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Which Keyboard is Best for Beginners-My Top Best Keyboards

First Keyboard for beginner

Which keyboard is best for beginners:

My Top Best Keyboards

Which keyboard is best for Beginners-the beginner keyboard is usually dependent on whether you can afford to have a real piano or having to settle for a digital keyboard which is fine. You got to start somewhere with musical instruments .

If you are a beginner keyboardist start here with my suggestion for an electric keyboard these are a great option.

Like my picture shows of my 2 year old it is a toy but at that age anything is possible and wasn’t long that we upgraded that keyboard.But by all means start as soon as possible with any musical instrument

First Keyboard for beginnerHere is my daughter in law and grand daughter 2 years birthday with her first keyboard. As a poppy I was glad to see she loves it.So you see a toy, but I see fun and activating musical passion.You know it needn’t be expensive to get started.

You can get some great tips from piano lessons at my piano lesson beginner blog  here.


MY TOP 5 best Beginner keyboard suggestions below I will describe the features and benefits of each .

Here some advantages for beginners keyboard- Which keyboard is best for learners

Eventually you should invest in a weighted digital piano. That should be your expectation later but for now here are some of the advantages of buying a keyboard over a piano.

  • smaller size.

  • a choice of sounds.

  • no maintenance.
  • never needs tuning.

  • volume control.

  • portability.
  • private practice (headphones)

  • on-board recording.

  • Which keyboard is best for beginners for Yamaha and Casio.They are the two big beginners keyboard brands. As at 2019 they have evolved to provide professional technology with complete customer satisfaction in all their products.

  • YouTube can attest to huge variety of performers.Name any popular local school who teaches fine music. You will music rooms full of their featured products.

  • The combination of digital learning keyboards and online lessons are now popular than ever. Nothing wrong with electronic music instruments. In fact I own many but if you can get a real piano and hire a teacher, so much better.

  • A good teacher enables you to get instant feedback unlike online courses.Going to private lessons gives feedback that would increase your results in playing.Especially if you are adult learner want to learn the piano.

  • Enjoy my REVIEWS.


1.Yamaha P45 Stage Piano

Having your skills develop is important and I start here because this a quality electric piano where it is solid and you don’t need lots of different sounds(voices).

Technique is important the Yamaha P45 gives you the hammer weighted keys like a piano,matte finish gives you the resistance of a live piano.The keys lend itself to your experience of a real piano even though it is a digital electric piano.

Including headphones, a stand, a stool and a sustain pedal and USB interface with this bundle you have everything to launch straight into learning piano.

2.Yamaha PSR-E263

400 sounds like orchestral,brass,drums and some great woodwind section insures a voicing section that is vastly expanded .Also a more polished feel is achieved by the presence of reverb and delay offering overall sounds that are new to a beginner.

Yamaha is exceptional with years of refining its continued popular Yamaha Education suite with thousands upon thousands beginner piano students participating and getting the results.The partnership you have with these features will ensure continued quality assurance by users and regular update of learning features.

The Ipad,Laptops can be adapted to the endless resources of backings and sounds on the online Yamaha Education suite.

The options and benefits are huge for a new player to experience new sounds be part of a ever so grown community.

This will ensure for the months ahead much more enjoyment and feedback.

Remember to have FUN

3. Casio SA-46


The Casio SA-46 is small but surprising has 32 keys its friendly experience offers everything that functions to keep any piano lesson beginner interested.

Little fingers ideal for sure because it so easy to navigate and its non-weighted electronic keyboard  is a great experience for first timer.

For little ones at home ,Which Keyboard is Best for Beginners.

Certainly my choice for starting here it maybe the perfect launch for all those considering their first musical instrument.

Yamaha PSR-F51


TWO HAND PLAYING begins here as a beginner on the piano.It features 61 keys and as array of fantastic sounds 120 voices covering all your favorites synths,guitar,piano,organ ad great strings.

Its essential from here the learners has access to 114 backing styles which now provides an opportunity for you to play along with.This certainly enables you to introduced to slowing down the backings to access your place in the music.

This alone opens up some really crucial elements in your progress .Knowing when to start and stop, getting yourself to hear the different styles a wonderful time to learn about rhythms and styles.

This means you will always have access to voices to play something different over these styles and train you ear to appreciate the different nuances in music.

Which Keyboard is Best for Beginners Aiming to be a Professional-Here is a Perfect time to imagine yourself playing in a band this keyboard will certainly start your journey to consider a vocation as a musician.



Yamaha YPT-260



Younger players are cover adequately here. The included sounds keep it interesting and the keys are just big enough for any young beginner to feel comfortable to play.

Introduction to recording is provided with USB input.

Which allows you for the first time to track your progress and to instantly get feedback.

How this is so important for a beginner ?

Hearing yourself being recorded allows you to experience instant real feedback.

Comment below if you have any questions.

Having enough space and having the money to purchase a real piano, is a consideration for learners with teachers decide straight away to buy digital pianos.For me they have improved so much that you cannot not tell the difference in sound from a real piano.

Can You Learn Piano on a Keyboard or Organ?

I get asked that question allot YES.

In short and that is why I have provided the above review for your consideration .


  • For a beginner start with a  88 weighted digital piano. Most good teachers would encourage you to get one especially if you are going to do an formal graded examinations.However much I love organs ,they don’t satisfy this.
  • The weighted keys is the main difference on a digital piano than a keyboard.It’s easy to push down on most keys of a keyboard. When playing the piano, you need to put more force to create a good sound.
  • Price is not everything and just starting off you needn’t  get something expensive but first enjoy the experience of getting started.
  • You can go up the scale from a keyboard as you improve. Just in case you decide you have no longer want to learn the keyboard,you can return it.Imagine the thousands you would have saved had you gone and spent allot of money on a piano.

Piano for beginners






Keep it simple. When starting as a beginner ,start with my recommendations as above. When you are ready up grade you can comfortably to so knowing you are totally excited to continue.


You know that it this stage buying keyboard as  advantages like Easy Access being light to carry and Portability is a key focus.

I feel,that you maybe wasting time and money buying something Bigger.Keep it basic and just focus on seeing whether this move will ignite your musical passion.

Would it make sense if you were learning to drive a car that your handed a

brand new Mack Truck to drive ?

It would be very complicated you find it a struggle and will probably loose interest and loose interest.


Why do I want to play?

Do I want to play for church or school?

Or Do I want to play at home ?

I see myself playing and singing as a professional?

Have you always wanted to learn the piano as an adult learner? Your ok to pay for more expensive digital piano and go to a private teacher.

Have you already set aside a place in your home for a keyboard or upright piano or a baby grand.

Do you see you and your friends family surrounding you as you all sing along with you playing?

Do you watch Youtube or want to connect your keyboard to an Educational Music Suite like Yamaha or online lessons like Playforall

Buying a Keyboard come in all sizes.

I am glad that you have come here to seek advise as this can be a important decision.

But remember that FUN is the most important feature in learning a musical instrument.

If you can feel that joy and passion then you a well on your way to developing as a fine musician.



Make sure your satisfied with a money back guarantee so when you go out and make that purchase you feel assured you are going to be able to return it.

I want you to feel comfortable and prepared to ask these questions so you can be assured of your purchase.

Remember the sales assistance is there to give you confidence that there is such a warranty.

If not, stay clear items with no warranty,but guess what?

You have saved yourself allot of us have felt after purchasing something we regret, buyer remorse.

CHOP STICKS with Headphones

What I loved playing when I was a learner was “chop sticks”.

I learnt that from my local church youth group.

We all be playing it together and even hear it continuously at home with my sisters joining at all hours of the nght.

My mother would often ask us ,can we play something else?

With digital keyboards and piano they have headphones which my mother would of loved back then.

If you live in an apartment block, or shared accommodation a digital keyboard makes sense as you can practice knowing it won’t disturb anyone.

Read about Music as Inspiration


If your budget is really low I recommend the Rock Jam 54  

It enough for one scale and incredibly comes with LCD and 30  songs with its Piano Maestro Teaching App. Comes without the headphones but you’ll be able to pick one up easily.

Its a 54 key option sturdy keys easy to play and the portability is fantastic.

PROS Low cost,portability and a learning mode makes this an ideal choice.

CONS Does not have a headphone socket.I can’t imagine having this for kids and not having the option to tell them to put on the headphones, just to spare me from the inevitable noise.

Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

Listen through earphones, connect a speaker to improve the small on-board units, connect to a computer, etc. The keyboard has many built-in bells and whistles which are clearly detailed in the product information

PSR-EW300 76 key keyboard and includes the AC power adapter. This is a portable keyboard, weighing just under 14 pounds and if desired, it can be powered by six AA batteries. Included is the keyboard with separate music holder (snaps into back of keyboard), power adapter and Owner’s Manual. There is no complicated setup. Connect the AC adapter to the back of the keyboard, plug into a wall outlet, press the power button and it is automatically in grand piano mode ready to play.

Starter digital piano.
This is a super value, a full-size 88-key digital piano that works very well.

Sound quality is excellent; the piano & other patches are solid.

Key action is in between a keyboard & hammer-action; good spring action.

It’s full-size fun. At 15 pounds, it’s solid and doesn’t slip around, it’s built strong and sturdy.


You can see that affordable options do exist with all the added features as outlined above you can get started very easily.

I can assure you I have spent a small fortune on keyboards and lessons but that came way later after as I got more confident and transitioned to being self taught to getting a teacher.

Learning music at high school and later on in life discovering learning online lessons.You see I was around when Internet Youtube and social media wasn’t around so when it did arrive everyone benefited from the instant access of information.

Held in our hands is the new marketplace in the world,the smartphone remarkable.We have experienced more than ever the ability to listen create and view music. But I want to emphasis its important to spend time improving your vision of yourself with confidence and removing any negative thoughts from achieving your definite purpose to learn to play.

I encourage everyone to pursue a life of personal development and learn to create music.You will find deeper comfort and satisfaction having learnt a music instrument in later in your life as you will have developed a wealth of life experiences associated with playing music with others.


Playing on many digital pianos at the time of writing this blog they are so many that very close at simulating the feel of a real piano or known as type of Graded Hammer Action.

Playing digital pianos the many companies like Nord, Kawai,Casio,Roland ,Yamaha have come very close to sampled representation even the weighted feel and matt finish on the keys come very close to the real experience.Allot of keyboards are semi weighted.Technology is improving  so much that I have found it diffircult to

For example playing harder on weighted keys makes the sound louder and thus on cheaper inexpensive keyboards you cannot get this weighted tonality.


Sparking your child’s musical passion can best be served by introducing them to a cheaper keyboard without putting you out of pocket.

A piano is a significant investment to make first and possibly could remain unused in your home if, for some reason, it is not your passion.

But in my family home as a young child, the fact it was there made us want to play it. The many family gatherings around the piano were a constant reminder of its popularity.

My parents invested in all three of us going to piano lessons, and so I can confidently say that starting with a piano as a beginner was the right move.

Learn to play piano

But beware…

That was in a different time and with the technology, today piano keyboards are amazingly appealing and portable.
With all the bell and whistles you will spend 90% of your time playing the acoustic piano, for example I have never played the keyboard using the Tuba.

These are the common ones that I have used.

Acoustic Piano
Electronic Piano ( “Fender Rhodes” sound)
Jazz Organ (AKA Hammond B-3 sound)
Acoustic “Nylon String” guitar
Acoustic Bass
Electric Bass

I have continued to use these voices today with some advanced settings.

If you want to spend more on features here are my recommendations

Keyboard or a digital piano with SPLITS meaning you can play bass on your left hand and acoustic piano on your right hand, even now this is my favorite feature when I perform professionally.

Having an inbuilt metronome rather than a separate one convenient to help keep time and find your place in the music.

You got to have pedals it is impossible to play modern music without a sustain pedal, so get one. On most good digital pianos they have three, but they are fantastic value, and you needn’t have to consider buying a grand piano they that good these days.

Avoid tons of functions as this will distract your child from playing to explorings lots of less quality sampled demo songs. Keep it simple and allow them to explore their passion.


The right stool/bench/chair is essential for playing with correct posture when practicing.

So essential that you may need to adjust it to your child’s height ,but also comfortable enough that they are playing with hand position and back all appropriately placed.

Go Here to learn more about posture body position on the piano.

“My teacher has helped the importance of body and hand position so I can avoid injury one day. She would observe how I sat on the stool and adjust accordingly with my arms and chest in an open poise. Preparing me for her ideas on how to move to a note, strike it, and bounce away from one note to the next.”

Piano Posture for beginnersThe bench should be set at the right height so that the player’s arm from wrist to elbow is parallel to the floor.

To prevent a cacophony of awful noise headphones is recommended for the first few weeks as you experiment with the musical instrument.

Ignore demo songs for now. The cheap keyboard is always best avoided unless you are buying for a very young child (2 or 3) in which case it is more like a toy which stimulates their interest and familiarity with the concept of keys producing tones.



What is keyboard success when learning to play as a beginner

Success for some maybe learning to play a song another writing music, and again others it is performing in front of others.

You may not have had the experience to play but you’re indeed on a journey to learn music and eventually go on to play other musical instruments.

Here are my success tips

Its a journey learning, and as many times I have been asked I want to learn every lick in one lesson it is not to be.
The enjoyment of affirming your creativity and producing a sound that is unique to you, and this has been the driving motivator that helped my passion for piano.
Enjoy your journey, you’ll be fantastic.

A measure of patience with yourself and assurance that progress is not immediate may help you overcome frustration especially having to stay in the game as a pianist
Always get up take a few minutes breather and come back to the practice with renewed vigor. Nothing wrong with self-analyzing your mistakes but how you deal with it is essential.

