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The power of the mind is truly unknown…keep positive mindset

Even to the greatest scientists studying it today, the mind holds many mysteries.

From my personal experiences,positive  mindset is truly the make or break.

When I first started earning income online… Back in 2006, all I cared about was the tactics or the method.

“Just show me what button to click, and tell me how may times to click it… And I’ll do it, if it will make me money!”

I was motivated, ambitious, smart…

But I couldn’t build a business mindset or a  real business to save my life.

The reason wasn’t because I hadn’t found the right tactics or methods…

In fact, this relentless search for a ‘magic solution’ lead me to going
flat broke following fake gurus and having to move endlessly

The real reason I constantly FAILED was my mindset…

All I cared about was ME.

My whole approach to internet marketing was “How can I GET money… Because I’m broke and NEED money.”

This flawed mindset was the source of over a decade of pain and frustration.

So, from a dark place (rock bottom) I decided to ‘try’ giving instead of trying to get…

I made a ‘shift’ in my mindset at that moment, mostly out of desperation,

Still, to this day I truly believe that mindset is the most important part of the entrepreneurial game.

The great irony is that my mindset videos get the lowest number of

Everyone, like I was for years… Is searching for the tactic or the method…

When a shift in mindset is the real key to success.

And I want to help you have a powerful shift in your mindset, today.

I found a video over the weekend from two great minds who play at the highest levels within their fields…

This video blew me away and summed up a decade’s worth of mindset knowledge into one video…

So, when you have a little time over the holiday break… Give this one a watch or listen.


Over the years Dr. Michael Gervais has helped Super Bowl winners, Olympic gold medalists, Fortune 500 companies and more dominate their field by molding their mindset into that of a high-performer. His insight on the psychology of recognizing and executing in high-stake moments has made him the go-to guy for anyone wanting to win at a higher level. Co-founder of Compete to Create Dr. Michael Gervais, explains what it takes to lock-in own the moments that matter on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


TWITTER – https://bit.ly/2LI2SO9

LINKEDIN – https://bit.ly/2LL98F9

INSTAGRAM – https://bit.ly/2sQxrul

WEBSITE – https://bit.ly/2l2kgBW

PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Pete Carroll – https://bit.ly/2HGMUBM [1:43]

COMPANIES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Compete to Create – https://bit.ly/2MhCP1s [1:45]

PODCASTS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Finding Mastery – https://bit.ly/2Mk0WfW [2:00]

Your future self will
thank you.

And enjoy the holidays! Here some great music for your holidays click here

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