How Do You Get More Engagement On Your Facebook Posts Will Change Your Life

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How do you get more engagement on your Facebook posts? 


  1.  Ask For Comments:  On your posts ask people to comment below.
    Example: COMMENT below with your thoughts on the topic


  1. Ask For Shares: Ask people to share your post.
    Example: SHARE if you agree, SHARE with a friend


  1. Tag: Ask people to TAG a friend in the comments below.
    Example: TAG a friend in the comments below.


  1. Ask for Likes: Tell your fans to click the like button.
    Example: Click LIKE if you agree


  1. Photo Comments: Ask fans to post a photo in the comment box.
    Example: Post a photo of yourself smiling with your eyes for your chance to win a prize!


  1. Ask Questions: Encourage fans to ask questions about your company brand/products/services.


  1. Contests: Launch a contest in a post.
    Example: Want a free [your product or service]? LIKE this post and COMMENT on why you like this product/service and we’ll pick someone at random to win! Hurry!


  1. Puzzles: Create a puzzle which can be relatable to company’s brand/products/services. eg. Crosswords, Word Search etc.


  1. Riddles: Post fun riddles that will urge people to make comments.
    Example “Hell a top, hell a bottom, Hallelujah in the middle. What am I”


  1. Trivia: Ask Questions
    Example: How many languages are spoken worldwide? Tell us in the comments below.


  1. Local History: Does your city have an interesting or not so well-known past? Share them with your fans.


  1. Local Trivia: Ask trivia questions about your location or city.
    Example: What is the record for most hot dogs eaten at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York City.


  1. Number Challenge: Ask fans to guess how many of something is in a piece of visual content.
    Example: How many skittles are in the glass. Tell us in the comments below.


  1. Use Memes:   Memes create engagement.  Either post one or ask your fans to post their favorite.

Example: Post your favorite meme in the comments below.


  1. Fill In The Blanks: Create a fill in the blank.
    Example: To me wealth means ________.


  1. A vs B: Ask fans which option they prefer with A and B representing pictures. Example: Do you prefer ackee with fried breadfruit or ackee with fried dumpling?


  1. Ask About Favourite Things. Ask your fans what’s their Favourite …..(something)

Example: What is your favorite colour?


  1. Agree/Disagree: Tell your fans to write in the comments if they agree or disagree.  Example: If you agree, type AGREE in the comments below


  1. Current Events: Include current events into a post.
    Example: Did a volcano just erupt? Is the President coming to visit your town? Ask your audience what they think!


  1. Throwback: Take your fans back in time with a post that’s a blast from the past Example: Does anyone recognize this? (Then place a photo of a tape deck or VCR)


  1. Survey Says: Begin a post with “name a reason.”
    Example: Name a reason a vampire might make a bad roommate. (Top Answer: Suck Your Blood)


  1. Behind-The-Scenes/First Looks: Give your fans a sneak peek into your business. You can show them how your latest product or service is made.
    Example: Before we launch our brand new [your product], meet the amazing team that makes the magic happen!


  1. Fan Love: Show your fans some love! Let them know you care.
    Example: I wish I had [your fan/follower count] arms.
    Why? I want to hug all of you! < 3


  1. Insert Your Brand Into A Famous Quote:
    Example: Great minds think alike. I assumed you were thinking about [YOUR PRODUCT], too.


  1. Good Old-fashioned Promotion: Promote your product and give a discount.  Example: Good news!… to help ease your financial blues, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING today only for online orders over $[ __ ]!


  1. National Holidays/Days of Observance: Make reference to a special day in your post and represent it in your picture as well.
    Example: Happy Mother’s Day from Internet Income Jamaica. Type your mother’s name in the comments below to show your appreciation!


  1. Weekends and Work: State something about the weekend or your workplace
    Examples: #TGIF or Take a picture of yourself at work and share with us.


  1. Go Live: Going LIVE ensures your posts are seen by more fans.  Go LIVE!
  2. Music and Culture: Tie in music and/or culture to a post.
    Example: Who do you prefer Bob Marley or Bob Dylan?  Tell us in the comments below.


  1. Food and Drink: Ask a food-related question
    Example 1: What’s your favorite comfort food or drink?

Example 2: What goes best with this food/drink/wine?


  1. Social Media and Tech Related Questions: Ask questions about technology or social media.
    Example: If you had to give up Google or Facebook for the rest of your life, which would you choose?


  1. Seasonal Questions: Engage fans based on the season
    Example: What’s your favorite summer activity?  Tell us in the comments below.


  1. Fact or Fiction: Write a post and ask your fans if it’s fact or fiction. You could use the words True or False as well.
    Example: We heard that Bob Marley invented Reggae music.  Is this fact or fiction? Tell us in the comments below


  1. Guess the Person: Post a photo of a famous person and blur the photo and ask them to guess who the person is.
    Example: Blur out the photo of the person on the $100 bill and ask them who it is.


  1. What would you do if…?:  Ask a question that starts with “What would you do if..?” Then ask your fans to answer with a comment.
    Example: What would you do if you go home and you see this [Picture of a snake]  in your kitchen? Comment below
  2. Quote Of The Day: Post quotes preferably first thing in the morning and ask them to share the quote, tag a friend, click like, etc.
    EXAMPLE:”Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” -Steve Jobs    TAG a friend who is a leader in the comments below.


  1. Who Is Most Famous For These Words:  Post a famous quote and ask your fans to tell you who said it
    Example: Who is most famous for these words? “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” (Answer: Napoleon Hill)


  1. Solve This: Post a math problem and ask your fans to solve.
    EXAMPLE: 6÷2 (1+2)= _____. Tell us the answer below


  1. Did You Know?: Share a little-known fact or a product feature with your fans.
    Example: Did you know that CoCa-Cola sold only 25 bottles in its first year?


  1. Inspirational/Motivational: Post positive quotes from famous people,
    Example: Les Brown, Albert Einstein or Maya Angelou etc.
    “Life has no limitations,except the ones you make” ~ Les Brown


  1. Do you remember…? (Old-time tradition): Do a throwback post and ask persons if they remember.
    EXAMPLE: Post a picture of a cassette tape and ask persons if they remember using it.


  1. Tips For The Day: Help your fans solve an everyday problem that only your product or service can solve.


  1. Yay or Nay: Put up something and ask your fans to tell you if it’s good or not by replying “Yay” or “Nay.”
    Example: For a fashion site put up a woman in an outfit and ask your fans to comment Yay or Nay on the outfit.


  1. Viral Posts: Why reinvent the wheel? If you see a post, image or video that has gone viral and is perfect for your audience, then use it.


  1. Funny Comics: Create your own or use the comics of your favorite author. Either option you utilize realize that comic strips are a great way to entertain and engage your audience.


  1. Caption This!:  Find great photos and ask your fans to write captions for them.


  1. If you could: Ask an “If you could question”
    Example: If you could have lunch with one famous person, who would it be?


  1. Milestones: Post a milestone and let your fans celebrate it with you.
    Example: When you reach 10,000 fans post it as a milestone.


  1. Comment Of The Day: Have a great post that’s gone viral? There’s a great chance that post also has some great comments. Highlight them and share them with your fans!


  1. Tell A Story: Start off with a phrase and tell your fans to continue it in the comments below.
    Example:  Here’s the beginning of the story: “John was having a great day. As he walked down the street to work, …..” Now continue the story in the comments below……


  1. Boost Your Post:  Hit that blue button under the post that says boost so that your post gets seen by more people on Facebook.


  1. Ask For Help: Sometimes there are problems that only your fans can solve. Don’t be shy. Ask them for advice to gain some great insights.


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