Try and not take yourself seriously Malcolm Gladwell say it takes “10,000-Hour Rule”, claiming that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill, to master anything does that give you pause to actualize that you a lot of time to improve.

TIP 3# THINK 5 minutes a DAY
Surprising how having a portable keyboard anywhere at home, imagine it next to your bed and just reaching out for 5 minutes a day keeps music on your mind and done in such a fun way.
These casual sessions can turn in to long creative practice sessions.
Keep your keyboard set up nearby visually, so a moment of 5 minutes is available and immediate.

TIP 4#
5 Positive Affirmations for Musicians

I am growing. Every expert in their field started somewhere! …
One task at a time is enough. I am doing the best that I can! …
I matter and what I offer to the world also matters!
I am so thankful for everything I have achieved in my life. …
I have the power to create change!

TIP 5#

Find a teacher there are plenty online like Piano WITH Willie 

As you find a teacher it is the quickest way to improve your skills getting immediate feedback is the advantage over online programs no matter how convenient.

Keyboard V Piano
Which keyboard is best for beginners-Making these decisions are essential if you do not own a piano, and there are many factors.

Are You Motivated?

What can you afford?

Do you need to practice quietly?

Are you moving, renting, or sharing a home?

Piano requires tuning and upkeep.

Often keyboards keys are smaller and have semi-weighted keys, so when you do get a piano, the difference to weighted keys may take some time to adjust. But with a teacher looking over your progress, you will be excellent, play with confidence.

Electronic keyboards do not come with keyboard bench, music stands and sustains pedals, so these are extras.

Keyboard v Piano has Differences.

A Keyboard is an electric instrument requiring a power source with semi-weighted keys lighter than a piano.

A Piano is an acoustic instrument has 88 keys and is weighted, which is suitable for building finger strength and technique.

If you listen when you play piano notes, you’ll hear the (enharmonics) neighboring piano strings vibrate in harmony with the notes/s you have just played.

The AMAZING distinguishing feature sounds unique to the PIANO richness.

Frazer Goodman

So a Piano needs to be tuned not like electronic keyboards, which comes with a lot of tones and backing tracks to play along with which is a great help in improving your timing.
The MIDI KEYBOARD  and its connectivity to Ipad and computers are exciting as well as opening creative possibilities.

What do you call a weighted electronic keyboard?

Its called a digital piano which has weighted keys.

A keyboard has unweighted keys.

MIDI Keyboards refers to either Unweighted Keyboards or Digital Pianos with weighted keys which uses Midi capabilities.

So, in summry

Unweighted keys are keyboards
A digital piano has weighted keys


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Overnight Millionaire Review Paid ME. It Works See How?

Overnight Millionaire

Overnight Millionaire Review – Overnight Millionaire Review Paid ME. It Works See How?

Overnight Millionaire

My Overnight Millionaire Review of Wesley Virgin, a 39-year-old self-made millionaire, investor and United States Army veteran, is pleased to announce the launch of training videos that will teach people how to pursue wealth and freedom as an entrepreneur.

To learn more about Wesley Virgin and what inspired him to rise above his challenges in life to become a highly successful entrepreneur, please check out his Facebook page at

As Wesley Virgin noted in a recent article and video posted on the Entrepreneur website, he became a millionaire from owning and promoting fitness and coaching products online. However, he attributes the real reason for his success, to his ability to manifest things into existence using what he refers to as “uncut mind hacks.”

“I have made it my purpose in life to find those people who are comfortable but know they deserve more, and show them how to achieve it and have it all,” he said.

As Virgin noted, four years ago, he was broke. His entire life, people had told him he wouldn’t amount to anything, he didn’t like school and was unable to focus.

“It seemed like I didn’t fit,” he said, adding that everyone told him he should spend years reading books, going to seminars and watching YouTube videos to find success.

My Overnight Millionaire Review works as a customer and with you I review the product that I bought inside of it. I think it is going to be very very valuable to you. So let’s just kind of do an overview of the overnight millionaire .

Overnight Millionaire System Review – Product Overview

When you get this is a $20 product here in Wesley Virgin is a multi-millionaire he started out very humble beginnings he lives in Houston Texas .

His experience is where allot of us have issues in our day to day to life with creating the lifestyle we dream of.Well this is one of the exciting course that is price so low that your willingness to learn the secrets of the wealthy are all laid out.I have purchased the product and I am very happy there is allot of social proof go to his facebook and you will see the many people responding positively with his mindset training.

I love how he teaches because he talks about how it was when he wasn’t a multi-millionaire and how he had to change and become a better version of himself and instills teachings of creating a vision of yourself.

My Overnight Millionaire Review helped me embark on a entrepreneur training program and this is one I would recommend.

So the basic product here the Overnight millionaire system is $20 let me just show you what it looks like here .

He’s got  7 different steps that you go through here

First of all figuring out your Why .

Alot of products don’t talk about your Why! That is key because you’re gonna come across a lot of adversity and if it’s not a really really strong WHY in place or else  you’re always gonna quit.

and he has his millionaire hacked hacks


I’ve studied allot personal development and I would not recommend this to you unless I thought it was really really good.

I do feel like this is an excellent product because if you follow my blog at all there’s not many Clickbank products that I do recommend but I recommend this one.

And again this the basic is only twenty dollars.

But he talks about writing in your journal how to manifest quickly how to visualize how to become a person of high value to attract more customers to you.

I love hearing that so much so today I included and recorded it in my daily affirmation.

I find a lot of people just want to make a quick buck but you need to become somebody of high value in order to attract people to you.

How to listen to the right person.

How to create unshakable belief .

Because a lot of people don’t believe they can do it.Like I have experienced whilst developing we say certain things but I think deep down they just really don’t believe that they can do it.

How to create multiple streams of income.

This is a ongoing journey for me online but I love doing this online journey and chose this path to millionaire mindset.

How to become a great persuader with ease.

And then underground techniques and mind hacks

All of his videos are excellent then there were some bonuses

The body stimulating formula

His morning ritual .

Supernatural wealth frequencies.

Business In A-BOX

He does have a done-for-you service as far as setting up a business so that’s that’s available to you I don’t know how much that is.

He has some testimonials down here of people who have used the done-for-you business and some sales that they’ve made.

 One of the things that he recommends is buying this book, Breaking the Habits of being Yourself .

This is an amazing book if you have never read it breaking the habit of being yourself is by Joe Dispenza

I’ve read it I have his audios that’s excellent so the fact that he recommends that book says a lot to me

about Wesley.

Here is his story how to make money online for beginners ,free internet master class training,videos for future millionaires so much value

But I wanted to share with you here is that I did go ahead and purchase the unrevealed secrets of a millionaire mind.

He has these other courses.

I did purchase this the affirmation cash course it’s only  $17 seventeen dollars.

These first two audios are him explaining a little bit about why affirmations work.

and like I said I’ve studied personal development for years and  this is excellent.

The third one here is about ten minutes long and you close your eyes and he has affirmations that he used a couple years ago that helped him to get to be a multi-millionaire.

He reads it it’s very empowering very exciting the way that he says it ,he talks about money comes to me easily and effortlessly

He  he recommends that you listen to it three times a day

First thing in the morning if you can at lunchtime just close your eyes for 10 minutes listen to it and then do it right before you go to bed.

I’m telling you it works like I just it just seems like money is coming to me more easily like I just had a over a thousand dollars sale a couple days ago.

It was easy I you know it works so.


I would recommend  this product right here the affirmation cash course.I have used this method for years where you recite your affirmations designed to articulate your future and to put aside past patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you.

You use imagination allot in music and this one ability needs developing and by both visual meditation and recording your own voice reciting your affirmations will provide unbelievable results.

I have a FREE Gift here download 6 FREE MIND MOVIES to help you get started.

And then I did purchase this that’s what I wanted to talk to you about

the unreal secrets of the millionaire mind this to me is worth $99 .

The program determining your why if you don’t like swear words you probably don’t want to purchase this product but in this particular one he did swear a lot but that’s because he was making a point.

In his facebook you will see countless examples of his engagement with his students passionately challenging them to come up with stronger WHYs.You actually see working the class reviewing what they had to offer and turning them down as too general not strong enough.

Teaching that it needs to be personal real visionary passionate immediate vivid that creates emotion passion evoke a mission so strong make you lose weight get that look make that deadline be a millionaire.

Stay up start and do what you need to do every day because if you don’t have that in place and then he said also to write it out and take a picture of it so it’ll be the first thing that you see on your phone every day.

And keep it in front of you.

This is just different than anything I’ve listened to on your wifi and your relationship with money that is excellent

Because like you said if you don’t have a good relationship with money and you have a little bit of it that’s why you have a little bit

And let’s say for some reason you get a lot of money like  lottery WINNER that’s why lottery winners lose everything.

So consciously they have a poor relationship with money or they have a habit of spending more than they have or more importantly there beliefs are manifesting in their enviroment. GOOD NEWS we can learn to change.

SO if you have that habit you’re going to continue to have that habit even if you have a lot of money

He goes really into depth about your relationship with money it’s excellent.

Disconnecting with people that don’t serve you.

When a millionaire speaks listen that is so true.

So many people are trying to justify where they’re at you know if you’re asking someone for advice who’s a millionaire just close your mouth and listen.

The powers of the training balance scales sexual transmutation and how it works.

Exaggerate your life and wealth using personal development

Wealth fundamental that were never taught in school this will set you back and defeat your chances of being successful .

Be a giver and don’t miss out on your opportunity to receive and then he has the millionaire mine hacks in in this particular product.

How to make seven figures a year on autopilot

How to make seven figures a year on autopilot part 2

How to dominate Amazon and get paid in 24 hours

3 ways to make money on the internet in 90 days

How to earn crazy amounts of money from your website for beginner

Techniques to fix your body language to instantly attract success and wealth

It’s going back to college really worth it the power of what if how to make money online for beginners

Master key to millions training and then joining on social media

I do feel this is something that would benefit you

99% of your success is going to be your mind

And not the how to’s are important but you see so many people out there that are doing exactly what they need to do and they’re not having success.

So when you get the things right and how you think then things can start to happen for you

but that’s why I feel like this is so valuable this information and the way that he presents it he’s just he’s just very dynamic very dynamic.

He gives a lot of stories and things where you can remember these concepts

I would say this is something that you should listen to over and over and take notes on it and continue to go through this every day because that’s I think that his his products are that good.

I hope you guys found some value in this overnight millionaire review how to think like a millionaire

if you did go ahead and give me a thumbs up give me like if you guys have any questions whatsoever make sure you leave them in the comments below  also if you need to contact me

Below I Have a FREE GIFT How to GET Free Leads 100% for your Business

As found on HERE

Get Overnight Millionaire

A few affirmations I created using my learnings from “program your subconscious for success” to eliminate some of my disempowering habits/ beliefs that prevent me from even visualizing my vision.

Hope others can also benefit. And any feedbacks that can improve this will be appreciated.

I realise more and more each day that I am alert and attentive to my surroundings. My awareness is increasing on a continuous basis.

I am able to live in the moment and give my full attention with joy, bliss and ease.

I am so happy that i can focus and concentrate at will. Everyday I realise I can focus more and more.

Fear of rejection-
I believe with full certainty that I am free from the fear of rejection because I trust myself

I realise more and more each day that I take risk even when I feel fear because I trust myself

I am so happy and grateful that I take charge and get things done right now with joy ease and bliss

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Get Tons Of Leads 100% FREE By Finding A MENTOR

Get leads for your business

Lead SystemLeads, potential customers, or possible customers, whatever you determine to call them is great, as long as you have enough of them being available in to keep your business strong and expanding. As well as since every terrific client as soon as started as a lead, leads are an essential aspect in keeping your funnel full and also your businesses future risk-free and also protected. And also more leads usually equates to much more profits. Which is why today, we’re talking all about how to obtain more leads with 3 lead gen pointers, and also the solitary most important device in lead gen today. Hello there as well as welcome, my name is Frazer Goodman I offer complimentary trial for 2 weeks of Lead Magnet System.

Where we take different marketing tactics, devices, ideas as well as methods and also damage them down into bite sized workable clips that you can utilize to promptly take your business to the next level.

Leads are the lifeline of business, since if nobody’s reaching out to you or interested in collaborating with your company you don’t actually have a business whatsoever. Which is why I’m still stunned when I hear about entrepreneurs as well as business who don’t put a focus, much less a maniacal single-minded devotion as well as determination to obtaining brand-new leads for their services. Nevertheless, no brand-new leads coming in methods no new customers, no new revenue, no brand-new capital, and no new business at all. So, now that we’ve covered simply exactly how vital new leads are to your business allows study 3 tips and 1 reward lead gen device so you can make lead gen a key component of your business progressing.

Like all things in advertising and marketing, your success is greatly based off the underlying technique and also systems you utilize, not simply fancy new techniques and also devices. This is why the extremely very first step in lead gen need to always be determining the fundamental as well as core underlying technique behind your plan.

In developing your method you would intend to ask on your own concerns like, Who is my perfect target market?

What do my finest customers have in common?

What is their greatest obstacle?

As well as exactly how could I aid address that for them?

Constantly remember that not all leads are produced equal, as well as by being clear concerning your market as well as objectives from the get go .You’ll save you a lot of time, money, as well as the headaches that originate from generating a system that helps bring in customers and leads everyday.


This last idea is where so many or else well-intentioned lead gen techniques go horribly, awfully wrong. You see, the most effective way to think of lead gen is as a worth exchange.

