Daily Intentional Habits

Daily Intentional Habits

Daily Intentional Habits


To live a more intentional life doesn’t require grand gestures, but small habits and slight changes to your routine. Take a look at these daily intentional habits that allow you to live with more purpose.

I am positive confident and successful

I love life

I am thankful

I am beautiful

I vibrated faith of Joy

I see the good all around me

I am loveable

I am blessed

I am creative

I am unstoppable

I am wealthy

 I am worthy of success

I am thankful

I am abundance



Set Up Routines


Before you can start adding in intentional habits to your life, you need to have daily routines. This is how habits become habits in the first place. Nobody is able to try something new, then it is instantly a habit. Habits come from routines, where you set a schedule, write down what you intend to do and when, and over time, it becomes a habit.


You can start by choosing what habits you want to incorporate into your life, then fit them into your daily routines. This can be any time of the day, depending on what it is and when you can realistically fit it in.

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I am optimistic

I look for the good in the world

I notice examples of good all around me

I know to my core people a dominantly good

I note examples of kindness and generousity during the day

I look for positive examples and I see them on a regularly basisi

I vibrate with a sense of joy

My primary disposition is one of happiness

I love life and many surperises I experience everyday

I see the good all around me


Try Meditation and Deep Breathing


You may be in need of centering yourself and becoming more mindful, which is what meditation can help you with. A wonderful intentional habit to start doing right now is to sit for a few minutes alone, with no distractions, and just practice your breathing. You don’t need music or candles, but that can help relax you if you’re feeling a bit stressed.


Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and get comfortable. Spend the first minute or so just relaxing your muscles. Then when you feel settled, start breathing in and out, focusing only on your breathing, and nothing else. This alone will get you into a slight meditative state where you can de-stress and better set intentions.

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Simplify Your Life


Stop trying to do it all! Being more intentional with your habits sometimes means minimizing them. Don’t just stick with your old habits because you are s used to them. If something you have been doing every day out of habit is no longer benefiting you, don’t do it! Switch up your routine, simplify things, and only include habits that are going to be good for you and your mental health.



Celebrate Your Wins


This is another way to be more grateful in your life. You are celebrating each and every win, everything you get done and accomplish, instead of being let down by what you don’t get done. Get out your journal at least once a day, and write down what your wins were. This might be a new healthy habit you kept up with, something you accomplished at work, a nice deed you did for someone else, really anything you can think of.healy




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