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2019 20 ways Where can I find inspiration for music?

Yes. In this post I’m going to share 20 ways below that you can find inspiration for your music.

The Creation Phase
Let’s say you’re cooking dinner tonight.
The first thing you do is gather and prepare ingredients.
Maybe you chop some onions, prepare a stock, marinade some meat
This is the creation phase of cooking your meal.
In the world of music production, it’s creating and finding your core ideas. Your ingredients:
melodies, drum sounds, vocal hooks/phrases, chord progressions, and so forth

1. Take a night out. 

2. Base your song around visuals. Photos and visual art are great sources of inspiration for music.

3. Mix two ideas together. Good songs always have a minimum of two ideas. Example: festival type energy & mellow breakdown.

4. Listen to the best music you know. It sho...

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