I want to talk about mentoring and how it can help. I’ve been fortunate to have some tremendous mentors. Many who I talk with every week and help me with ideas, copy and a ton of other ideas in my business.

Who needs a mentor? Aspiring entrepreneurs, successful business people, those just starting out, and everyone who wants to be a successful and career confident woman or man can benefit from having a mentor.

I am fortunate to have identified mentors throughout my career who have generously shared with me business contacts, resources, tools, and tips that has enhanced my corporate and entrepreneurial success.

One I recommend is Joseph Rodrigues training below.

A mentor can provide advice, facilitate networking with key contacts, accelerate progress on the learning curve, help you navigate the organization’s culture, guide decision-making, and be a source of feedback and motivation. Perhaps some of the most beneficial roles of a mentor are to empower, inspire, and believe in you and your success potential.

Finding a mentor who is right for you: The first thing to consider when seeking a mentor is your goals. Define what you are looking for and where you need a mentor’s support. Then, observe success. A good mentor is someone who has been there and done that. She/he is someone who has the knowledge and insight to provide value consistent with your goals. Observe the strengths of your managers, peers, and colleagues in your network.

Consider those who have strengths in the areas you most need to develop. Ask them to be a mentor for you. If you want to be part of the formal mentoring program in your organization, don’t wait to be noticed. Ask. Asking for what you want often is one of the most daunting things for many mentor worthy individuals. If you are uncomfortable speaking up, speaking out and asking for support such as a mentor then this becomes your number one goal for your work with a mentor or a coach.

Other ways to find a mentor is to participate in volunteer and professional organizations both within and outside your profession organizations. You may even consider a long distance mentor with whom you can speak regularly by telephone.

Tap different expertise. You need not limit yourself to one mentor. Have an entire “Advisory Board of Mentors” if you are fortunate enough to find people who are willing and capable to serve in that capacity.

So what’s the alternative?

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Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Héctor García & Francesc Miralles

GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE WAY, AND LET JOY HAVE MORE SPACE. This is a video review of a book Icky by Joesph Rodrigues.Don’t forget that cultivation is the culling of a dynamic. People have to unlearn far more than thy need to learn. You where born free now you must get back to knowing that. I hope you have the most beautiful and deeply insightful day learning about the most intriguing and interesting subject on earth, YOU…. 😉

*Los Angeles Times bestseller*

“If hygge is the art of doing nothing, ikigai is the art of doing something—and doing it with supreme focus and joy.” —New York Post

Bring meaning and joy to all your days with this internationally bestselling guide to the Japanese concept of ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy)—the happiness of always being busy—as revealed by the daily habits of the world’s longest-living people.

What’s your ikigai?

“Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years.” —Japanese proverb

According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai—a reason for living. And according to the residents of the Japanese village with the world’s longest-living people, finding it is the key to a happier and longer life. Having a strong sense of ikigai—the place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect—means that each day is infused with meaning. It’s the reason we get up in the morning. It’s also the reason many Japanese never really retire (in fact there’s no word in Japanese that means retire in the sense it does in English): They remain active and work at what they enjoy, because they’ve found a real purpose in life—the happiness of always being busy.

In researching this book, the authors interviewed the residents of the Japanese village with the highest percentage of 100-year-olds—one of the world’s Blue Zones. Ikigai reveals the secrets to their longevity and happiness: how they eat, how they move, how they work, how they foster collaboration and community, and—their best-kept secret—how they find the ikigai that brings satisfaction to their lives. And it provides practical tools to help you discover your own ikigai. Because who doesn’t want to find happiness in every day?

Ikigai guy the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. geeky guys a word that means thing that you live for or the reason for which you wake up in the morning

each individual’s ikigai is personal to them and specific to their lives values and beliefs it reflects our inner self of an individual and expresses that faithfully

while simultaneously creating a mental state in which the individual feels at ease

activities that allow one to feel Iike guy are never forced on an individual they’re often spontaneous and always undertaken willingly given the individual satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life

so we’re going to discuss this book and we’re going to discuss this from a few perspectives

we’re going to talk about a key guy and the goal here is to live this philosophy

and it’s a philosophy that I’ve been experimenting for a number of years and I came across this concept maybe a few years ago

to really define and explain something that I’ve been working with and looking to cultivate when I started on this journey of entrepreneurship back in 2009

for me it was very important to do what I love to do

and doing what I love to do means that it’s a skill something that I’m really passionate about that I cultivate and I enjoy cultivating and it’s something that I believed that I could do all the time and literally time would go by

and I wouldn’t even think about it and I would be so emerged and joyously doing it

that the net result of that would be something really amazing truly remarkable

and when I started my business it was IT services I’ve been interested in computers and IT since I was a kid

and when I transitioned out of it I moved into consulting and doing the stuff that I do and teaching this kind of stuff that I do on YouTube

and it’s something that I’m really extremely passionate about doing

I think about it all the time and just about every area of my life is directly or indirectly related to what I love to do

now something else that was really important to me was it had to be something that I was willing to do to get paid for

and it was something that the world needs

now another concept that was added to this when I looked at the e key guy was something that you are good at

so we have within us purpose meaning value

something that we offer to the world that’s really unique

and in the earlier stages we look to find meaning we go in and try to identify what it is that we really can offer

and as we go about doing things we start to realize that there’s people reaching out to us and asking us if we could do certain things for them

and that thing is so obvious and something that we do with such ease and joy and we love doing it

that we can’t imagine charging for it.

Awakening Your Ikigai is really quite a delightful look at sometimes mystifying Japanese traditions.”The New York Times Book Review

Introducing IKIGAI: find your passions and live with joyIkigai is a Japanese phenomenon commonly understood as “your reason to get up in the morning.” Ikigai can be small moments: the morning air, a cup of coffee, a compliment. It can also be deep convictions: a fulfilling job, lasting friendships, balanced health. Whether big or small, your ikigai is the path to success and happiness in your own life.

Author Ken Mogi introduces five pillars of ikigai to help you make the most of each day and become your most authentic self:
1. starting small → focus on the details
2. releasing yourself → accept who you are
3. harmony and sustainability → rely on others
4. the joy of little things → appreciate sensory pleasure
5. being in the here and now → find your flow.

Weaving together insights from Japanese history, philosophy, and modern culture, plus stories from renowned sushi chef Jiro Ono, anime filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, and others, Mogi skillfully shows the way to awaken your ikigai.

Now that was the case when I started my IT business and that is the case when I do what I do right now I love what I do so much that in retrospect when I look back I couldn’t imagine one day doing this and making money and building a business around it

because I was naturally good at it and I started in a certain place and then I went through a journey of cultivating the skills

and even till this day and continuously forever for as long as I live I will continuously cultivate the skills based on the things that I’m good at

so it’s then important to find what it is for us

and usually what this is is something that the world needs and what you are good at is something that the world benefits from it is something that is needed and useful

and people are willing to pay for this.


so if you look around today and you look at all the different kind of businesses that have been created a lot of these are passion projects

something that someone was really passionate about that they leveraged the internet and turned it into a business so they get paid for it

and through learning entrepreneurship in the various disciplines that we talk about in this channel when it comes to entrepreneurship they grow their business to a really high level and they continue to enjoy doing what

they love to do on their own terms on their own time and have a lot of freedom to be able to then enjoy living the life in a way that cultivates and builds them up so they could do what they love even more even better and serve others even more masterfully

so a key guy is doing what you’re good at what you love what the world needs and what you can get paid to do

so in other words it’s a way of looking at life

it’s something that combines and we look at this diagram here your passion your mission your profession and your vocation

and if you do these things with everything you do every day or if you see how everything is related directly or indirectly and you see the connects you feel that you live a meaningful life

and you get excited to wake up in the morning and go to work in fact you don’t really see it as work and you find yourself in something that we’ve talked about many times flow state

which also was discussed in this books we had discussed it from the perspective of a key guy so again our goal and reflecting back in my own experience is to find our own Ikki guy

and over the years and I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years I’ve been carving it out ok refining it in earlier stages I might have taken on projects that I didn’t necessarily love and they started refining it

so I believe that this is an ongoing journey

so our goal is to again find what we love to do and we can do this by practicing awareness

ok observing what is it that you enjoy doing that you could imagine your entire life being dedicated to doing that thing what is it

is it something that the world needs are people building businesses around it is there a career around it well if there is then if you are really passionate about it if you love doing it then it’s gonna be easier for you to cultivate it

to grow it into a masterful skill in which you can provide that product or service

and is it something that you’re good at naturally

now it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be masterful at it right now

but it’s something that you know you could just sit there and do it and you can cultivate that skill and you can find yourself in flow which we’re gonna talk about a moment

and you continuously get better at it

and is it something that you can actually literally get paid to do in other words can you imagine yourself getting paid to do it

the world needs that they’re willing to pay you to do this you love to do it and you’re good at it and you can continuously get better and better at it

if you do this you experience more often flow and flow is where challenge meets skill

if you want to have a meaningful life then it’s important to go through challenged to embrace challenge but not from a place of stress and frustration but from a place of engagement

so flow is where challenge meets skill

when something is just a little bit more challenging and you have just enough skills so you could sit there and work with it to figure it out to the point where you eventually rise up to overcome that challenge and you now acquire a new skill

you’ll have this interesting feeling a feeling of an engagement where your mind your ma your body your mental physical emotional all these elements of being as a human being are one

you are deeply engaged and you have a natural focus and you have a heightened degree of awareness

and you feel excitement you feel passion your creativity starts to flow starts to increase and you become even more skillful

and then another challenge shows up and the same process you keep rising up and rising up being able to achieve it

those that play video games for example and will find themselves in flow for an extended period of time

those that do things like play musical instruments or athletes or performers will find themselves in flow

and now even those in the business realm can find themselves in flow for example I find myself in flow most of the day

that’s because I set everything up that I do from a place that engages flow and what is that

well something that I really love to do something that I’m good at and I can continuously cultivate that’s where the challenge comes in

and it’s purposeful so the world needs it and the world is paying for it so that’s it will support this project that I’m doing and it continues to support it

and I keep getting better and better at it and I find myself more and more in flow every single day

and with this amazing feeling creativity inspiration and understanding of the philosophies of iki guy really start to help me understand that this meaningful purpose that I have and the process that I go through is something that is actually anybody who is willing to commit themselves dedicate themselves to finding this is able to achieve

and when you find Ikki guy and you know what it is for you and you go down this journey you experience flow more often

so then that’s an important quote or important philosophy to keep into consideration

are you finding yourself in flow each day and if not let’s go back to this diagram here and see we were missing out

is it something that you really enjoy doing

is it’s challenging are you able to find yourself being stimulated by that challenging

now I always say it’s important to do what you love or it’s important to do what you do from a place of love or whatever it is that you do train yourself to love it

for the most part a lot of things that we do that we love to do we love doing it but for example in the world of business

you might love doing certain aspects with a certain aspects you might not love doing

perhaps like crunching numbers or doing certain kinds of things

but then what I discovered is if I can relate that back to my iki I I can actually learn how to love those things

I can train myself to love those things because now I’m seeing the connect

so this is really powerful because one of the things that I do in my consulting business and coaching is right off the gate we look at everything the person has to do to achieve the kind of results they want

which is in the realm of iki guy

and then what we do is we say okay based on this here are all the things you’ve got to do every day this how you got to segment your day and these are all the things you got to do

and maybe they’ll like doing most of the things but on these other things that they have to do they might not enjoy doing and they’ll say well I don’t enjoy doing that thing so the next thing that ends up being a huge breakthrough is the process of learning how to love that thing by connecting it to their ikki guy so in other words that thing that they didn’t necessarily like doing they start to enjoy doing it they find joy in doing it

and this is very related and he talks about this in this book to Victor Frankel’s logotherapy

and the idea behind it is that you can find meaning you can find passion in anything

however there are things that are related to your vision to your goals that you might not necessarily like doing

but if you do not train yourself to enjoy doing those things then you’re not going to find that you’re gonna stay in flow State and again the reason why we want to stay in flow is because that’s where the insights the perspectives the ideas the creativity within us is tapped into so we can come up with unique and better ways of doing what we love to do so we could do it even better

and then we can get paid even more for doing it and with that added money we can reinvest it to maybe give it to somebody else to do those things that we don’t necessarily like doing and this can keep going on and on and on

so I believe it’s then very important for somebody who is interested in building a business or going into a profession where they do what they love to do to learn valuable career skills business skills and fall in love with the process of learning those skills and I’ll relate that back to my personal experience

because I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and one of the things that makes me so passionate about entrepreneurship is that I love every aspect of entrepreneurship

every aspect of business I can find myself being fascinated with finance although I don’t go too deep into it

I have a passion and desire to do all the things related to the full scope the full spectrum of activities that is involved with building a business

and I’ve trained myself because I remember in earlier stages I didn’t even like public speaking

however I knew that it was something that was fascinating to me and it was something that I could see myself doing so at a deeper level perhaps I was good at it

