How to Learn Piano Notes

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Learn how to recognize any piano key and how the music alphabet works.

You’ll also learn where middle C is and why it’s so important.

This post is for beginner pianists as a resource for piano teachers and students. How to Learn Piano Notes
The Music Alphabet and Notes
Notes are the musical language: you should play, hear, and understand them to communicate musically.

Every tone in music is a “note” that you can recognize with a letter name or write on the staff.

For example, the classic “Mary had a Little Lamb” uses three (or four, depending on your version) notes which are arranged in different patterns to form the song.
“Hot Cross Buns” uses three notes, too.
The music alphabet runs exactly like the regular alphabet, stopping at G. (A-B-C-D-E-F-G) A always comes after G.

This pattern repeats itself on the piano, so there is more than one of every key. Every letter to the same letter (e.g. A to A) is an octave.

The letter names label every single key on the piano so that music can be saved, spread, copied, and changed.

You can take any piece and play it up or down an octave, and the “tone” will not be changed (except for sounding higher or lower).

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