Australians Betting with Bitcoin-How To Buy Bitcoin: A Beginners Guide

This an article from Australia money morning it reads Betting with Bitcoin it’s a good read

Many believe buying bitcoin is equivalent to gambling.

But over the weekend you could have actually gambled with bitcoin.

Last week, Neds, an online Aussie wagering company, said they will launch a fully functioning cryptocurrency betting site. Customers can deposit, bet and withdraw in bitcoin.

no sooner in the weekend it started it closed

The chairman of the Racing Commission…is intending to issue a formal communique to all sports bookmakers and betting exchange operators licensed in the NT if currently transacting in cryptocurrency (for example Bitcoin, Ethereum and the like) for their wagering operations to immediately cease and desist.’

The site is now down, with a message that reads:

‘Thank you for your interest in Neds Crypto. Our site it currently offline pending further instruction from NT Racing Commission.’


Well for all the reasons outlined Australia may well be the first country in the world to take the gaming industry by storm by taking bets using Betcoin.This makes allot of sense with already a world wide audience of online and offline gamers betting using merchant credit cards at 2.5% fees to casinos and players who wouldn’t want bitcoin in the picture.

Already I have invested in co. that is in prelaunch that is well established online gaming and casino co. which will be taking its world wide gambling audience and casino empire over using there version of Bitcoin called Betcoin.The outcome for the last month has been the soft launch of a MLM component whereby members were offered from min of $100USD to get started to $50kUSD .Full return of there monies paid proportionately every week into there account totally repaid in 1 year as well as Betcoin which was doubled if you got in this month.So 50K returned in 1 year plus $100kBetcoin.

Cryptos are going
mainstream FAST

Let me show you.

First, Wall Street’s main clearing-house, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), will record around $11 trillion worth of trading via crypto tech next year.

And according to high-level officials in the financial community, soon every stock and bond — $544 TRILLION worth of trading activity — could be traded using this crypto.

Let me repeat that…

Every stock and bond could soon be traded using this revolutionary crypto tech.


Now look at this: The Royal Mint has crafted its own crypto trading platform to sell a new product called Royal Mint Digital Gold.

This is an 1,100-year-old institution that issues UK currency. And they’re diving into cryptos as fast as they can!

Major financial houses want in too.

You might have heard of JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon. He’s perhaps the most well-known vocal bitcoin sceptic.

Since 2014, he’s routinely bashed the world’s first crypto. Here’s a neat snapshot that shows you Dimon’s comments versus bitcoin’s stunning ascent.


Here’s the thing…while Dimon is not shy about his dislike for bitcoin, JP Morgan recently tipped $9 BILLION into crypto tech.

Even the big crypto sceptics are piling in!

Open your eyes…

Crypto adoption is unfolding at lightning speed.

Microsoft is in. Co-founder, Bill Gates says bitcoin is ‘better than currency’ and a ‘technological tour-de-force’.

IBM is in too. CEO, Ginni Rometty is a big fan of blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrency. She told CNBC recently: ‘What the internet did for communications, I think Blockchain will do for trusted transactions.’

Are you seeing what’s happening here?

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