I didn’t like marketing I didn’t like selling I didn’t even like money

but the idea behind it is that I saw myself being self-employed having my own business having my own freedom having my own lifestyle and being able to afford doing the things that I want to do which really are only within the reach with an entrepreneurship

because the potential for earning is unlimited through entrepreneurship if you do it right

so I learned to love these things I learned to find my icky guy in all these things

now me hi chick sent behind according to his research into the experience of being completely immersed in what we are doing which is really now as a result of this discussion

all the things that are related to what we’re good at what we love to do as well as the things that we not necessarily love to do but we now know we can train ourselves by associating it to our icky guy

this is when you find yourself fully immersed when you look at reality like this you have Csikszentmihalyi calls the state flow

and described it as the pleasure delight creativity and process when we are completely immersed in life

so think about this Ramona let’s pause for a moment and reflect

you have this opportunity and it’s called life and you have the ability to create in this life and enjoy this life and find passion in this life and be able to serve others in this life and create a beautiful living around this

more so today than ever before

and when you’re an icky guy you’re looking taking inventory what is it that you love to do what are you good at can you get paid for this can other our others actually getting paid for this and is this something that benefits the world and if you find these things and you do these things you’ll find yourself emerged immersed in the process and the process of life

so going back to the definition of iki guy it’s waking up and excited to do what you want to do because you love doing it and it’s purposeful and meaningful

now this feeling is an amazing feeling and I know it because I’ve lived it for an extended period of time now

and I constantly refine it as every day goes by I’m constantly making sure that I’m doing the things that I really love to do

and if I find things that it’s not from a place of love or passion I ask myself why am i doing it

if it’s not related to the iki guy or as I like to call it my vision because I refer back to the Robert Dilts model then I’m not going to do it

because it’s not gonna bring out the best to me and it’s not gonna bring out the best contribution that I could make to others and I take what I do from not only a high level of responsibility to produce

but because I’m in a position of leadership mentoring coaching it’s important to me that I live the philosophy

so when I transfer the understandings I do it from place of state transference I actually feel it and I could transfer that over to my students to my clients and so forth and they start to experience it

they start to understand it so you could see how I set everything up and it’s important for you as you’re going through this watching this video right now you’re taking notes to see how you can do it as well

so that you could live from a place of a key guy now let’s talk about the seven conditions for achieving flow and again flow is something that we achieve when challenge meets skill

when there’s enough challenge and enough skill the sweet spot where you have to rise up to the challenge by acquiring skill real time by being immersed in the process being challenged by it and you’re engaged in it

and you can create this in your career in your business and here are the conditions so when you get that you feel completely immersed in life you enjoy it you’re having fun you’re growing you’re excited about it

and you’re producing results and you’re happy about it and you’re stimulated seven conditions for achieving flow number one

knowing what to do knowing what to do so you have to have a clear vision you have to have a clear goal and you have to break it down into parts and this is why I recommend using a project management system like Trello

or any kind of system that can help you take what you got to do what you got to build and break it down into little sections so that you can work on it one little bit at a time in maybe twenty five minute or 30 minute or 50 minute chunks towards an outcome okay there’s like an end result in part and in whole

for example if you’re building a business an internet based business perhaps you’ve got to build a website perhaps you’ve got to fill that email list perhaps you have to build a product or service

you have to also bring on certain people there’s hiring elements and there’s paid advertising and all these different kinds of dynamics that you got to do maybe you got to learn social media

and all this is related to the vision of creating your business now to find flow it’s important to focus on one thing at a time in your work chunk

so thus you know what the clear outcome is and what you’re going to achieve in part related to the whole and it’s important to then break that part down into smaller parts for example building a website

perhaps there’s eight pages on your website well you take each page and you work on it with focus with presence and discipline building it refining it till you get it up to the specification required to help you create that website

that needs to be created to drive that paid traffic to it

now if you don’t know what you’re doing you don’t know how to build a website so forth this can be a huge source of frustration that’s why it’s important to work with somebody to be guided

the reason why you bring on somebody to help guide you is because they break it down into specific tasks

and then you know what to do so this is one of the things that I found to be common with entrepreneurs

is in the earlier stages and I’ll speak from my own experience everything seems so nebulous this is like a whole infinity realm of things to do and so forth

and things can be so esoteric and frustrating but if we find ourselves around a good mastermind as Napoleon Hill calls it

or we bring on good mentors and guides or we have a support group we’re able to take what we have to do and break it down because we’re working with people that have already been able to create the results

they’re able to guide us and that gives us a sense of ease and then we know why we’re doing it and while we might not know the whole picture or how everything works for example if you’re studying marketing

then there’s a lot to it you’re starting paid advertising there’s a lot to it perhaps you might just break it down into getting one ad campaign up based on certain demographics and certain criteria

and then from there while it’s running you optimize it but that is something that you break it down to and if you don’t break it down to that then it could seem very overwhelming

because maybe you’re comparing yourself to somebody that has a lot of success and all the sophistication and complication

so it’s important to do that know what you have to do and break it down

number two know how to do it so again we’re talking about challenge meeting skill so you don’t have to know how to do it perfectly you just don’t have to know how to do it enough to get started

and do it to the best of your ability and realize that through the process I always say this actions create clarity

so through the process you’ll learn how to do it better

and one of my favorite things and I always mention this all the time is that I love to learn I love to grow but when my favorite things that I like to do is be in the arena and do be implementing

because that’s where I’m gonna find the optimizations that I need to do to grow and then from there areas that I don’t understand I can go and research it I can connect with mentors I can get access to that information

so I could do it even better so you have to know how to do it to a certain level because again if it’s too confusing you’re not gonna find yourself in flow

but if you break the parts down if you break the project down into smaller parts you can see now how it’s easier to know what to do and know how to do it

so creating flow in your life is a skill itself this is one thing I found when I discovered this concept from call flow back in the days and I just kept working with it I refined it down

until what I’m discussing with you right now because I realized that it’s such a powerful place to be and it’s so productive and it allows you to create success a lot faster in whatever it is you’re doing in part and a whole

that it’s definitely something that can be studied and turned into a process and can be applied so that we can achieve flow consistency

and with consistency and a level of focus and discipline and ease – we should be able to get ourselves in flow with ease and I promise you this with practice you’ll be able to do it

so knowing what to do in part and in whole breaking it down knowing how to do it in part and whole realizing that you’ll acquire the skill in the process overcoming the small challenges and the

number-3 knowing how well you are doing so this is why I’m a fan of key performance indicators and metrics in business we have this game performance we have to be able to measure it

if you want to get progress in the gym you have to measure your lifts you have to measure your your body fat levels you have to measure your macros and so forth and if you don’t do this you don’t know if you’re making

progress which can be very frustrating so these are conditions that need to be place put in place to achieve flow now think about what I’m saying and think about the area where you can apply this in your life

because you can apply this I found – any area of your life business personal development just about any area life you can identify what the key performance indicators are

so you could see if you’re making progress

number four knowing where to go navigation where navigation is evolved

number five perceiving significant challenges so you see the challenges they’re coming and you’re ready to overcome them because you realize that actions create clarity and if there’s something that you have a hard time

with then you’re going to be able to cultivate the skills real time a lot of times this is true or you’ll note them down you write down your sticking points

one of my favorite exercises and it’s not really an exercise is just something I do is as I go about doing business every single day

if I come across sticking points and I have to come across sticking points I have to come across challenges because if I don’t that I’m not going to be stimulated

the thing about flow is if you’re just doing things that are easy you’re not gonna be in flow state if you do things that you’re too challenging then you’re gonna be frustrated so it’s really a sweet spot where a challenge meets skill

and when you’re in that space the challenges that come up you might not be able to solve real time so what I do is I write them down and I figure out ways to overcome this I refer back to something like the Robert Dilts model

does this exist in my vision level and an identity level a deep identity level or values and beliefs my capabilities do I need to improve my capabilities in the various disciplines in the business

is it certain behaviors that are being manifested that doesn’t produce the results what behaviors do I need to cultivate

and then the environment is it something in the environment can I change something around so that I can increase my success ratio or produce the results

all of these are indicators or different elements that we could use to figure out how to overcome our challenges but we have to be able to take notes

so if you make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to take notes on your performance every day and the challenges that you encounter every day then this can be really beneficial for you

and you know having somebody who can mentor you and so forth and be there as a guide to help you

can also help you not only reflect back on these challenges but provide solutions because they’re able to do it because they’ve been there before and that can also help you overcome these challenges

number six perceiving significant skills so capabilities which is one of the elements of the Robert Dilts model is what we need to cultivate so that we can produce results

going back to the model here what we’re good at is something that we can continuously improve on

doing what you love well one of the things that we could do is we can increase our level of identity

deep identity level stuff in the Robert Dilts model to really honor ourselves

what I find is that in the earlier stages we don’t honor ourselves maybe it’s low self-esteem low self-confidence and we know what we love to do but we just kind of allow others to get us to do other things that we don’t want to do

and sacrifice ourselves and not necessarily do what we love to do and as a result of that we get frustrated and stressed out

and this is because we do not or we do not get to a point where we have the self-confidence or the faith in ourselves to be able to clearly tell the other person that it’s not something that you love to do it’s not something that you really to do and therefore you don’t want to do it and so all these kind of things

I’m talking about I’m a huge fan of combining models together so if you look at a key guy and you look at the Robert Dilts model then this can be very beneficial to you because then you can look at this and you can see

okay if I have any of these areas that are lagging which is a skill that I need so I can do what I have to do better at what area on the Robert Dilts model does it preside and how can I get the support the education

the information to help me develop that skill so being in flow as mentioned earlier taking notes is very important

because then you can identify the skills that you want to cultivate so that you can produce the results even faster or get to a higher level of success

now again entrepreneurship comes with the number of skills that you can develop

in my entrepreneurship training program I talk about them at a high level direct response marketing copywriting consultative selling productivity monetization

even managing yourself managing others leadership there’s a lot of skills that you can cultivate as an entrepreneur to produce results

and there’s a lot of information a lot of education available so when you’re deeply submerged in this process then you’re motivated and you’re excited to focus on cultivating those skills

and when you cultivate those skills you rise up to the challenge and then the higher your ability to perform the more success you have obviously the more money you make

and then with that money it’s important to remember this this is an investment to live an ikki guy means to take control of your life take the power back in my opinion

and so what we want to do is we want to reinvest back in creating certain environments where we could stay in flow

that means environments that don’t have distractions or environments that don’t break our flow for whatever reason you know again taking inventory and figuring out what those things are

and so that we can continuously do what we do even better now this is one of the things that’s a benefit for being in this in the long run and creating success

once you get to a certain level of success you can set up certain conditions in your life where you could continuously do more what you love to do cultivate the skills in the areas that important so that you could do

what you love to do even better and set up your environment so there’s no distractions which brings me to my next point

number seven being free from distractions

so to get in flow we have to have challenge and we have to have skill and we have to go through this process of emerging ourselves in the task what we’re doing

and if people are interrupting and there’s distractions in your environment it breaks flow

so we have to be cognizant of this and we have to choose environments and we have to set everything up to the best of our ability to remove distractions

and we can do this at a micro level and a macro level here’s so here’s what I mean in a micro level you know your work environment right now you could turn off your notifiers you could remove anything that is

distracting in the environment you can you know indicate to others that maybe you’re involved with in business and so forth that you’re not gonna be available for the next few hours so you can deeply submerge yourself

and what you’re doing micro and a macro level you set yourself up so that your business so the work that you do those that you work with and your entire environment is actually supporting you

in other words your leadership skills you set up your team to live the philosophy of being distraction-free

and you are also cultivating certain kinds of skills which will be important because leadership is one of the skills that you learn in entrepreneurship that is going to help you leverage your business better

and grow your business faster so what you do is you start out by going first you create this environment where you can focus on what you got to do till completion

and as a result of that you’ll create some success and then you can reinvest back into training others to have that same success bring on the team and set up conditions so that everybody is achieving flow to a higher degree

and you can make this part of your culture part of your philosophy

anybody who works with me knows I’m a huge advocate of being in a distraction-free environment

and really focusing in an achieving flow flow is extremely important for me not just for me but for those that I work with

because I know that the creativity and the best results come from being in flow state so it’s a high priority for me

and you know if you look around in the business world and in the career world there’s a lot of opportunity here a lot of people are not achieving flow and they’re missing out on the ability to produce

and even have a higher level of results

so this starts small we pick our block tines and we work distraction-free and then we go to a macro level where we look at all the areas of our life because I believe how you do one thing is I do everything

where we can be focused on the things that we do to cultivate ourselves to a higher level of enjoyment at peace

I don’t personally like being in grey zones in other words when I’m going to the gym and I’m working out and focused on working out and I’m doing it from a place of lightheartedness

it’s not intense focus when I’m with friends or when I’m with somebody I’m focused on them I’m not allowing any distractions to take away from the experience and the the joy and the submerging in the process of connecting

with another human being or with a group

with work it’s the same thing and everything that I do in my life it’s the same thing

so let’s talk about flow and the strategies the faqad strategies that were discussed in this book strategy number one choose a difficult task but not too difficult so as mentioned flows were challenging each skill

so we pick a task that’s challenging but not too overwhelming and we make a commitment that we’re going to work on this task for an extended period of time for me it’s 30 minutes to an hour

I’m gonna work on this task and while I’m working on this task my goal is to stay focused distraction-free on this task

and I see this as a fun game and an exercise so I say to myself if I stay focused on this task for 30 minutes then I’m going to train my willpower

because willpower is very important to me and having a high level of willpower will help you achieve success

I’m gonna stay on this task and I’m gonna apply willpower and I’m gonna do it from a light-hearted energy not some one place of force because I like to cultivate a light-hearted energy in me so

