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Hello and accepted. I’m Joseph Hoffman, and today we’re going to be learning about some piano basics, and by the end of this lesson, you’ll be playing your first carol on the forte-piano. So let’s come to the piano to get started. One neat happen about the piano is how visually the keys are coordinated. These situations you propagandize are “ve called the” keys, and they come in precisely two simple shades, black and white, and the further you go to the left the lowering the phone they constitute. So this is the low-pitched place of the piano, but if we come up to the title we get the high records. Now let’s experimentation with your own piano. I crave you to try this along with me.

Find any key in the high-pitched neighbourhood of your piano and play video games each key one at a time moving to the right, black and white keys, and listen to the hubbub going higher and higher until you get to the very highest key of your piano. Did you make it at the very highest key on your forte-piano? You’re always accept, of course, to pause the video if you need extra time to try something. Now let’s go back down to the low neighborhood of your piano and this time find a low key, any key, and play each one moving down to the left, one key at a time, and listen to how the clang gets lower and lower, until you get to the awfully bottom greenback, the bottom key of your piano. Good , now let’s take a look at the specific characteristics of the pitch-black keys. Can you tell me about how the pitch-black keys are taken together? You possibly noticed that there are groups of two and three.

Let’s suggest how many are in each group that I point to. Can you say it with me? Two, three, two, three, two, three, good , now let’s try the pattern going down. We have two, three, two, three, two, haha the specific characteristics changes here. That is something that should be a group of three but way back when they invented the piano the decision is to make this the lowest memo, so this black key has to be all by itself. Sorry little pitch-black key. Now that you know where the high tones and the low-toned memoes are, and about the groups of two and three pitch-black keys, you’re ready to learn your first vocal, “Hot Cross Buns.” This song comes from hundreds of years ago in England, back when kids used to have to help their families give enough coin to live, the minors might go around town selling bread.

A red-hot cross bun is a special kind of rolling that would have a cross contour on it, and you know how these days when an ice cream truck goes and they are able to listen the sound of the truck becoming? You know it’s time to go buy some ice cream. Well, back hundreds of years ago in England the minors would sing this song, “Hot Cross Buns, ” around the streets, parties would hear it, and that’s how they would know it was time to buy some hot fresh bread.

Here’s the song, “Hot Cross Buns.” Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, One a penny, Two a penny, Hot cross buns! Now this time are you able sing “Hot Cross Buns” together with me? I know you might be thinking, whoa wait a instant, I made this was a piano lesson, and now you’re asking me to sing? Well, remember that singing is one of the very best ways to develop the musical the matter of your psyche. You actually become a better pianist faster if you’ll sing each ballad before you discover to frisk it, so we’re going to sing “Hot Cross Buns” together, and here are some side clues to go along with it. If you were to touch some meat right out of the oven you might go like this, hot, and then on the word “cross” we’re going to make a cross shape, and then “buns” “il go to” acquire the shape of the food. Here we go. Can you try the side signs with me and sing along? Ready, go.

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns. Good job , now one intellect for these handwriting signeds is because it shows you when the indicates of the tune are high, middle, or low-grade. This song is made up of three mentions in solfege which is a kind of special melodic expression. This one is called MI. This note is announced RE. The present note is called DO and they’re all a gradation apart from each other. Bah Bah Bah. Let’s sing’ Hot Cross Buns” one more time and this time in solfege. Can you sing along with me? Ready, depart. MI RE DO MI RE DO DO DO DO DO RE RE RE RE MI RE DO. Good job. Now as “were in” doing that did you detect any structures? Did you see the place where we did the same document over and over again? That’s called a repeating document and it happened on DO DO DO DO The DO repeats four times in a row.

Then we get another reiterating note on RE RE RE RE, likewise four times, but then did we have a duplicate record on MI? Nope, after that it goes back to our stepping down pattern, MI RE DO. Now let’s rule moving our thumbs to these structures so we can get ready to play it on the forte-piano. Please hold up your right hand and be prepared to imitation what I do. For “Hot Cross Buns, ” since we have three notations we’re going to need just these three fingers. This digit will represent MI then we’re going to step down to RE and then step down to DO.

