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How to Write a Press Release FREE Media Release Template

Your headline tells the story

You have to ask yourself how it’s important to the reader or how it benefits the reader. Your headline tells the story. Your headline sells the story. Right!

Second, make sure that your press release is real news. You mean don’t mention the latest products for sale? I do.

A press release is not a sales letter. It needs to talk about real news not just a shameless plug to sell a product. I guess the news agencies wouldn’t pick it up, would they?

Before the reader sees your press release a journalist sees it, and hopefully the AP and other news agencies will decide to run with the release. .

Media releases are often the first thing that comes to mind when you think public relations...

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Online Marketing for LOCAL Business (How to use Digital Marketing to Grow your LOCAL business)

Do you want to start growing your local business through low-budget online marketing strategies? Well, it’s more simple than you think. Watch this video to find out how you can better attract local customers in your area using online marketing. Hi, guys. I’m Mallory Graham of For marketing and small business advice, subscribe to my channel and also hit the bell so you can get notified when I post a brand new video every Tuesday. If you’ve been relying on the old ways of marketing and realizing that they’re just not working for you anymore, by the end of this video you’ll know five simple and affordable strategies that you can use to grow your local business through online marketing.

If you think it’s time to start using online marketing to attract more local customers t...

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[2019 Update] How To Advertise On Facebook! Exact Step-By-Step Tutorial Shows My #1 FB Ads Strategy

[2019 Update] How To Advertise On Facebook! Exact Step-By-Step Tutorial Shows

Are You Afraid Of Fulfillment For Your Customers?
Well Now You Can COPY & PASTE My Most Profitable Funnels
From Start To Finish & Become Your New Clients HERO!

Start Here – In 24 Minutes You Will Understand Facebook Advertising

To crush your advertising on Facebook you have to know what your primary goals are!

It likely is not what you think, this crash course will get you pointed in the right direction so you can crush it!

My #1 FB Ads Strategy

Follow along on my computer and learn how to advertise on Facebook as I setup a new Facebook ads campaign for 2019!

This video is an extremely tactical free Facebook advertising training that walks you through the process of launching a new Fa...

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Customer Loyalty matters, and here is how. 

Loyalty matters, and here is how.
If you fix a problem, you do it in a way that is simple, effective and affordable and if your customer comes to trust your words and actions – they’ll buy anything else you present to them.
They’ll go out of their way to keep buying from you because what they know about you is more comforting than what they don’t know about someone else’s pitch.
Take advantage of this by making it easy for customers to share you with their friends, neighbors and colleagues.
Make them feel like a champion for your business and they’ll willingly become an unpaid member of your sales team.
For example, you could offer a coupon for a percentage off their next purchase if they post a positive review on Yelp, share a photo of their new service on Instagram, or tell other...
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