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Jazz In Paradise presents Aurora MacKrill who will feature next Monday 20th March 2023. Over hundreds of performances, what started out as ‘straight’ tribute shows, have evolved into hilarious, audience-interactive events. Join us for the entertaining podcast of incredible productions and shows

Having sung her first jingle for Pal Dog Food at the age of 10,  a steady stream of voiceovers followed. Aurora’s talents for the stage were discovered in the ’90s by the producer of the ‘Ultimate Event,” where she successfully adopted the role of ‘Liza Minnelli, performing throughout Australia.

Later, moving to California for several years, Aurora secured a regular gig, singing at San Genaro’s Cigar Lounge, Culver City, where it was not uncommon to have Hollywood’s ‘A’ list as part of the audience.

Aurora discovered her aptitude for comedy whilst studying at the Theatre of Arts in Hollywood. This new passion opened doors to The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd where she survived a couple of stints at stand-up and continued on with Improvisation Troupe, ‘International Intelligence.’

Her theatrical style of entertaining is rich in vocal and visual color, stirred with a splash of the unexpected.

What I Can Do For You

I can enhance your event by adding pizzazz, making it more memorable.

By tailoring entertainment to suit:

  • type of function or gathering
  • demographic
  • the number of guests
  • themed events
  • musical tastes

Quite simply… a professional work ethic and ‘Can Do’ attitude involving experienced, quality performers and equipment.

Let us make your event, AN EVENT TO REMEMBER.

Liza Minnelli

Themed events-Cabaret shows- Gala Dinners- Motivational sales conference- Fundraisers- Fashion parades- Birthday parties, and Seniors entertainment, are some of the situations that benefit from the impact of one of Aurora’s themed shows or simply an opening song.

Master Of Ceremonies (MC)

With 20 years of entertaining audiences worldwide through her comedy improvisation and vocal performances, Aurora energizes delegates with the inclusion of songs.

Costuming is also a big part, based on the theme of your conference.

Fun and fast-paced, this little ‘pocket rocket’ ensures all delegates stay attentive, and engaged while keeping the speakers to a tight schedule.

Aurora speaks very clearly, making her easy to understand especially with ESL guests.

Voice Workshops

Healthcare professionals – Education –  Hospitality – Sales – Office and Admin Support – Management – Business & Finance – Real Estate -Tourism…

Wherever there is vocal communication.

Understand the impact a voice has on a listener and learn how best to use your tool.

Your Strength – Your People


Getting to know your voice

  • How do others hear you?
  • How do you think you sound?
  • How would you like to sound?

Communication through the power of speech

  • Inflection
  • Tone
  • Pitch
  • Pause and silence
  • Interpreting sound
  • Listening for clues to learn more in a situation

Voice via the phone versus voice with visual

  • Face-to-face speech
  • Telephone technique

Delivering a presentation

  • Public address, voice, and physicality
  • Microphone use, technique, and hands on practice

Professional voice-over artist, actor, and singer, Aurora MacKrill’s interactive, group sessions, guide participants through a series of exercises and roleplay, empowering them to access the appropriate voice for a given situation.

Speak to Aurora MacKrill today to discuss tailoring a workshop for you people.



Comedic Host

And now for something completely different!

Have you ever thought about stepping outside the box and have an outrageous host?

It could be

a slightly sedated Liza Minnelli

a slightly inebriated Shirley Bassey

or the totally inappropriate Aunty Mearl

Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Surviving, Thriving and Inspiring while staying afloat minus your floaties.

Aurora’s inspiration story of her journey from the early discovery of ‘a lump’ and the impacts of being a BRACA carrier, through the lumpectomy, chemo, double mastectomy, reconstruction process, burst silicon bag, replacement prosthetics, to the final flat closure result.

Corporate Packages

One contact to personalise your event.

Contact now for availability

  • Meet & greet during registration
  • Comedic Host
  • Warm Up act
  • Tailored Workshops
  • Inspirational speaker
  • MC
  • Wrap up session

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