Jazz Unites Us Cooperative Invitation


Dear Music Performers,

We’d like to extend an invitation to join Jazz Unite Us, a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to creating innovative music experiences. We believe that uniting musical talents through our shared passion for jazz will create a vibrant and inspiring environment for everyone involved.

As a member of Jazz Unite Us, you will enjoy numerous benefits, such as increased job security, improved wages and benefits, greater autonomy, and the opportunity to network with other musicians. We also offer resources such as shared tools, processes, and promotional strategies to help you bring your creative vision to life.

We understand that being part of a cooperative is a big responsibility, but we also believe that it is also a great opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and freedom to pursue your dreams. So, if you’re ready to join us in our mission to create lasting musical experiences, we’d love to hear from you.


Joining Jazz Unite Us is an excellent way to get the most out of your work experience and feel a sense of control over your career. As a member of Jazz Unite Us, you will enjoy increased job security, improved wages and benefits, greater autonomy, and numerous other benefits. But most importantly, you will benefit from increased motivation, as the collaborative environment allows for shared successes and failures, putting everyone in the highest form of motivation.

In addition to increased motivation, joining Jazz Unite Us can also lead to improved job satisfaction and a stronger sense of community. As a member of the cooperative, you are able to build relationships with other members and share knowledge and resources. This can help you gain new skills and insights while allowing you to feel more connected to the organization.

Overall, joining Jazz Unite Us is an excellent way to maximize your experience and achieve your full potential. With the right environment and collective spirit, you can benefit from increased motivation, job satisfaction, and access to resources that will help you be successful.

1. All members must attend at least one annual meeting to discuss the progress of the cooperative and any upcoming plans.
2. Each member must put forward a plan on how they will contribute to the cooperative each year.
3. Members must strive to reach their full potential by engaging in professional development activities and self-actualization.
4. Members must make an effort to find performances and engagements that will benefit both the cooperative and themselves.
5. Members should collaborate with other members to market each other’s performances and engagements.
6. All profits from events, gigs, and performances should be shared among members according to the revenue-sharing model.

7. Members must embrace the spirit of collaboration and cooperation in order to foster a productive work environment.
8. All members should be respectful of each other’s opinions and contribute to decisions constructively.
9. Any disputes between members should be handled professionally and with respect for all parties involved.
10. Members must adhere to the terms of the agreement that outlines music rights and ownership.
11. All members must follow the processes and guidelines outlined by the cooperative.
12. Members must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
13. All members must be committed to the success of the cooperative and strive for excellence.
14. Members must keep up with industry trends in order to stay competitive.
15. The collective interests of the cooperative should be placed before individual ones.
16. Members must be open to constructive criticism and feedback from other members.
17. Members should take initiative to find creative solutions to any challenges faced.


1. Establish a clear mission and purpose for the cooperative.
2. Identify the roles and responsibilities of each member.
3. Develop a governance structure that ensures equitable decision-making.
4. Develop a financial plan to ensure the viability of the cooperative.
5. Set up systems for communication and collaboration between members.
6. Develop shared tools, resources, and processes to support project work.
7. Establish a revenue-sharing model to ensure equity and sustainability.
8. Create an agreement that specifies music rights and ownership.
9. Develop a promotional strategy to reach potential audiences.
10. Identify potential partners for networking and collaboration.
11. Organize regular meetings to review progress and make decisions.
12. Establish a team of mentors to provide guidance and advice.


1. Increased job security for members.
2. Improved quality of income due to revenue sharing and fair wages.
3. The ability to obtain more knowledge and skills from collaboration and mentoring.
4. Improved levels of creativity due to increased autonomy and ownership.
5. Increased job satisfaction due to having a voice in decision-making.
6. Access to resources from other cooperative members.
7. Networking opportunities and the potential for collaboration with other cooperatives.
8. More control over one’s a working environment, hours, and job duties.
9. The ability to receive better benefits and pay than non-cooperative companies.
10. Increased transparency and accountability in terms of business operations.
11. Reduced risk due to the collective responsibility among members.
12. A stronger sense of community among cooperative members.
13. The opportunity to put collective interests ahead of individual ones.
14. Improved customer service due to the shared ownership of the business.
15. Increased job satisfaction due to shared successes and failures.
16. The ability to learn and gain experience in various fields.
17. Enhanced financial security due to revenue sharing.
18. Reduced legal liability due to collective decision-making.
19. The potential for long-term sustainability of the cooperative.
20. Increased social and professional networking opportunities.

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