LearnPianoin30Days.com [review]

Vendor: Rachel James
PRO: Easy To Use
CON: None really
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What I LIKE about LearnPianoin30Days.com is a 30-day program.Well paced is easy to follow and has the concepts and steps to enable start learning straight away.Lessons on theory, such as the staff, notes values and rests,fingering learning musical alphabet all here. Provides printable sheet music for a large library of songs covering all genres from jazz to pop.It keeps you engaged with say short 10 minute video piano lessons.
What I DIDN’T LIKE about LearnPianoin30Days.com is a 30-day program:I thought the film production was poor but reasonable enough to be heard.Like other online piano these lessons are not MIDI compatible, so it doesn’t track your practice time or progress like Piano With Willie see my review.Overall: You there to learn and if your keen there will be no problem applying whats here.This program is by singer and songwriter, Rachel James program is a  monthly subscription giving you access to all of the training videos, audio files and printable sheet music including numbering of the fingers, learning the musical alphabet and the notes and their corresponding keys.

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Francis Thomas
Francis Thomas
4 years ago

Nice review Frazer! Great product.