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Vendor: Netqube
PRO: easy click and point software for crypto currency trades,you keep 100 % of the profits
CON: results are based on your own efforts and thie trades is not a bot software it does not do the trades for you.
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This is the one click fully compliant trading signal software you have been waiting for…will be launched by September 1 and only available through NetQube. Your first step is to get positioned in NetQube to purchase QubeTrade through your NetQube back office.

Learn Cryptocurrency trading is inevitable for many if us who are surrounded with hearing about bitcoin so many of us wanting learn to trade and get involved.Get a wallet and exchanges set up.Be assured that our money invested is safe.We just here in Australia have had an ongoing inquiry of the banks and they have just ripped us off so badly and still to date no one has gone to jail.But crypto blockchain is to me the safest way for the future to have our funds and data protected from banks social medias  co. facebook and google  who have ignored our privacy and onsold our privacy data.

NetQube LLC
Have you heard of cryptocurrency? Have you ever wondered how you could capitalize from the booming cryptocurrency market? 

If you are holding crypto, do you have it working for you? If you are trading crypto, are you getting the results you want?

QubeTrade is a new, proven signal platform that is an absolute game changer! Crypto experts are astonished!

Imagine being able to trade crypto without needing a lot of money, time or experience with Super Click Technology, only found at

With QubeTrade, three things happen at the same time with a SINGLE click:

  • It places a real time market order (solves the problem of what to buy)
  • It places a real time stop-loss order (solves the problem of additional protections)
  • It places a real time sell limit order (adjustable but automatically sets a sell order for a conservative profit)

There is nothing else on the market that even comes close to this level of functionality and execution.

So, if you have ever wanted to get into crypto, now you can, with the power of a global trend, the confidence of proven signals and the ease and convenience of SINGLE click technology!

This software platform is two years old and back tested with 5 years of data (where available).

Anyone can learn how to use it; after the set up (less than 1 hour), all of the above tasks happen with a SINGLE click!

RELIABLE owner with SOLID track record – 100% transparency:

  • Users maintain 100% Control of their assets; you’ll never have to share profits
  • Absolutely no commissions paid out on your crypto or trading
  • 1,000+ Signals / Trades available every day
  • Get started with a $25 Pre-Sale Subscription (75% off the normal 30 day subscription price; available through August 31st or the first 10,000 subscribers)
  • Get started using a debit or credit card
  • Use the “Demo” account to practice
  • Video Library explaining the basics AND every step for getting started

This is your EASY BUTTON, SINGLE CLICK TECHNOLOGY for Trading Cryptocurrency!!!

??Watch this short video ??

“The Future of Money is Digital Currency” Bill Gates

We’ll be Looking for YOU!

The NetQube Team
“Our Passion is People”

​Today I want to bring you something new called Qubetrade associated with Netqube​ that I think is very important to you extremely lucrative extremely low-cost potentially life-changing potentially, zip code changing and documented to be effective I’ll show you that in a minute and one of the reasons I say that is this was actually done this week by nine-year-old child.

Well one of my associates not me gave this to his nine-year-old to play with and he sat their and played with it and made money. Until he got tired of playing with it So this I think you would agree if a nine-year-old can do it you can too okay.

So I’m gonna get right into this.

It’s not a lottery and nothing ever happens for free. This is one of the most disappointed time for allot novices who have failed to find an easy way to make trades as much as their are bot software this not one. There are charts trends exchanges with some novices having to spend hours looking at screens to make trades and this has led to this system being created.

This software technology with a powerful signal whereby we control all the trades and keep all the profits will change everything like the phone debit cards and the internet did. The trades are all customisable and this global trend with crypto with more and more people 40million plus acting on getting involved with crypto currency and here is an opportunity for a beginner intermediate or advance trader to get to see this software to be involve with bitcoin acquisition.

It’s a single super click technology where you do not need to stare at the screen all day and react to signals or alerts that signal to buy. From last count their is over a thousand signals a day. No one asking you to be a day trader in fact most people like their jobs and just want something they can in their spare time make trades and do it easily.

