Customer Loyalty matters, and here is how. 

Loyalty matters, and here is how.
If you fix a problem, you do it in a way that is simple, effective and affordable and if your customer comes to trust your words and actions – they’ll buy anything else you present to them.
They’ll go out of their way to keep buying from you because what they know about you is more comforting than what they don’t know about someone else’s pitch.
Take advantage of this by making it easy for customers to share you with their friends, neighbors and colleagues.
Make them feel like a champion for your business and they’ll willingly become an unpaid member of your sales team.
For example, you could offer a coupon for a percentage off their next purchase if they post a positive review on Yelp, share a photo of their new service on Instagram, or tell others about their experience on Facebook.
Most small business owners would love to have a three-year and five-year plan, but the reality is they often have a one-week plan and it’s a rough draft.
They generally don’t respond well to future ROI messages or value received over time because mostly they are usually looking to fix something right now.
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s easier to follow established career paths and societally acceptable professions, but if that’s not going to make you the happiest version of yourself—then it’s your responsibility to deviate from the path. Welcome to entrepreneurship.
Leaders carve out their own path instead of following the masses. Use this motivational quote as a reminder that it’s up to you—to inspire others to follow you.
You can’t expect people to flock to your cause; give them a compelling reason that they won’t be able to ignore you any longer.

Do You Want to win the business?

Click below about the pain you have today, fix the problem that will get them immediate relief and then talk about the future.

What About Businesses That Don’t Have
A Verified Google Maps Listing?

We all know Google is changing the rules in a really underhanded way. They want to make more money, so they are pushing natural businesses further down their page in place of Advertisements as shown in this image.

Sponsored and Google Adwords Ads will always show up first.

But with a local search such as “phoenix plumbers”as shown in the image, the next best thing is the GMB listings.

But NO BUSINESS can show up there without first having a Google My Business profile.

  • Businesses want to be listed in Google, they just don’t know how.
  • Setting up a GMB for a business click below how we can help
  • Setting up SSL

  • These are the % essential Checks I can offer for your website 2019

  • But what does this all mean for you?


    You maybe wasting your money on something as useless and outdated as YellowPages,  think how good you are going to look when with the same amount of money you are spending there, thing like Facebook Ads, Maps Listings, Star Ratings in Google and the like…and getting results .

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