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How to Learn Piano Notes How to Learn Piano Notes
Learn how to recognize any piano key and how the music alphabet works.

You’ll also learn where middle C is and why it’s so important.

This post is for beginner pianists as a resource for piano teachers and students. How to Learn Piano Notes
The Music Alphabet and Notes
Notes are the musical language: you should play, hear, and understand them to communicate musically.

Every tone in music is a “note” that you can recognize with a letter name or write on the staff.

For example, the classic “Mary had a Little Lamb” uses three (or four, depending on your version) notes which are arranged in differe...

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How to Play Piano Major Chords

Today we are going to learn how to play all the major triad chords on the piano on root position 1st and 2nd inversion .

The major triad is a chord composed by the root Major 3rd and perfect 5th



And between the 3rd and the 5th there is a minor 3rd

So it’s composed by 2 intervals.

A major interval and a minor interval C major triad. This is a C major chord on root position The root position is when the root is on the bottom of the chord. C major triad root position, root on the bottom.

For the 1st inversion we just take the root and bring it up one octave C major 1st inversion. The position is 3, 5, 1 First inversion in when the root is at the top of the chord.

And for the second inversion we bring the 3rd up one octave. 5, 1, 3...

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Lesson 1 The Grand Staff | Free Beginner Piano

So, let’s get started...

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Piano Lessons Was Actually Worth It | labour of love

Piano Lessons Was Actually Worth It  | labour of love

You probably won’t magically wake up tomorrow able to match Beethoven’s piano skills. But if you take this Learn How To Play Piano online course, you’ll at least be one step closer. This course offers 12 hours of content and nine learning modules to help you play piano with confidence. You don’t need any prior knowledge of music theory or even the ability to read sheet music — although, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t hurt. With easy to understand step-by-step lessons, you’ll transform from total rookie to rocker in no time. You’ll discover all the common terms and expressions of the piano and build a substantial repertoire of solid performance pieces...

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