How to Have a Purposeful Morning Routine

How to Have a Purposeful Morning Routine

How to Have a Purposeful Morning Routine

When it comes to living a more intentional life, it is all about acting with purpose. This starts with your daily habits, specifically your morning routine.

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How To Build Your Most Intentional Early Morning Routine
  1. Wake up at least two hours before you have to be somewhere. …
  2. Plan out your morning step-by-step. …
  3. Make a wellness drink and breakfast. …
  4. Do some light cleaning. …
  5. Set a focus and plan for the day. …
  6. Have quiet reading or journaling or meditating time. …
  7. Stretch or workout. …
  8. Get some education in your own way.

Analyze Your Current Routine

Before you can change up your morning routine, you need to be fully aware of what it is like now. Even if you think you don’t have a routine, you do! Think about the order in which you do things at any time of the day. It is easiest to analyze it in the morning, since this is when most people do roughly the same things. Maybe you go to the bathroom once your alarm goes off, or you take your dogs out first. You might make coffee or do some yoga before taking a shower. These are actions that are part of your routine.

Get Started Now!

It’s hard to be your best self if you don’t set yourself up from the start!

#1: What’s your intention for the day? What do you want more of- fun (hobbies, downtime and games), laughter, family time, spirituality, exercise, volunteering, healthy food? Not all morning routines are created equal, it depends on what your personal wishes and goals are. Creative work, meditation, yoga are more positive activities you should do in the morning.

#2: Create a NOT to do list of things that distract you from your goals. For example, not emailing, not using social media, not eating heavy.

#3: Set a barrier for a NOT to do list. Like moving your phone away from the bed. And place your gym clothes next to the bed.

#4: Choose what to do instead of what not to do. Fill the time wisely.

#5: Don’t hit the snooze. That could make you more tired. Just get up and don’t fall back asleep.

#6: Drink water with lemon.

#7: Take deep breaths.

#8: Don’t get out of bed straight up without rolling over first, that strain your neck. So roll over to one side and then get up.

#8: Wait 20 minutes before using technology.

Your morning routine sets you up for success — for the rest of the day, week and year. It’s time to get real with your mornings and as always, we go straight to the science to help. In this video, I teach action-oriented and science-backed tips to help make your mornings more restful, productive and easy.

Be Intentional About What You Want to Change

Once you have a better understanding of your current routine, you can think about what you want to change, add, or remove. After you have made a list of what is in your routine, you can then be purposeful in what you would like to change. This might mean waking up a little earlier to fit more in, removing tasks that aren’t good for you or benefiting you, or even changing your entire routine to be more intentional.

Your morning routine sets you up for success — for the rest of the day, week and year!

We only have 25,000 mornings in our adult life.

So we need to make each morning count. And chances are, we’ve already wasted quite a few…

Be Honest With What You Can Accomplish

It is important to be honest with yourself about what you want to accomplish, and WHY you are choosing each part of your morning routine. Are you doing yoga in the morning because it makes you feel good, or because you saw other people doing it? Do you want to add in writing in a journal for a specific reason, and do you have time for it?

A big part of being purposeful and intentional with your morning routine is understanding why you want to do something, what it will serve, and whether or not you will have time for it in your normal schedule.

Have Time for Self-Care or Rest

Everyone needs a little downtime in their routine, which can just be a few minutes where you check in with yourself and allow yourself to be mindful or meditate. Try your best to schedule in a few minutes during your morning routine when you can practice self-care, do breathing exercise, or just rest if your body and mind needs it.healy wearable

Be Open to Change

Sometimes, certain habits in your routine are no longer serving. Be open to these changes and remain flexible in your morning routine. Even if you have a purposeful morning routine right now, in a few months, the season is different and you might have other healthy changes you want to make. There is nothing wrong with adjusting it to fit your lifestyle.

What do daily routines do?

Daily routines accomplish tasks that you need to get done each day, or put you positions you need to be in everyday to maintain your life properly.

Most of us already have hygiene routines, so waking up each morning and showering is a routine.

daily routine examples
It’s not a question of should you, its a quesiton of what will it be

A daily routine takes into consideration effects you want to see in your life, and what actions are required to get those effects. The actions you take to cause them are called your routine.

For the record, this high value (inexpensive but good) course from Stefan James walks you through precisely what I’m about to talk about below. It’s my recommended program for creating the best example of a daily routine that takes care of every aspect of your life.

The best daily routine examples are those that cover the basic areas of human life.

  • They keep us healthy
  • They keep our money in check
  • They maintain our social life

A daily routine is a behavior that provides a result in your life, that you do at a certain time to make the rest of your life happen smoothly.

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