I’ll use that as one of my things to indicate that I’m doing it properly and

number three is that I realize that I’m going to rise up to this challenge I’m gonna acquire the skill I’m gonna figure it out

and it’s just challenging enough where I have a certain level of skills but I know that when I’m completed this task I would have overcome it whether it’s building something or creating a piece of content

or a coaching call or whatever it is

when I do this I find myself in flow so I know this works really well

number two is have a clear and concrete objective as mentioned that if you know where you’re going clearly your vision the goal you’re trying to create not just that in a macro level but micro parts that make up the whole

then you know that you’ll get there when you are complete in other words when that project for that task is complete

then you’re done so that’s your objective so the goal then is to sit there and work on it till completion train yourself to do it till completion and don’t move on to anything else

now this might span the course of days weeks and months depending on the project and that’s okay that’s why I like dedicated work chunks

because if you break whatever that project down into smaller chunks then you can say the goal is to just complete it up to this level

but you have a concrete objective and doing this engages the mind better because now we’re clear we’re not just doing things randomly and we don’t know why we’re doing it

we understand why we’re doing it now here’s the powerful thing you’ve got to find the clarity okay can’t wait for others to give you clarity you’ve got to take responsibility to finding the clarity

asking better questions if you work in a company so you can see how it relates to vision or understanding and learning yourself or creating your own goals and setting up little games that you can play with yourselves

that if you get to a certain level then you achieve success at a certain level and so that makes you feel good and so forth

but whatever it is you got to have a concrete objective

number three it’s concentrate on a single task so as mentioned distraction is going to break your flow we don’t want to be distracted we want to be doing things where we can be fully engaged in what we’re doing

you’re the challenge and then rise up it rise up to it with skill

and this is achieved by doing one thing at a time now if you’re working for example in an environment where there’s a lot of stimulus and distraction and so forth

you can find a way to turn that into a game because I find a lot of times turning flow into a game where you’ve got distractions and so forth and you try to train yourself to stay focused it’s something you can actually do

but is not something I recommend for someone starting out and cultivating the skill I recommend it’s better to just pick one task and concentrate it on till completion

and then you start getting better at maintaining focus you can move on to different kinds of challenging skills where there’s a lot more chaos and dynamic in the present environment

and the training that you’ve achieved outside of it will cultivate a skill so that when you’re in that environment you’ll be able to do it whatever it is better

micro flow this is interesting micro flow enjoying mundane tasks

even Bill Gates washes the dishes every night he says he enjoys it that it helps him relax and clear his mind and that he tries to do it a little better each day following an established order of set or rules he’s made for himself

plates first Fork second and so on it’s one of his daily moments of micro flow so as mentioned earlier finding joy in everything you do every day is very important to experience and live a key guy

it is also important to live a fulfilling life and to stay motivated and see this as a long-term process

someone who is in iki guy does not want to retire

loves what they do so much and enjoys it so much that they will continuously do it forever and continuously get better and better and doing it

on my favorite movies is Hiro Dreams of Sushi and if you watch that movie you’ll see that he has very much found his iki guy and he’s so engaged in it that the very micro things that he does every day also puts him into flow

and I’ve been working with this concept and I’ve been applying it to a high degree of success and I realized that I could find flow in even the littlest things administration work folding laundry doing little things

and it’s a discipline and tree to find micro flow on these things that will allow you to find flow even easier when you do things in your business in your career

so look at areas outside of your work where you can create micro flow

create little games in your mind create little challenges and scenarios and you know if you fold the laundry a certain way at a certain time try to do it in a certain sequence and create a little game out

eventually maybe you could fold your laundry at a certain speed and so forth or do it with enough presence or train yourself to find joy in it you can do this and I know this works

so he’s doing this with doing the dishes and it’s an exercise and it’s something that if you practice you will get better at

and you’ll find that you’ll have more joy and fulfillment and you have better energy in a better state of mind that will be there and available for you when you’re doing the projects in your business or your career

now what’s going to happen in your journey is you’re going to face challenges in life and how to face life challenges

so let’s talk about this couple concepts that he refers to in the book is Buddhism and stoicism so what can we learn from these areas to help us with life’s challenges

Buddha was born a prince in Nepal and grew up in a palace surrounded by riches

at 16 he married and had a child not satisfied by his family’s wealth at 29 he decided to try a different lifestyle and ran away from the palace to live as an ascetic

but it wasn’t a citizen that he was looking for it didn’t offer the happiness and well-being he sought

neither wealth nor extreme asceticism worked from he realized that a wise person should not ignore life’s pleasures

a wise person can live with these pleasures but should always remain conscious of how easy it is to be enslaved by them so the idea is this is that on your journey in life as you go through iki guy as

you go through the process of living you’re going to encounter many different kinds of pleasures

and the goal is to value them and to enjoy them as needed but not be enslaved by them

when you indulge in something you become addicted to it and you become dependent on it and if you don’t get it you find yourself being frustrated and angry by it

the goal is to see this as challenge to train yourself when you find yourself enjoying something be okay if it’s not there

and the way to do this is to limit your access to that pleasure train yourself and find joy in the process of delaying gratification

this is how you develop the highest level of joy and pleasure the ability to maintain presence of mind

the ability to control your thoughts the ability to manage your emotions better

those that create success in life have a high degree of control over their mind and their emotions

they understand that if they do something where it’s going to lead we have to be able to look at cause and effect so the goal is to realize that there’s gonna be a lot of things that show up in our environment in our reality

that are going to distract us over to a different direction you know a Napoleon Hill it calls us drifting and outwitting the devil and we have to recognize that they’re there and not make them the enemy

and what you resist persists see them as something that is going to train you and put yourself in the position to be trained by those

now this is something that I’ve worked with for many years there’s a lot of things that I enjoy doing and if I do it excessively it leads to me drifting

and if you get into a place of being angry by those things you can find yourself just caring within yourself and anger and resentment energy and we really want to have is an understanding energy

so what I’ve learned is that I can enjoy doing those things maybe eating certain kinds of foods or indulging in certain kinds of pleasures

without being controlled by them and doing it enough so that I could feel conscious rejuvenation

for example you might enjoy going on vacations but if you go on vacations all the time because you have a lot of success in business and you don’t do any work you’ll find that the meaning is not there anymore

it’s just kind of a mundane thing that you do that used to give you a lot of joy and pleasure but because the repetition of doing it you’re not finding the joy

in that case what we have to do is we have to remove ourselves in that equation concentrate on finding pleasure in other areas of a life joy and work and fulfillment and a key guy and then use that as a reward

knowing that we can do it any time make it a thing that we get after we hit a certain level of benchmark certain level of the key performance indicator and so forth

this is how you gain control over impulses over the desire to seek pleasure and delay gratification

to do this is to cultivate confidence confidence and faith in yourself that no matter what comes up in your way whether it’s a challenge or something that will lead you astray because in the pursuit of pressure

you’re able to remove yourself from that and get back on track towards your vision

stoicism according to stoicism our pleasures and desires are not the problem we can enjoy them as long as they don’t take control of us the

Stoics viewed those who were able to control their emotions as virtuous so again we have right now our attention our attention is so valuable our attention creates a reality

wherever your attention goes your energy flows and you’ll move in that direction the goal is to keep our attention on our vision

I talked about this in the last few videos I did enable god arts work to assume the wish fulfilled visualize in your mind the person that you wish to be and assume yourself to be that person right now

and to navigate reality from that perspective and to feel it in the now and then also while you’re doing that realize that there’s going to be things that take your attention away

and those things aren’t trying to take your attention away but they’re revealing to you about yourself of what you’re being distracted by

and then observe yourself as you have this desire to move in those directions that aren’t necessarily serving you

and then maintain your Center and release yourself from that desire you’re going to find in the earlier stages you’re gonna feel a strong pressure and this is where you have to train your mind

you have to train the self-discipline and you have to focus back on your vision

you do this enough time with repetition and I could speak from experience you are no longer enslaved by those emotions that pull you in those directions

and then you start to look at them as your friends they’re revealing to you who you are and when you overcome them you keep going back keep reorienting back on your vision

the next concept is antifragility

the seme Talab explains in his book anti fragile things that gain from disorder that we used the word fragile to describe people things and organizations that are weakened when harmed

and the words robust and resilient for things that are able to withstand harm without weakening

but we don’t have a word for these things that get stronger when harmed to a point so the concept is anti fragile

anti fragile is the being of something or somebody who is a net result of being in certain kinds of environments that were stressful that harmed and you became this person where you’re unbreakable unshakable and so forth

and you were cultivated to be like this and this is beneficial because this is how you stay in flow

in fact to maintain an extended period of flow you have to be anti fragile you can’t be thrown off by the external circumstances and events of the world and what happens to you

you have to be able to recalibrate to get back on focus back on tasks

and this is done by observing the meaning that you’re giving to things and as mentioned I always like to give things an empowering meaning things are on my side

if I say that this is the enemy externally then I give it more power than it needs to have I’d rather look at and say it’s helping me move towards my vision

now to actually feel this and experience this one has to go through a lot of challenge and adversity in life before they start to really embrace this and become anti fragile

but the good news is we all have the opportunity to become anti fragile so how can we do it so we can take small risks

the goal is to find little things that we could do every day that push us outside of our comfort zone small risks by taking risks and training ourselves to go beyond the fear of the risks

we overcome our fears fears doubts hesitation hold us back from creating success they’re illusions in our mind

we create a reality based on how we think how we believe reality to work and if we see reality from a place of fear stress frustration doubt hesitation we’re going to create it

accordingly now it’s one thing to just tell someone okay hey I want you to stop thinking about fears and doubts

most the time that’s not going to work the way we do it is by pushing ourselves a little further outside of our comfort zone every day and taking bigger risks

and over an extended period of time the falling and getting back up the rejection and all these different things we’re talking about take on an empowering meaning we become excited by it

and in the process we become anti fragile because we find ourselves in situations in life that are similar to those conscious risks that we’re taking

we’re able to overcome them with ease because we have a certain level of skill

now going back to flow remember that challenge meet skill and the higher levels of challenges that are available in society in our world today

there’s a lot of people that can handle it they haven’t cultivated the skill so when you train yourself to become anti fragile and you develop a certain level of antifragility

then you have a opportunity to work with those challenges and be able to overcome them

and the rewards are lot greater so again let’s go back to this diagram here if you have a great ability to handle challenges in the areas that you love in what you’re good at in what the world needs

that you’re going to make more money those that get paid more money are those that can handle and overcome even more complexity

and they got to that point through becoming anti fragile and as a result of consciously or subconsciously putting themselves in situations where they’re taking risks

and little by little they’re growing every single day

so the goal is to grow every single day the idea behind a key guy is not to rush things however you will make more progress if you make a commitment yourself to being productive

by dedicating all your time to that which serves your vision in all areas of your life essentially being an icky guy and then understanding that in the journey we can challenge ourselves by taking more risks

there’s always a little bit more risk that we can take every day that’s going to develop our ability to be anti fragile

now here’s the great thing about this world his risks or a calculated risk we don’t wanna take blind risks we want to take risks to develop our ability to be anti fragile in our area of vocation in our choice the things

that we love to do and so forth in this world there’s going to be tons of opportunity to take risks

think about this right now create a list of different kinds of risks that you can take right now in your line of work in your business in your career that scare you but also excite you at the same time

push you outside your comfort zone that you know is going to make you more anti fragile and contribute to you acquiring a higher level of skill so you can do what you do even better

you’re going to be able to create a list of tons of them it’s very easy to find this just goes to show you that the world is actually on your side when you shift your perspective around

get rid of things that make you fragile

so as much as we want to create comfort and luxury and well-being in our lives we also have to remember that challenge is part of life

and that if you don’t have enough challenge in our life life’s gonna seem meaningless as we discussed earlier

so thus we want to identify with everything we put in our life is this thing making us fragile is this something that okay we’re okay and I’m not saying that you know you need to live in an environment

that’s not safe and stressful and so forth just because you don’t want to be fragile you got to pick and choose and this is where you get better wisdom and wisdom is acquired through experience

being in the game longer and there’s certain things where you’ll train yourself consciously to develop antifragility

and there’s certain things where you’re okay with and you can relax with and you can see it more as conscious rejuvenation

now for me I choose a nice environment which is distraction free where I can work and where I can live and that’s important to me

I choose certain kinds of people in my life to challenge and stimulate me but in a way that grows me in certain areas that I want to grow

and I won’t choose certain environments to live and work with I wouldn’t choose being around certain kinds of people that could technically grow me but it’s not gonna grow me in the areas that I won’t grow it growth in

in relating to my vision and I’m gonna choose certain kinds of activities certain kinds of behaviors that cultivate my skills in business entrepreneurship and certain areas of my life that are important to me

that will develop me to a higher degree of antifragility

and those options to do it in other areas but I choose not to do it

however there are certain kinds of little behaviors that we can do every day for example instead of eating the junk food once a week you can maybe or once a day you can maybe reduce it to once a week

instead of missing your workouts once a week and thinking that it’s okay you can make it a consistent practice to discipline yourself to never miss a workout

waking up at a certain time and being consistent of it might seem uncomfortable for you but if you allow yourself to sleep in and just not have a schedule if you have a business for example

you’re not training yourself to be anti fragile that a little bit of stress that you experience a little bit to get yourself to wake up or a cold shower or something like that there’s the list goes on

what are the things for you or talking to people what my favorite is I always like to take myself out of my comfort zone and communicate with everybody around me

let’s make small talk make conversations and so forth

in the earlier stages to be really challenging for me but I also found it to be really beneficial because it really keeps me in a state of connectedness with people and creativity and I’m able to improve my conversation skills

so as much as sometimes I don’t feel like doing it I do it anyways because it creates that skill and then when I find myself in front of an audience or making these kind of videos

