6 Ways to Express Your Individuality


6 Ways to Express Your Individuality


If you want to be yourself and really express your individuality, there are many ways to do it. It’s ok to go slow and take one step at a time, as long as you are being authentic in a way that feels fulfilling and comfortable to you.



  1. Be Open and Honest with Yourself


You can start by being completely open and honest just with yourself. It might take finding some clarity about who you are and what you want to express to the outside world. If it helps, start writing in a journal every day. Just be completely honest with how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking about, and write anything that comes to your mind. This is a great way to find more clarity about yourself, who you are, and what your biggest passions and priorities in life are.

There something unique of putting your thoughts with a pen to paper.I consider journalising your thoughts helps you crystalise your thoughts and identify clearly what has been obscured from your reality.Being conscious or awak goes along way in establishing your journey towards awakening.

I recommend a holist wellness device called healy to assist you in your journey.





  1. Stop Making Excuses for Why You Can’t Do or Be Something (or Someone)


There is no good reason why you can’t or shouldn’t be a unique individual and always be yourself. So, ask yourself what excuses you have been using. Think about the last time you didn’t do something you wanted to do, and what your main reasons are.


Maybe you were going out with friends, and you wanted to wear a particular outfit, but your first thought was that people would judge your outfit choice.

Why is that?

Is that really a good enough reason not to do it?



  1. Speak Your Mind


Stand up, and speak your mind! You have a right to your opinion, so don’t let anyone feel like you don’t. This can be a wonderful way to express your individuality. A simple exercise is to go on social media and once a day, respond to someone’s Tweet, Instagram or Facebook post with your honest opinion.

That’s it.

Don’t be afraid. Just say what you want to say in a non-judgmental but honest way, and you will start getting used to expressing your opinion and speaking your mind.



  1. Express it in Your Home


A good way to start expressing how unique you are as a person is to express your personal style in your home. You can decorate each room in your home just for yourself, which is a really good way to start becoming who you are.



  1. Express it in Your Style

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Your personal style as far as your clothes, hair, and makeup is another way to show your individuality and what makes you, you. You have the freedom to wear what you want, when you want. It is nobody else’s business (unless you have a work dress code of course) what you choose to wear. This is a wonderful way to show your individuality on a daily basis.



  1. Who Do You Surround Yourself With?


Ask yourself what kind of people you are surrounding yourself with, and whether or not they allow you to be yourself and love you for who you are, or they are trying to change you. This is so important!

Use these morning I AM affirmations to Take Action, Stop Procrastination, and Get Things Done! Take inspired action on your ideas and put an end to procrastinating. That’s what you get with these positive affirmations for getting things done.

Follow Bob Baker youtube channel on affirmations which I found inspiring and motivational.Consider that change can be yours by forming a habit and affirmations are a great way to re program our minds to serve our daily actions and direct us to our desires in our lives.If you don’t see the results in your life make a point of using affirmations as a way to re program your mind and actualise the person you want to become.


I am ready to take action
today I act on my inspired ideas
today I prioritise my goals
today I choose from my list of goasls and act on it
today I take action
Today I take charge of my life
today I feel inspired to Act
Today i create movement and progress
Today I make a committment to myself and my great Ideas
today get comfortable with uncertainty
Today I move forward inspite of fear
Today nothing can stop me
tpoday I live with passsion
today I transform that passion into inspired action
Today i move forward whethe I am ready or not
the best time to take actionis now
the best way to to serve humanity is to act now
today I am activated
today is all about energy and movement
today I  put one foot in front of another
Today i take small simple steps in the directions of my dreams
Today I turn my goals into reality
I am ready to take action right now
I am ready to move forward right now
I am ready to manifest my vision right now
I am eager and willing to do the work to make dreams a reality
Oh taking action is good
Acting on My ideas is ENERGISING
I have the confdence to move forward
I have the committment to move forward
I have the determination to take action
I love the exhiliration of movement
I am thrilled by the progress I am making
I am ready and willing to take action
Today I take action on my ideas.




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