Let’s practice. I’ll depict you two are and then you try next. MI RE DO. Now “were trying”. Good, when you take a transform recollect to move your digits and sing very. My concentrate again. MI RE DO. Now you try and sing. And now now arrive the repeated mentions. DO DO DO DO , now your divert. Then it steps up to RE and recites. RE RE RE RE. Your transform. Now my deviate again. We do one more stepping down, MI RE DO. Your return. Great work. When you play the piano you miss your thumbs to feel relaxed and pleasant. We’ll talk more about piano posture and the shape of your hands soon in another task, but for now merely make sure instead of using flat fingers, that your paws have a natural, tighten, curved shape. For “Hot Cross Buns” we’re going to use a group of three pitch-black keys. This black key furthest to the title is MI, this middle one is RE, and this lowest one is DO. Position that together and you can hear it fixes “Hot Cross Buns.” Now instead of played with one finger like this we’re going to do a economically more advanced action of three different fingers for those three greenbacks, so go ahead and get in position on those three black keys.

I’ll dally a motif, you listen, and then you try next. My make firstly. We’re going to start with finger, this ring finger, on MI. My gyrate. MI RE DO. Now “were trying”. Sing and play. Good. My overturn again. MI RE DO. Now your roll. Good. Now we do the duplicate greenback. DO DO DO DO. Your become. Good. Then it steps up to RE RE RE RE. Your make-up. Good, and then we finish with MI RE DO. Now your overturn Great job. Now if you like you can press pause and practice the whole sung a few times on your own, or if you feel ready we’re now going to try and play the whole sung together. Make sure your hand is in position and now don’t get amused by what I’m playing. I’m doing this kind of jazzy accompaniment, but your job is to simply represent and sing “Hot Cross Buns” just like we practiced.

We’ll become neat and steady. First I’ll frisked an opening. Wait for me to say go and then begin with “Hot Cross Buns.” I’ll sing along to to help. Now goes. Wait for it. One two, ready, proceed. Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, red-hot cross buns. Great job. If you didn’t play perfectly that’s no problem. You can time rewind and practice it again, or press pause and practice by yourself a few times, then try it again with me. Now let me substantiate you a few more fun rooms you can try “Hot Cross Buns” for practise. You could try it road up high on your forte-piano, newborn style. Hot cross buns. Or you are able do it room down low on your piano. When “theres going” low-pitched I recommend abusing your left since it will be a lot more pleasant playing that in the low-toned range.

So this would be, let’s answer, grandpa vogue. Hot cross buns, red-hot cross buns. When you tradition on your own be sure you’re trying it in both your right hand and your left hand. Pianists need to become pleasant using both of your hands, in fact for an extra super challenge, you can actually try frisking it with both mitts at the same meter, like that, but that’s pretty slippery so perhaps don’t try that for a few dates or so. First you want to get genuinely solid with the right-hand and left-hand alone, then try that challenge when your ready.

Now let’s talk about where you go from here. In point, if you’re a kid watching on your own, pause the video go and grab your mama or father and bring them over. Ok, don’t actually grab them, just kind of gently but securely guide them over to this screen for this important word. For kids, teens, adults, anyone who is learning with me, I originated Hoffman Academy to make it so anyone who wants to can memorize to play piano. If you work hard and tradition every day “were not receiving” limit to how frightening you can become at the forte-piano. I genuinely believe that the only situation standing in between you and your forte-piano awesomeness is pattern. Daily consistent rehearsal. So please, decide now that you are going to practice every day no matter how busy , no matter how tired.

For right now don’t worry about how long you pattern, exactly get in the habit of doing it every day, even if you exclusively have a few minutes. If you do I predict you you’re going to see your sciences improve, and the more your skills improve the more merriment you’re going to have with this. I hope you enjoyed learning “Hot Cross Buns” with me today. Remember to practice every day and remember to take turns using both of your hands. By the highway, if “youre watching” all the way to the very end, most exercises have a little stun after the ascribes. I look forward to seeing you at our next instruction. Thanks for watching and joyful exercise. Um, hello Mr. One Black Key Down At The Bottom of the Piano all by Yourself, I thought you might be kind of lonely down here so I brought you some sizzling cross buns fresh out of the oven.

Here you go. Enjoy. Call me if you need anything ..

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