I’m a lot more lucid and a lot more energized I’m a lot more dynamic

what are these areas for you that you could place yourself in right now this week throughout your life that will continuously develop you to become more anti fragile maybe it’s exercise related maybe it’s fit yes Jim

nutrition-related maybe it is relationships related business related personal life related there’s always opportunities to cultivate a higher degree of antifragility

now here are the

ten rules of a Ikigai

number one stay active don’t retire those who give up the things they love doing and do well lose their purpose in life as mentioned earlier challenge meet skill and we got to do what we love to do and we can challenge yourself to do it even better this goes on forever that’s why it’s so important to keep doing things of value making progress bringing beauty or utility to others helping out and shaping the world around you even after your official professional activity has ended

so perhaps if you’re going to retire consider becoming a consultant or taking on some additional challenge because if you just kind of retire and do nothing you’re gonna find yourself deteriorating really fast

so my thing is I always do what I love to do and make sure that everything I do is contributing towards my vision and the goal that I want to create which is the things to bring joy and fulfillment and growth and happiness

in my life plus the lives of others and to contribute to a divine or if you don’t believe in the divine than a evolution purpose if you’ve got all three then in my opinion living a very purposeful life

I do this all the time okay all the way

number two take it slow being in a hurry is inversely proportional to quality of life as the old saying goes walk slowly and you’ll go far

when we leave urgency behind life and time take on a new meaning

now one of my favorite things that I like to do is I to enjoy each activity that I do in my business

each conversation that I have with a person each workout that I do in the gym each meal that I have and everything I do I trained myself to slow down and really enjoy the nuance of every activity

and what this has done has given me an enormous amount of joy and meaning and happiness in my life

and it’s actually made me a lot more productive

because those that are always in a hurry then come off being busy make a lot of mistakes

and they overlook the opportunities that they have in front of them because they’re always living in the future and so forth

and they might like they’re getting a lot of stuff done when they look at their key performance indicators they’re not really making that much of progress so the key is not to do more it’s to do highest and best use most valuable

use of your time energy resources and opportunity cost

number three don’t fill your stomach lessons more when it comes to eating for long life – according to the 80% rule in order to stay healthier longer we should eat little less than a hunger demands instead of stuffing ourselves

so one of the keys to living a high quality of life is to be healthy to be at a certain level of body weight and to be able to be at a certain level of fitness so that when we live from that perspective

because our physical body you have to look after ourselves physically mentally emotionally and spiritually and this is an area that covers the physical because what I went down this journey of entrepreneurship

I made sure that I was consistent on my workouts and I really started being consistent in 2013 but prior to that I was at least running and doing things

because I realized that I can handle a lot more stress than people because I have the cardiovascular and the physical health that allows me to perform better

and those that don’t have it experience stress to get overwhelmed by it and they Lida and Lea lead into being tired and burnt out

and not being able to navigate reality with ease

so it’s important to do this and before

surround yourself with good friends friends are the best medicine therefore confiding worries over a good chat sharing stories and brighten your day getting advice having fun dreaming in other words living

it’s important that you evaluate your relationships the people around you your life partner your business partners and so forth and ask yourself are they growing you and cultivating you

are they challenging you in a really healthy way to become better

or are they bringing you down and you know a lot of times they don’t know what they’re doing but the power is in your hands you have to make the choice you’ve got to be conscious

because by doing so you’ll be able to perform better when you’re doing your life’s work how you do one thing is how you everything the energy in which you feel outside of what you do contributes to how you feel at work

how you feel in your business

number five get in shape for your next birthday removes it is at its best when it flows fresh and doesn’t stagnate

the body you move through in life needs a bit of daily maintenance to keep it running for a long time plus exercise releases hormones that makes us feel happy

as mentioned earlier nutrition is important well so is exercise I make sure that I miss I do not miss my workouts because if I do then I’ll start just feel myself feeling sluggish

so for the last since 2013 I have not missed any workouts

and I continuously work to improve and make progress in my workouts cardiovascular strengths and so forth

number six smile a cheerful attitude is not only relaxing it also helps makes friends it’s good to recognize that things that aren’t so great but we should never forget what a privileged

is to be in the here and now in a world so full of possibilities so the way we go about everything we do every day is from a place of light heartedness smiling

so everything we’re talking about here is not stressful and hard work we’re being productive but we’re doing it from a different perspective we’re doing it to find deep meaning and joy and satisfaction in every activity

it’s from this place where you love to do what you do from morning till night and you actually find yourself doing a lot more things getting a lot more done being way more productive growing and developing yourself

contributing more loving what you do when you see the cheerfulness and the joy and you practice as mentioned earlier finding your joy micro flow in all tasks and that starts with a smile

number 7 reconnect with nature though most people live in cities these days human beings are made to be part of natural world we should return to it often to recharge our batteries

so one of the things that I love to do is every now and then because I live in cities is connect with nature go to areas where I can be around trees and the ocean and so forth and it’s extremely rejuvenating

even on the weekends I find myself going and walking in areas where I’m surrounded by nature

and what it does is really stimulates and engages my mind and gives a lot more meaning and purpose because when you live in an environment where you don’t really see nature

you can miss that connection to how we lived for many many thousands of years that actually nourished us that leveled us up that gave us something that can only really be experienced through nature

and some like to take it to the extremes right they like to go in those wilderness excursions and so forth where they can just kind of be in nature for an extended period of time

and they come back feeling really refreshed really grounded and understanding who they are and their meaning in purpose in life

give thanks number eight to your ancestors to nature which provides you with the air you breed and the food you eat to your friends and family to everything that brightens your day and makes you feel lucky to be alive

spend a moment every day giving thanks and you’ll watch your stockpile of happiness grow

gratitude is very important as I always say we become what we think about

and when we’re on the journey of a key guy we are living a meaningful and a purposeful life and part of it is having gratitude for the opportunities that we have and everyone that is around us that is supporting us

even if we don’t necessarily see them directly as support we have to remember that everything is helping us achieve our goals

I believe that anything that happens to us is actually revealing to us about ourselves they are our friends

and so thus we have to find the joy find the happiness and give thanks navigate reality from a place of understanding acceptance and appreciation that everyday you are making progress

and the journey is equally as important as the end result

number nine live in the moment stop regretting the past and fearing the future today is all you have make the most of it make it worth remembering

now one of the reasons why we cultivate the skill power of now as Eckhart Tolle mentions it is because there’s so much opportunity in front of our face right now

and it’s our ability to see it that we want to cultivate and we do it by valuing the now by being present to the now

and really what we focus on expands and environment changes based on how we feel inside how you feel creates your reality

thus living in the moment and having a high level of gratitude and appreciation for the now and being present improves our feelings

increases our ability to create the reality from that feeling now think about this you’ll see this with individuals who are very present

they tend to be more joyous and happy and they enjoy and they see more opportunities

and they’re in a key guy they’re experiencing it those that are constantly trying to find something better and they don’t really value what they have right now

are constantly recreating that scenario and they never really find it

and then number 10 follow your icky guy there is a passion inside you a unique talent that gives meaning to your days and drives you to share the best of yourself until the very end

if you don’t know what your icky guy is yet as Viktor Frankl says your mission is to discover it

thank you very much for watching this video if you want to copy the mind map the link is in the description I’ll talk to you soon take care

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Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion Summary

Influence, the classic book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say “yes”—and how to apply these understandings. Dr. Robert Cialdini is the seminal expert in the rapidly expanding field of influence and persuasion. His thirty-five years of rigorous, evidence-based research along with a three-year program of study on what moves people to change behavior has resulted in this highly acclaimed book.

You’ll learn the six universal principles, how to use them to become a skilled persuader—and how to defend yourself against them. Perfect for people in all walks of life, the principles of Influence will move you toward profound personal change and act as a driving force for your success.

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In this video I want to go deeper in to influence the psychology of persuasion and the reason why I want you to do this pay attention this video and take notes and you know really go deep into this video and the book in general is because this is a very powerful book that can allow you to get whatever results that you want in your life faster

whether it’s business personal life doesn’t matter

there are a lot of practical applications for these principles covered in the book and although I made seven videos talking about the notes my study notes essentially my takeaways from the book

this video is going to be very different in this video

I’m going to cover the six elements of persuasion that calvini defines

and I’m going to give you very practical real-life examples scenarios and situations so that you can shift your perspective and way of looking at the book

but not only that persuasion as a whole because if you can do that then you’re going to be a lot more effective

now why would you want to improve your persuasion

well what I found is that a lot of people have a hard time communicating what they really want the other person to do

and while there are many variables that influence great communication skills the ability to understand and implement the components within this book the persuasion stack as I like to call it

is one of the key determining factors of whether the other person that’s being communicated to will actually take the necessary actions

whether it is buying from you or hanging out with you because you know this stuff is applicable in business in social in careers relationships friendships family etc

getting the other person to do something that is mutually beneficial requires a great unconscious competence and I said it unconscious competence in implementing the persuasion elements

but in order to get there you have to develop conscious competence in other words you have to I’m really aware of everything that’s covered in this book

and where it’s being used and

I’m going to give you the formula to do that as we go through the items and the examples and so forth

so I really recommend that you go back and watch my seven videos if you haven’t already done so links in the description

those are more of my notes and takeaways and I give some examples in there

and then you also go and read the book in its entirety and take your own notes and then you watch this video a few times because I’m going to be going through things very fast

I’m going to be covering a lot of different examples and sometimes it might be hard to grasp accessory especially when I got again into discussions of stacking each of the elements of the persuasion stack

combining them together

because that’s where the power is the power is your ability to combine each of these components because these components these elements here of persuasion speak and connect to the unconscious mind of the person that you’re communicating with

and that what that means is that they’re not able to bypass this persuasion if done effectively is so powerful that the other person is not able to resist

is not able to even be aware that they’re being persuaded

because what you’re doing is you’re communicating to the subconscious mind to the unconscious triggers

now because this is so powerful you want to make sure you use this in the most ethical way possible because there are people out there that use this unethically

and the downside to that when you use it on ethical  is you’ll end up burning yourself in the end because it’ll come back to you

so please make sure that you know when you study this stuff and you go out and implement it you do it in the most ethical manner win-win always with whoever you’re dealing with

the art of persuasion one of the key components is ethics and you should be persuading somebody only if it is in mutual benefit to that outcome that you’re trying to persuade them to take action on

because if it’s not and you get them to do something like I said there are repercussions for that in varying degrees and you know what I’m talking about

all right so let’s talk about the sick components I’ll give you examples multiple different examples and we’re getting into discussion here

and I really want to pay attention is because it doesn’t matter what you want in life business success in relationships dating whatever the persuasion elements the components are very valuable and you want to dedicate the rest of your life really to study this stuff

okay so reciprocity number one we are wired to return the favors or treat others the way they treat us this again is a unconscious trigger when people when people treat us well we want to return the favor

when they don’t treat us well again we want to treat them badly

right we want to reciprocate

and we do this because we have a lot of information that comes at us from a lot of different people and we need to sift and sort and determine who is the most valuable person that we should be paying attention to what is the most valuable advice we should be acting upon

and the unconscious trigger of reciprocity goes to work because it filters out the useful versus the useless the signal versus the noise

and when something is a value to you you’re more likely to believe that the person that is giving value to you is deserving of reciprocation

in other words you want to build a further relationship with them

so one of the ways that you’ll build a further relationship with them is by returning the value in whatever shape or form but are this money hanging out with them doing something for them returning a favor

you will be more likely willing to do it now think about it from your own personal perspectives and example

think of a person in your life that does a lot of very nice things for you and they give you a lot of value

and if they ask you to do something feel notice how you know you feel yourself wanting to give back to that person more so than other people because of all the value that they give to you

now I’ll go deeper into value because I think that that’s a important component in reciprocity

you’ve got to be able to provide value to another person in a way that they perceive it as valuable

now what I mean by that is that you can’t force value onto someone

you can’t say what I have to offer you is valuable

they actually have to believe that it is valuable

in other words they have to perceive that what you are saying they should do

or what it is that you’re giving them is valuable

and this is where you don’t want to trick people or manipulate

persuasion is not about manipulation okay persuasion is an art manipulation is it’s just brute and you don’t want to do that and while it does deploy certain kinds of persuasion elements we don’t do that you want to be more artful respectful so you want to provide somebody value based on what they see is valuable

okay you have to really understand and this is why you’ve got to go back and watch my video put in the link in the description

below seek first to understand then to be understood principle from stephen r.covey book

and really take the time to understand a person that you’re communicating with to determine what they see is value and you ask a lot of questions not intrusive questions

although I believe that most people are you know way on the safe side of asking the intrusive questions rather than really going deep and asking the specific questions

and this is all about calibration right what you need to do is you need to determine what they see as value and then figure out how you could provide that value to them in whatever shape or form that they consume that value in

because they might consume value in many different ways

they might want the value from you but they might consume it differently right everybody consumes value differently because we’re different kind of learners for example some are auditory visual kinesthetic some people see the what everyone sees the world differently

so you have to understand not only what they see as value but their map of reality how they see reality how they navigate how they believe the world to work they believe the world is friendly plays evil plays what what are they what are they hold with high regards

you really gotta understand these things because that’s how you provide value based on that and then from that if you continuously give them value then you best believe that the unconscious trigger is going to kick in and they’re going to want to reciprocate

next let’s move on to commitment and consistency and I promise we’ll come back to this we’re going to free flow is a very free-flowing video I know script I’m just talking because I want to share with you my practical analysis and examples and experience over the last few years of going deep

with this book and this is a lifelong study here okay so I’m probably gonna make a video 5 or 10 years from now and it’s going to have even more perspectives more insights on this so let’s continue

commitment and consistency small requests pave the way for compliance with larger subsequent requests ok

if you ask somebody to do something very small very small gesture asking to something small and they agree to it you’re essentially training them to comply

