in debt. He had to pay for his obligation for 30 years. So, compared to him, I have 29 times and 10 months of free time.( Laughter) So, I feel that life is so easy. I never imagined I could build a room as easy as it looks as that. And I deter improving a mansion every year, at least one house every year.

Now, I have no fund, but I have numerous residences.( Laughter) My question is in which mansion I will sleep tonight.( Laughter) So, a house is not a problem, anybody can build a room. The girls, 13 years old, at the school, they oblige bricks together, they make a live. After one month, they have a library. The teenagers can make a live, a very old nun can build a shack for herself. Many people are able to build a house. So, it’s easy. If you don’t believe me, try it. If soul wants to have a live. And then, the next happen is investing. I felt like I’m poverty-stricken, like I’m not handsome. I tried to dress like somebody else, like a movie star. To acquire myself appear good, gaze better. I spent one month to save money to buy a duo of jeans. When I wore them, I swerved left, I became right, examined in the mirror. Every period I examine, I am the same person. The most expensive gasps cannot change my life. I felt like I’m so crazy, why did I have to buy them? Spend one month to have a duo of pants.

It doesn’t change me. I started to think more about that. Why do we need to follow fashion? Because, where reference is follow style, we never catch up with it, because we follow it. So, don’t follow it, just stay here.( Laughter) Use what you have. So, after that, until now, 20 times, I have never bought any invests. All the clothes I have are leftovers from parties. When parties come to visit me, and when they leave, they leave a lot of robes there. So, I have tons of clothes now.( Laughter) And when people receive me wear very old clothes, they give me more invests.( Laughter) So, my problem is, I need to give robes to beings very often.( Laughter) So, it’s so easy. And when I stopped buying clothes, I felt like, it’s not only invests, it’s about something else in “peoples lives”, What I learned is that when I buy something, and I think about, I buy it because I like it, or I buy it because I need it. So, if I buy it because I like it, that entails I’m wrong. So, I appear more free when I recollect like this.

And the last event is, when I get sick, what the fuck is I do? I really worried in the beginning, because then I had no fund. But, I started to contemplate more. Ordinarily, sickness is a normal occasion, it’s not a bad stuff. Sickness is something to remind us that we did something wrong in “peoples lives”, that’s why we got sick. So, when I get sick, I need to stop and come back to myself. And think about it, what I did was wrong.

So, I learned how to use liquid to heal myself, how to use earth to heal myself, I learned how to use basic insight to mend myself. So , now that I rely on myself in these four concepts, I feel like life is very easy, I feel something like freedom, I seem free. I feel like I don’t worry about anything much, I have less fear, I can do whatever I require in my life. Before, I had a lot of fear, I could not do anything. But , now I feel very free, like I’m a unique being on this Earth , nothing like me, I don’t need to establish myself like anybody else. I’m the number one. So, acts like this make it easy, very light. And, after that, I started to think about that when I was in Bangkok, I find very dark in “peoples lives”. I started to think that numerous people maybe contemplated like me at the time. So, we started a home called “Pun Pun” in Chiang Mai. The main aim is merely saving seed. To obtain seed, because seed is food, food is life. If “were not receiving” seed , no life.

No seed , no democracy. No seed , no happiness. Because your life depends on someone else. Because you have no meat. So, it’s very important to save seed. That’s why we focus on saving seed. That’s the most important thing in Pun Pun. And the second act is it is the read middle. We want to have a regional centres for ourselves to discover, learn how to become life easy. Because “were in” taught to draw life involved and hard all the time. How can we make it easy? It’s easy, but we don’t know how to make it easy anymore. Because we ever make it complicated and now, we start to learn, and memorize seeing each other. Because, we were taught to disconnection ourselves from everything else, to be independent, so we can rely on the money merely. We don’t need to rely on each other. But now, to be happy, we need to come back, to connect to ourselves again, to connect to other beings, to connect our intellect and form all going together. So, we can be happy.

Life is easy. And from beginning up to now, what I learned is the four basic needs: nutrient, residence, clothes and medication must be cheap and easy for everybody, that’s the civilization. But, if you do these four happenings hard-boiled and very hard for many parties to get, that’s uncivilized. So , now when we look at everywhere around us, everything is so hard to get. I feel like now is the most uncivilized epoch of humans on this Dirt. We have so many people who finish university, have so many universities on the Dirt, have so many clever parties on this Globe. But, life is harder and harder. We make it hard for whom? We work hard for whom right now? I feel like it’s wrong, it’s not normal. So, I precisely want to come back to normal. To be a ordinary person, to be equal to animals. The chicks make a nest in one or two days.

The rats delve a hole in one darknes. But, the inventive humans like us invest 30 times to have a mansion, and numerous people can’t believe that they can have a house in this life. So, that’s wrong. Why do we destroy our feeling, why do we destroy our capabilities that much? So, I feel that it’s enough for me, living a life in the normal behavior, in the abnormal acces. So , now I try to be ordinary. But, parties look at me as the abnormal one.( Laughter) A crazy person. But, I don’t care, because it’s not my fault. It’s their mistake, they think like that. So, my life is easy and light-footed now. That’s enough for me. Parties can think whatever they miss. I cannot control anything outside myself. What I can do is change my psyche, succeed my mind.

Now, my head is light-colored and easy, that’s enough. If anybody wants to have a choice, you can have a choice. The pick to be easy or to be hard, it depends on you. Thank you.( Applause ).

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