Celebrate What Makes You Unique

Celebrate What Makes You Unique

As I write this we celebrate ANZAC day here in Brisbane we and our neighbors stood in our driveways at dawn and remember.Today is a very dignified day known not only among Australians and New Zealanders ..but a world. On the 25th of April 1915.. exactly 100 years ago. the ANZAC’s landed on the coves of the ottoman empire(turkey). A blood bath of chaos and anarchy .

Although many years have surpassed since these events our memories have not weakened for the hero’s and heroins of which sacrificed their lives for the future of our country .

The bravery..courageousness and sacrifice these brave soldiers showed was something not only will we remember for many o’ many of years to arrive. but our hearts will contain for century’s to come.

We might just look back on the events with regret.but what we have achieved from this has helped us grow as a nation. all thanks to brave young men and women who without a second bare in mind decided to go to war for the pride and passion of this country. No words can describe the passion of this nation and the respect given towards commemorating this day..

May our hearts,minds and souls be with the ANZAC’s , Lest. we.forget

TODAY we enjoy the freedom made by the many men and women of the ANZACS and today we celebrate what makes you unique

You are an amazing, unique, fantastic person, even if you don’t express it. To be true to yourself and express your individuality, celebrate what makes you unique. Yesterday I wrote about,” 6 ways to express your individuality “.

So today I celebrate with you a beautiful person how unique you are.As you will find below some great ideas to overcome being unworthy and a great affirmation is YOU ARE ENOUGH YOU ARE WORTHY

you really are enough you are unique

whether you know or not you are enough

its absolutely true you are enough

I know to my core you are enough

there is no doubt you are enough

sorry its a fact you are enough

I am enough, I know to my core I am enough, There is no doubt I am enough, I am enough, It’s a fact I am enough, I really am enough

YOu are worthy,You are worthy right now,Whether you believe it at this moment you are worthy,

Iknow to my core you are worthy,

No doubt about it you are worthy.

You Are Enough! You Are Worthy! For many people these affirmations are hard to embrace. But this guided affirmation meditation will make it easier to accept that you are indeed enough and worthy of all the good life has to offer. Also, DOWNLOAD 6 of my favorite affirmation and guided meditation recordings FREE. My gift to you. Get them here: https://BobBakerInspiration.com/free

Have you considered meditation

I know that the idea of becoming happy through a chanting practice might sound strange to some Western ears, but I don’t ask you to believe anything; I only want to encourage you to try something new. You will discover through experience whether it works in your life. This is a prove-it-to-yourself practice.

Make a List of All Your Traits


Start by making a list of every single trait you have, from physical attributes, to your personality traits, strengths, and skills. It might be easy to get going with your physical attributes. Write down your hair color, eye color, skin color, your height, what curves you have. You can then go with your personality, writing down words that express who you are as a person, what skills you possess, what your passions are, what you think you bring to the table, and yes, what you feel your downsides might be.



Which Ones Stand Out?


Of this list of traits, which ones stand out the most to you? Circle the ones that you feel make you unique, in whatever way you can think of. This could be externally or internally. The purpose of this is to understand and appreciate who you are as an individual, and start loving every unique thing about you. This all starts with you, before you start expressing it to the world.

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Accept Yourself as You Are


Other people can’t appreciate who you are and what makes you unique, if you can’t first accept it in yourself. The first step was understanding who you are and how you are unique and special, and the next is to actually appreciate that in yourself. Love yourself, acknowledge who you are and what you offer to the world, and it will be much easier for others to appreciate you and accept you as well.



Find Your Passions and Interests


A wonderful way to start celebrating what makes you unique is through forms of art or other interests you might have. You will find that what makes you you is found within what interests you the most. This might be collecting something, a hobby, your favorite classes in school, your favorite job, what you do for fun or in your free time, art or creative activities, sports, reading, really anything that you tend to go to for comfort, joy, and to reduce stress.



Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


This isn’t serving you or them. You are yourself, a unique individual with unique life experiences. It is okay to be different. This is what makes you special. And it is also what makes everyone in the world special, because they are all unique in their own way as well.

The reason we compare ourselves to others is because we do not think we are good enough or pretty enough! So we have low self-esteem we want to be like other people we admire.

Remember to try the affirmations above so as to re program your mind that you are worthy.

Can I share that having to compare myself to others because of my obese size in the past had cause me allot of anxiety and distress but I overcame thta with weight loss surgery and counselling.

What to say to someone who compares themselves to others?
Here are six things you should remember to tell yourself if you compare yourself to others all the time.
  1. “Social Media Isn’t Really Real” …
  2. “I’m Probably Doing Way Better Than I Realize” …
  3. “I Don’t Know What The Future Holds” …
  4. “Past Me Would Probably Be Super Proud Of Present Me”





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