and then when you move to a higher request when you ask them to do something that is a little bit more risk they’re already trained and they’re more likely comply again but that is because of the commitment and consistency principle now you are responsible for moving them forward progressively and that’s why in business we have something called a sales funnel where we sell a product that is you know low price point in the beginning

and then we systematically move them down a process of purchasing higher and larger more expensive you know higher ticket price items

and again not to be manipulative but because of the value that’s provided in each of those steps they’re more likely to comply so that being said

we have to successfully stack commitment and consistency with reciprocity so here’s how you do it

you add value and you ask for a commitment very tiny commitment

now think of social situations when you meet somebody meet a stranger if you don’t have any value they’re probably not gonna want to hang out with you right away you can’t just say hey let’s go for a coffee right away you’re going to have to add value

and that value has to be value based on what they perceived is valuable and remember most people can’t articulate what value is so you’ve got to figure it out

and you’ve got to understand what they see as valuable

and we provide that value they’ll comply and then you add more value and that you can raise the the request you’ll get a higher level of commitment and so forth

same thing in business many different applications including friendships family career there are a lot of creative ways but the key is value

okay value creates reciprocity and the reciprocity essentially allows you to make deposits in their emotional bank account

and then you can get them to commit and then you add more value and then they will commit further

and again ethics very important some people are a lot easier to manipulate than others and the persuasion elements can be used in manipulation so

but however you know by doing it and if it’s not in their best interest you’re only going to get burned in the end

so I recommend mutual benefit when applying is very powerful stuff ok

next social proof we feel more comfortable to do something when we see others doing it this is also known as herd mentality groupthink

and Society right people act like each other because constantly we’re looking around to see how everybody is acting so that we can determine how we should live based on that now

there are positive and negative aspects to that’s positive being that you know if you’re too outrageous and you go too far against the rules of society you might end up in jail you might have end up an outcast you might not be able to make a living for yourself

but if you’re a joke polish from I love marketing says systematically outrageous then you can be a person that is kind of an outcast or a person that doesn’t agree with society do your own thing and still be very functional

because not everything that group thing or social proof our society is telling you is actually the optimal thing based on your own specific objectives

so you need to have a very specific goal as to what you want in life and I make a lot of videos talking about this

what you want out the interaction whatever it is you need to know it clearly what it is because sometimes you might be under the influence of social proof

you might find yourself in an environment that’s going to get you to do things or unconsciously you know persuade you because this is happening at an unconscious level to do something that would be suboptimal

it’s going to move you away from your goals and what you need to do is discipline yourself to catch yourself and you get better at this observe the surroundings look at the individuals net outcome and ask yourself if I do what they’re doing am I going to also get their net outcome

and most likely you will and that’s why I recommend that you surround yourself with people that you inspire to be like because

this is an unconscious trigger just like everything else and you’re more likely to unconsciously buy in to the opinions and actions and philosophies and ideas of the people that you associate with

based on social proof now if you stack all three together and you are communicating somebody so you go into an environment and you’re persuading somebody and there’s commitment and consistently a lot of value and they see others buying into it other people doing it

that amplifies their compliance okay so you will see a lot of business people doing this a lot of internet business people they put testimonials on there they’ll talk about how they were featured here and and all these people like them

and you don’t even know if it’s true or not but unconsciously you see that as social proof and you’re more likely to comply

next is liking to engage in a dialogue or transaction with those that we like or resemble what we like or carry likeable qualities

we tend to enjoy spending time with do business with interact with want to meet individuals and groups of individuals that resemble us and carry Quualitys wallah teas that we like if you dress a certain way you’ll probably like people that dress a certain way you no eople who dress really trendy hanging around other people that dress really trendy those that have you know a lot of tattoos and piercings they people have tattoos and piercings if another person approaches them who has tattoos and piercings they’re unconscious mind gives them a bias that that person is a good person and they will convince themselves that that person is actually a good person they’ll realize they’re doing this I mean you’re realizing this now because you understand and you’re getting a better understanding of persuasion how it works and again this is not a bad thing this is just how it works

I’m not talking about good and Battle beer I’m talking about pragmatics I’m talking about what works and really you got to understand that sometimes when you see somebody that carries certain qualities like for example there are certain physical features in a human being and in the opposite sex or those that were attracted to that gets us to bypass a rationale

and we might actually put that person on a pedestal if I actually start to like them more and give them a unfair bias or we might have an unfair bias that puts them puts them on a pedestal and then we start to act differently and essentially they have power over us because they persuade us because they’re unconsciously not even aware of it most amount on using the liking principle

now if you want to use it to your favor then you understand who your audience is who you’re communicating with who the people that you want to persuade and how can you become more likable to them

what are the commonalities characteristics personifications physical mental emotional qualities that that person or that group of people admire what do they like and if you can meet that like a checklist

you’re you’re going to improve your persuasion stack now again if you stack that with social proof as an a like everyone else is doing this thing commitment and consistency by adding value through reciprocity in getting people to commit and consistently move down the process

then your persuasion is going to be a lot more powerful now again that’s why I recommend you watch this video a number of times okay so

download it listen to the non mp3 convert to mp3 and let’s do it over it again because it might be if you’re new to this or if you’re intermediate to expert hard to grasp how to stack these things together but the more you can stack the components of persuasion stack together

in different combinations different forms different environments different markets different people powerful it is

and I know this from practical experience okay

so next is Authority we are more likely to respect and act upon the request of someone who is seen as an authoritative figure if somebody has the word doctor or wears a uniform police officer Army uniform Navy whatever

we’re more likely to see that person as authoritative now this is unconscious

and it’s important to understand that that’s the most direct obvious form of authority I want you to be more apparent and more aware and interested in discovering the very subtle nuance based projections of authority that you’ll find around in society

people that walk a certain way they carry themselves a certain way for example say say you lift weights right and you start building a more muscular physique

your chest will start to pop out your shoulders will start to pop up and you’ll start to look more authoritative

to the rest of the world you will come off as being more authoritative now this is unconscious and remember a lot of people can’t communicate to you what persuades them or not so a lot of people might say mad that’s not necessarily true

but it’s it’s important that you understand what people respond to rather than what they say okay so for the most part there’s a lot of things that you can do to improve your authority

you can carry yourself certain weight you can wear a certain level or so wear certain clothes in certain environments this is all about calibration

like I said we’re unconsciously wired to fear and even respect somebody who has a certain development in their body both male/female etc you know what I’m talking about and we also want to make sure that we’re doing things

like speaking a certain way articulating ourselves a certain way and associating with certain people now there’s an interesting example that Jay Abraham always brings up about and this is used with many different we don’t even know where the origins of the story comes from

but essentially somebody approached maybe one of the Rothschilds and said can you teach me how to make money or can you help me make money and they said

you know what I’m gonna do something better what to do is I’m gonna put my arm around your shoulder and we’re going to walk down this this hallway and there’s a lot of people in the hallway we’re going to walk down once and then I’m gonna walk back with you

and the lesson behind that story is that because you are associated with that person of high status high authority and again not determined by the word doctor or you know wearing uniform as many the forms of authority

more and more people are going to come up to you and want to deal with you

so if you can find all the characteristics and qualities of an authoritative figure in your industry or those that you are trying to persuade and mirror that

or connect with people who have that authority then your persuasion stack becomes even more powerful

when you combine that with liking and social proof everybody else is doing it

adding a lot of value and asking for stuff in return and commitment consistency now you’re moving to higher levels and more complex examples and processes and strategies of the six principles

and and the last component of the persuasion stack is the scarcity principle

scarcity principle so what is available in limited quantity or in limited time has a higher perceived value

okay it’s very important I make that distinction perceived value might not actually be worth more but it’s perceived that way because again it’s an unconscious trigger

and we have this unconscious trigger like the others as a survival mechanism because we don’t want to lose out on resources that are scared

because we might need them for survival this is back to our hunter-gatherer days now this principle has been used successfully in marketing in persuasion for many decades

even in environments where scarcity doesn’t exist

and one of the reasons why is if you look around in society most people see things from a scarcity perspective

they believe that business opportunities are scarce

relationships our scarce

people that they want to meet our scarce they just have a scarcity way of looking at the world

and you know while it might be valid in certain areas for the most part we overestimate the scarcity in other words we don’t actually understand that they might be abundant resources available in different locations different environments even by shifting our perspective

and our paradigm around we can start to look at resources that are actually abundant

and make better use of them rather than the resources that are scarce

there’s a lot you know involved with this I’m not going to get into discussion about that what I want to talk about is persuasion

here so when you are connecting with somebody and you employ scarcity and you’ve got to do it from an authentic way you can’t trick it because if they find out again like all the other components of the persuasion stack that you are using it from a manipulative not a persuasive

but manipulate a standpoint as and it’s not authentic

then what’s going to happen is it’s not going to work

and they’re never going to trust you again and you blew all your you’ll blow out your chances you might as well start over again with somebody else

however if you actually have a lot of things going on in your life

if you actually have that a lot of value to provide the world

then you’re going to get a lot of people that want to associate with you that want to do business with you and again value based on the perspective of the individuals okay what they see is value

if you have that then you’re going to have no problem projecting that your time energy and resources are scarce

and you’re going to command a higher price point more people are going to want to get in contact with you

this is very apparent in the business world

because you know I’m involved with a lot of business consultants some of the top business consultants and their time is very scarce because of the perceived value

and because of the essentially top of the pyramid top of the food chain

other individuals have a greater desire to want to connect with them

even if even if the information that they have might not be particularly applicable for their specific issue

they still believe that this person can solve it because scarcity gets us to and it’s very important that you understand this scarcity and like the other principles but I’m very fascinated by scarcity gets us to bypass rational thinking

okay gets us to bypass rational thinking

well we don’t look at the data we don’t do an analysis and we make decisions on the whim based on unconscious triggers

and we even backwards rationalize remember this backwards rationalize that we should have made that decision

failing to understand that comes from an unconscious trigger and that we were either consciously unconsciously persuaded

so that’s the summary that I wanted to share with you today

it’s been a long video I think it’s very valuable and it’s my you know got a few years working with this book perspective analysis more importantly

I want you to sit down and think about all the areas of your life that you want success in business relationships friendships dating whatever

and figure out where you can apply these components of the persuasion stack and then to go to the next level how could you stack them together how could you connect them in different ways how could you be a little bit more methodical and rational and strategic in your thinking again

from an ethical standpoint remember has to be of mutual benefit because it is a mutual benefit I’m gonna be honest with you it’s actually a lot more powerful the stack is more pop more powerful when it’s mutually beneficial

because a lot of people can can see in authenticity okay nowadays more than ever there’s more than enough information I put out a lot of information to help you spot those that are either using these things against you

whether they’re aware of it or not so you’re getting smarter the world is getting smarter and people are able to sift and sort and understand who’s being authentic

who’s using these tools and resources for authentic mutual benefit and who’s using it for selfish reasons that aren’t beneficial for the other individual or the group involved

okay so very powerful information but remember use it in the most ethical practical way and I have to say this over and over again because this is powerful stuff okay I only share with

you in my channel what I believe is the most powerful information that I come across and I implement and influence the psychology of persuasion is one of those books that you absolutely to read if we want success in any of your life

hope you enjoyed this video got lots of good practical information and value and actionable items out of it thank you for watch for watching this video I will talk to you soon take care

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I’ll Continue To Stand Up-Israel Folau

Israel Folau

It took four years for an outbreak of common sense in 🇬🇧. Let’s hope it’s not that long for Folau. Time for the corporate virtue signallers who have been duped by 🏳️‍🌈 activists to take a chill pill 💊 & allow diversity of speech & religious views to exist. A must read from John Steenhof.

This is a Recent interview with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin on Sky news.

Israel Folau will join us in just a moment people have written to me in droves and in response to the many thousands of comments that have been made each Friday when I’ve written in the Australian newspaper about what is now known as the Israel Folau affair .I further column on this matter it will appear in tomorrow’s Australian newspaper .

But over and above your comments many people are saying to me I support his  Israel Folau even though I don’t agree with him at the center of all of this are two very simple principles freedom of speech and freedom of religion .

I know this young man he’s a gentle Polynesian Christian soul if you want to help him by the way just go to his website is you follow the links and you can support him in his critical battle but it’s a battle for all of us it’s not for money this is for principled and as so many across Australia now understand you or I could be next as Senator Cory Bernardi said this week of Israel Folau from his perspective he’s trying to actually help people by reminding them that much of what is considered acceptable today is still considered sinful under Christian teachings.

Tens of thousands of preachers pastors and priests say the same thing to their congregations every single day. I might add at the time of the same-sex marriage debate the much-maligned Israel for our said simply , “I love and respect all people for who they are and their opinions but personally I would not support gay marriage .”

As I’ve written many times I did support the yes vote. I believe that love is very elusive and if people can find genuine love they shouldn’t have to apologize for it. or explain themselves in relation to it .

but as general Brixton wrote this week the sporting sensors are stifling basic freedoms beautiful are expressing his religious beliefs about homosexuals adulterers and thieves or the right of a bloke watching an AFL match to direct a few choice words at an umpire.

As the former senator from New South Wales weka Williams said three times I’ve been sworn into the Senate on my great-great-grandfather’s Bible if you go to court you swear on the Bible to tell the truth but don’t quote from the Bible or you’ll be sacked .

That’s quite a CEO Alan Joyce is described as outrageous claims that Qantas was responsible for the second of Israel that wink wink nod nod he did support the governing bodies cause of action .Alan Joyce said that the company didn’t spend millions in sponsorships to be placed in controversial situations well only controversial to mr. joyce.