The qubetrade comes with education videos and lot of support through the membership site NetQube join as a Brand Advocate.

To join

The cost is a $29 set up fee and if you are non-member $25 7 day trial then $125 per month if you choose not to join the membership but I seriously suggest you join to get it considerably less with $25 USD month trial and 6 months at $500 USD or $900USD 12 months. You can get commissions of $100 USD for joining someone at $500 or $200USd for the yearly subscription at $900USD.This may have changed after the launch here of Netqube August.

You may need to join multiple exchanges to benefit from the review of the qubetrade algorithms recognize an opportunity to make a trade that will create a profit. You can cover your monthly costs with this incredible software.

There are some future functionality being added to show average gains but by far in the game of crypto trading software as at August 2018 this is the best out their.This software has been in a two year formulation and just now been released.

The trades alerts you to make a number of trades from 1% upwards spreading your risk during the day and profits may occur in minutes or hours days even until that trade is made and placed back in your BTC account.

They will develop a community to help novices set up their wallets will initially have videos to help you as well 2-3 seminars a week to support people engaging for the first time in the software . They are also including a service where you can practice by using no money and practice trading.

You get to keep 100% of the trades and keep all the assets of the trade every time you make a profit you keep it.

So, here’s a screenshot of this new technology the software being referred to as super click super quick point-and-click passive income so if you look on this screen you see basically you have green light red light.

If you were in this software program and you got this signal and the green light came on and you

clicked it. Then it would automatically execute that trait for you in a BTC or a Bitcoin and it would automatically

execute an exit for you .

So with one click you would point one click one time you would enter the trade and when it hits its profit then you would be exited from the trade automatically,

So again one-click point-and-click technology that’s as I say why people are referring to this as super click technology

point-and-click and earn in the story.

Now I’m going to show you an actual real-life trade.

You’re gonna see a signal pop up Bitcoin tray now you’re going to see a thumbs up and a thumbs down.

You know now we’re gonna click thumbs up. I’m going to take that trade okay. I’ve got a confirmation signals are used and we’re taking that trade. Just confirming it and now that trade is executed and we’re in it.a successful executed trade we’re in that BTC trade right now

And this shows you why you don’t have to understand any of this is all automated this is all done for you. But

you can see here that the price was dropping and then suddenly it moved up.

So all we’re going to do is simply scalp this trade I mean we’ll be in and out of this trade maybe within a minute maybe

within five minutes ten minutes whatever.

And when the profit signal is hit the goal is accomplished then we’ll be automatically closed out or stopped out of that trade for a profit okay.

Now I want to show you the only place that you can get this new

technology. And that is in Netqube.

Welcome to cube trade now I just want show you that their’s much much much

more that even though this software alone you can use to earn a small fortune from home legally legitimately with no trouble.

Whatsoever it is by no means the only thing in your vault their are tons of other items in your vault which you may

share with other people if you wish to you do not have to their’s no requirement that you do so

But if you decide to do so then their are just a variety of different products and services that you can offer to anyone

and everyone whether you post these offers on Twitter or your Facebook account wherever you are in the world

And you can earn residual income as other people take advantage of this and that will also be the case with to our new software so I’m going to close this I want to come back here and I want to point out that in this program with the super click software.

To become a QubeTrade Member Click Here:

You’ll be able to sit at home this would be perfect for a work at home mom or for retired people or for a student who has a know a few minutes a day maybe hour a day whatever to just sit at home and point and click and make money this will be available to you now I want to show you how you can obtain this and what the cost to you will be first of all you must be a member of Netqube​. Here is a easy click and go trade software for all novices wanting to enter Crypto currency without New traders tend to getting trapped by pump-and-pump trading rooms, alternative cryptocurrencies that have zero value, or end up buying when they should be selling.

===== Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. My videos may contain affiliate links to products I believe will add value to your life.

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