How to verify a business listing on Google

[ BELLS CHIMING] MO LI: I’m Mo Li. This is my dad Tony, and this is our home business, The Palace Chinese restaurant in Los Feliz. When the economy tanked we got on to Google, and it genuinely helped us bounce back more powerful than ever, and “thats how we” did it. To get your business on Google, firstly you have to get wise supported. Verify go to business and see if your business once shows up on the planned. If it does, you can enroll or revise your knowledge. If not, you need to add it. Sign in with your Google account, click find your business. Then you’ll need to add items like your address, your phone number, and what list of business you’re in. If you can’t find different categories that’s perfect for your business, pick something close and you can add more detailed information later in the intro segment. If you’re a service provider and don’t have a storefront, enter your residence address now and then check mark the box labeled, I give goods and services to my purchasers at their location.

Then choose a service area by metropolitan, radius, or zip code. But for those of you with storefronts keep your address visible so customers can find you. After entering your message, agree to the terms of service by check marking this box. At this point, you’ll need to enter a verification system. You might investigate the option to get a phone call with the verification system. Most instances require you to forward it to your business place, which can take one to two weeks. Until you get your pin number, your business is likely to be unverified and any changes you construct won’t show up on Google search and planneds. But in the mean time, you can still add photographs and become those modernizes so it’s ready.

Once you get your pins, manager to business and enter the system. You can also follow the steps on the letter. Click submit and voila– you are now a verified business on Google. MO LI: And that’s it. Just Google The Palace Los Feliz, and you’ll find us.[ MUSIC PLAYING ].

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