Review Yamaha DGX-660 Bundle Portable Digital Grand

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Review Yamaha DGX-660 Bundle Portable Grand Digital Stand, Headphones, Microphone and Sustain Pedal

Discover the Yamaha DGX-660 Portable Grand digital piano. Learn about the features of one of the most popular digital pianos of all time!

REVIEW AMAZON 5 Star: When I first sat down at this instrument (calling it a piano is not fair) I scrolled through the piano presets until I found the “Ambient Piano” and was immediately convinced that I was playing a real piano. (YMMV; in a room with different acoustics, other patches are more convincing.)

I have played a lot of pianos, ranging from garage-sale specials that hadn’t been serviced in decades, up to a $200,000 Fazioli 9’6″ grand piano. This is the only time that I have felt a piano speaking back to me, as if to tell me that I should play a particular passage in a particular way. Despite being digital, I swear this thing is alive. The sound, the feel, the options, are all I want and more in a piano, digital or otherwise. I honestly hope this lasts forever.

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