How to download Alexa App outside US Canada

Hello everyone and welcome to the homeautomationx app and welcome back my friend Marion hi everyone so if you don’t live in the US or another country where you can download the Alexa app like Canada we’re going to show you some gradations on how you can do it alright so what we do is we click on the App Store How to download Alexa App outside US it’s going to take you so I’m clicking on the App Store right now and I scroll down the bottom and I click on the flag icon to change it to the US now once the hell is done it’s actually going to take you to the next screen I’m clicking on a United States right now and we’re going into a following screen which in fact show apps you’re going to love you can find something free to download in such instances I’m going to go with this install Alexa App outside the US click guest and then create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one which I do it is auto saved it now it’s going to welcome you to the iTunes Store and you click persist now from there you get your terms and conditions agree to those I’m going to apply those changes yes I have read and agree to these words there’s a little checkbox there and now you’re going to fill in your details you need to use an email which hasn’t been used before nonetheless alright so there I am now for payment technique ensure none is selected for the remittance type and enter any US address and then click to create your Apple ID and I have it right there okay take it in it and now it’s going to actually ask you to go into your email report so you can validate your email address and you click on OK to that and when it is done it is done all you will be required to do is again press that a ok about it all right so we’re doing that and now it will take you to the next step change drop-down menu to apps because right now is on music and here “theres going” so we’re in the apps part now and that is something which allows you put in there the search term right on the top privilege I’m going to threw an Alexa app into the search window and there it is so I’m clicking on that now and it’s spooling so it’s depicting me the results and there “were both” it’s that easy now it automatically download it to your iPhone in your iPhone you’re actually going to go to your situates you’re going to go to the iTunes and App Store and you’re going to turn on automatic download and Mary address you can walk us through how to do this on your iPod right here we go first things firstly we’re going to click on our iTunes Store then we’re going to get over them to our updates we’re going to hit all and then we’re going to go over to purchase and “whos going to” pull up our Amazon Alexa app and we’re going to want to go and take that into the cloud for Android we can use Tiger VPN Cindy why don’t you show us how it’s done perfectly they’re in here it is so which is something we do is we’re actually going to use Tiger VPN to download the Alexa app now How to download Alexa App outside US here and I’m preferring my orientation for this particular instance I am opting Chicago and it is connecting so as it spools you’ll notice that it will resolve all the emcees and resolve the connection and authenticate it and you’re good to go it will give you a little check mark for a linkage now from there you will have your little icon that reads connected and you have the green now it’s going to take you to the next step which is where we go into our splendid app storage here and I’m going to type in Alexa alright here we go so now that I’ve got that it’s taken me into the Amazon Alexa screen and it has the options for what to do so I have now How to download Alexa App outside US device now we hope you enjoyed this video as ever we welcome your explains topics feedback and don’t forget to are in favour of our residence automation s channels like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram thanks for watching

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