Joyce I think he should understand it’s a stretch for him to believe that he speaks for all Qantas employees and supporters any more than Riley in castle and Cameron Klein and the board speak for all rugby supporters .

Of course mr. Joyce is entitled to speak I’m not sure he’s entitle honest employee thousands of them don’t agree with him. but they’re frightened to speak out I know they’ve written to me.

No freedom of speech there mr Joyce argued this week that Israel had been warned in the past through social media posts .

What does that mean that people are not free to proclaim their religion outside the workplace we’re in a very serious and dark place if that is the case .

You see before any rugby appointed tribunal could meet on this issue the Australian coach said Israel could not continue playing for the Wallabies.

Just what Rugby CEO Castle wanted to hear ,what did she do well she ran Quantas he gave evidence to the tribunal to that effect quote that evening I telephoned miss Vanessa Hudson chief customer officer at Qantas knowing that the post that is Israel quoting the Bible on social media the most widely read book in the world .

Rylan Castle said she rang this Vanessa Hudson chief customer officer at Qantas knowing that the post would be very concerning for Qantas the post could not have covered a more sensitive time she said for rugby Australia’s commercial team ,remember the so called post on social media is not even a day old when she’s saying this I told miss Hudson that Rugby Australia was taking Mr Folau

 post very seriously. I sent her a draft of the statement that Rugby Australia planned to release the next day .Miss Hudson impressed on me that Qantas wish to see the matter resolved swiftly.

So there we are Rugby Australia doing the bidding of Qantas don’t worry about the player the long-term interest of the game certainly don’t worry about the players rights .


Just assure your sponsor the jogo to sack you best player for expressing his religious views outside the workplace don’t worry about reading before you do anything about the Fair Work Act or the Australian Human Rights Commission act .

Don’t worry about that and of the Fair Work Act it’s expressly unlawful to discriminate against an employee on the basis of their religion. none of us worried Raylene Castle her mind was firmly fixed on the sponsors, an intelligent leader would have accepted the challenge of explaining rationally to a sponsor how the matter should be handled to accommodate sponsor player and employer.

but raylene Castle the CEO of rugby in a subsequent appearance before the tribunal made it clear who was calling the shots and I quote her .I updated her this is Vanessa Hansen from Qantas this is less than 24 hours after the post I told her that confidentially Rugby Australia would be working towards a process to terminate Mr Floau

Fallows contract and that Miss Hudson can share that position with Qantas chief executive mr. Alan Joyce miss Hudson said raylene Castle text me later that day saying she’d only shared the update with mr. Joyce and he was appreciative of the transparency and he said a speedy resolution by Rugby Australia was paramount .

that’s described by me as Qantas calling the shots .

we are in dangerous territory and thousands and thousands of Australians understand that they also understand that they could be next in their workplace. expressing a view that the boss might not agree with .that’s why people are giving money to fight the case .

Israel Folau calm today you it affects all of us when Professor Peter Reid from James Cook University expressed his views on research into the Great Barrier Reef he was sacked .

Israel Folau quotes the Bible he sacked .

a Catholic archbishop in Tasmania quotes biblical teachings against gay marriage he’s threatened with being banned .

someone wins de bout money being raised for his Ralph flowers defense through GoFundMe and they banned Israel from using the site.

this further angered Australians and so far through the Australian Christian Lobby he’s raised two million dollars and the love the the Australian Christian group have put an end to it .

I mean this will be a costly battle for all Australians Rugby Australia is using money it doesn’t have which would be better spent on grassroots to hire the most expensive lawyers in the country to humiliate alienate and destroy their best player.

last November the Federal Minister for Education announced an independent view into freedom of speech within universities. it was undertaken by the Honorable Robert French AC a former distinguished Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia ,amongst the conclusions delivered by mr.

Justice French was the assertion that freedom of lawful speech is a paramount value and that students and staff don’t need to be protected from being offended or insulted. The rugby family understands this you understand this for whatever reason the rugby administration don’t as have said rugby are employing an army of legal advisors to bury this man. We should be pitching in and helping him as Australians are Israel Folau comm dot .

Israel has joined Peta Credlin and me (Alan Jones0here tonight thank you for your time .

how you feeling

yeah it’s been a very very tough time for myself Maria and our families .The last couple of weeks but you know we’re holding out really strong and there’s the support from the general public and those that are close losses has been amazing

how important to you is your faith and your faith as you understand it from the Bible

oh look it’s the most important thing to me you know my identity is found in what’s written in that in that book and it’s Who I am and how I conduct myself each and every day

I should point out that so many people have said and they write and they say look you you must hurt the feelings of people by mentioning them mentioning various categories of people like homosexuals and that you would have added to their eggs I’m just reading from one letter their existing feelings of unworthiness how do you feel about that

yeah look you know I look I said you know the Bible and what I believe comes out of out of that is is very important to me and as a Christian I feel like it’s it’s my duty to to be able to share that and and and that’s part of who I am and what my purposes which is you know it comes from I guess a passage from the Bible stated in mark 16 verses 15 and 16 and come certainly comes from a place of love in and it’s nothing personal you know and just wanted to say that message of love that God is really trying to extend that to all people

and if someone said to you Israel what you’ve said has hurt me what would you say to them

oh look I can certainly you know see it from both sides you know and like I said you know look if I if I had a child that was a drug addict you know I would certainly still love my child you know with that with without any anything attached to that you know it’s it’s something that you know I’m trying to share in love and at hat’s the way I look at it with in terms of sharing the Baldwin and the passages with you know my fellow men each day

did you ever agree with Rugby Australia to not send the tweet in question

no no I didn’t um

did they ask you to remove it

yes did they offer you money if you removed it

yes and you said

I said no you know I couldn’t do that as a as a person that’s convicted bond or faith I can live I can live with that

I would play a so sorry Ruth Peterson please asking you to remove it and pain you to remove it is that because they wanted the problem to go away and they wanted to then say what there was an admission that you did the wrong thing was that how they’d sell it

yes I that’s how they looked at it and you know I felt like I was backed into a corner into a boundary where you know I was put into one side that I you know had to compromise in order to you know to agree to what they were asking but you know in the end I lager said I couldn’t do it because you know my faith to me is what’s most important

why would players say they feel they can’t trust you anymore

oh I like Alan that’s that’s something that I’m you know I’m really trying to understand I’m in you know to be honest I don’t know the answer to that

what what do you think is your relationship with your teammates

oh god I’d like to think it’s it’s very good you know I’ll play with a lot of these guys for a number of years now and you know I’ve had some really really good times with them both on and off the field you know and I’ve really enjoyed my time playing with them but you know again it’s you know everyone’s entitled to the if their opinions and how they feel about it

your Pacific island team mates support you don’t they

yeah they do you know a lot of them you know share the same beliefs and in the faith and you know I just say they can totally understand where I’m coming from and why I’m sharing what I’m sharing so you know they’ve been really good

you’ve been vilified and humiliated and punished for speaking out do you think some of your other Polynesian team mates are frightened to speak out and frightened to say I support Israel

look uh you know they they may be thinking that you know I can’t you know speak on their behalf but you know again to me like I say you know they’ve been very supportive over the last couple of months and you know you know to me like I said my faith is is the most important thing to me

Peter you and I were talking before we came in here about Israel’s wife

you know I said this week Israel um you know we are long past the days where women are a chattel of their husband right but but I was really perturbed to see how hard some in the media and indeed some sponsors of a try to attack Maria these are your views not necessarily her fears she has posted support for you as her husband should she be sacked do you think because of this I mean this is where it’s headed how they’d been fit for her in particular

look it’s been extremely hard for it you know you know she’s being dragged into this situation unexpectedly and it’s been very frustrating for it you know so but you know I’m very lucky that she’s a strong woman she’s you know same as me convicted by her faith and you know she’s just continuing to to march on in and stay strong

how do you what I often ask you this question is rather than I talk regularly how do you feel how do you have you maintained your strength calm in all of this you haven’t dignified a lot of this stuff by responding to it ,what what is the most important thing to keep you able to enjoy what’s being thrown at you

it just goes back to my faith like I said it’s the most important thing to me together with you know then the amount of support that I’ve been receiving from the general public but to me it you know all the backlash that I’ve received it’s been no surprise you know it says that it states that in in the Bible you know as a Christian and in following after God’s Word that you will encounter those things so it’s it’s it’s keeping me strong

people like Bernard Fowler you’ve paid a lot with burnout Farley says you’ve hurt the game Nick Phipps was made captain of New South Wales before their final match he was blaming you for their season coming to nothing Michael who participated captain seems to be saying he wouldn’t play with you is that that surely must upset you does that cut at you or do you just let that wash over you

oh look I simply lit that was over you know I’ve got no hard feelings towards those guys like I said earlier you know I’ve had some really good good you know moments with those guys both on and off the field and again like I say that you know they’re entitled to opinions and just as much as I am


drew mitchell sure if we played with you dream it you said Ciotti you you’re in a fight that you chose to be in after you broke the terms of your contract I’m not sure that drew mature would have seen your contract but he posted a picture of an ill child on social media and he said the kids below are in a fight they never wanted to be in and yet you think you deserve donations more than they do it’s no longer about religion Israel it’s about you and you greed now it’s a pretty bitter messages he ever spoken to you or run you’ll pick up the phone and talk to you


have you ever said you deserve money more than sick kids do


you’ve maintained your silence but have you ever said that we shouldn’t contribute to ill and injured children


how do you feel about that

yeah look you know it’s it’s hard to understand you know but I guess it’s it’s something that doesn’t surprise me but you know I’ve got no no animosity towards guys like Drew is a former teammate

you’re hitting the Fair Work Commission tomorrow


he last time you went to that tribunal I remember you telling me that you’re just overwhelmed by all this legal talk it’s pretty intimidating stuff isn’t it i

t is in our years as you know I’m no expert in the in law but you know I’ve got a great legal team behind me and they’re doing a great job

you understand I mean Peter and I’ve talked about this this is a big issue beyond this real flowers that this is a freedom of speech issue a freedom of religious worship that’s why the nation is watching this isn’t it

I also have to make a point about your employment contract Israel and I listen carefully to what you said to Alan there as well a lot of Australians don’t like the idea that employers could put in a contract that you sign for work that they then own your political views or your religious views outside your work I mean even if some might say there were causes in your contract about being bringing the game into disrepute there are plenty of footballers to do the wrong thing you quoted the same book that we all hold up in our hand if we swear in court swear to tell the truth so this is a matter of an employment contract this is also a lot of people around Australia who who vehemently disagree with what you posted but are absolutely behind you 200 percent and put their money there as well

but is that in your contract is there anything like that in your contract

no no

I mean I just noted today there are people there are people playing the game whose builted women have taken drugs they’ve trafficked in drugs they’ve danced naked on balconies they’ve built a people up they’ve driven wild drunk they continuing to play the game you’re quoting from the world’s most read book and you’re banned for life

Alan if they’re hard to understand you know it’s uh you know I’m trying to tell you worse things it certainly hurts here for sure so

what’s the most important thing for you now going forward l

ook you know it starts tomorrow with it with a commission hitting there you know I’m hopeful for an apology from them an admission that they were wrong you know that there will be something that I would like to get a

nd then to keep you going your wife your family in your faith

absolutely you know what driven by my faith I’ve been being number one in my wife by my side and in family and friends but they rugby again look

you know it’s you know I’m extremely prepared to have represented my country it’s it’s truly honor but again you know tomorrow’s that the first step in in in terms of legal stuff you know I’m looking for that apology and any get that yeah that’ll be awesome

good on you lovely to talk to you and good luck

it’s nice that people can see what kind of person were talking about all the things that have been said about this young man I think don’t add up when you actually listen to him speak and watch the way he expresses his faith

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How you can support Israel Folau

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Review By Joseph Rodrigues 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness by Jim Rohn

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The Kybalion by The Three Initiates (The Seven Hermetic Principles)

My Finance Spreadsheet (From my new entrepreneurship training program)
Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success by James Allen
Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You've Got by Jay Abraham
Money Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards by Mr X
The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

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How to Find Peace of Mind-At The Gate Of My Mind Charity

I hope you enjoy my video and music see below for my new releases and join my fan club on the right of this article

We all want peace of mind, but often fail to achieve it: we worry about our workload; if money will last until payday; what our friends, colleagues and even strangers think of us. Our minds endlessly circle around everything that could possibly go wrong. Even when we achieve something or solve a problem, we just start to worry about the next thing. Problems are real: we can lose our job, illness can strike, relationships fall apart. It feels like our worries will never change and we’re all alone. We tend to blindly follow this way of thinking, even if it’s unhelpful and makes us miserable. But ultimately, tranquility and anxiety both come from our own minds.

To overcome anxiety, we need to build up good habits based on a realistic and much more farsighted outlook. Simply put: if we want peace of mind, we need to think differently. “Guard your mind,” the Buddha advised. We shouldn’t believe everything we think, but take responsibility for ourselves and actively deal with our problems. Just as we’ve all got the ability to learn new skills or languages we can also train our minds to cultivate happiness and peace through meditation If we spend a moment every morning to set ourselves up for the day ahead, guarding our minds becomes second nature: something that naturally arises whenever we’re frustrated or low. To start your meditation, take three deep breaths. Imagine your anxieties as a black balloon: all the fears, hopes, disappointments and jealousy. We can burst this balloon by thinking more realistically and using compassion as a tool.

Consider the following facts for a few minutes: 1. Interdependence. It’s not all about “me”: everything arises from countless causes and conditions. We can’t blame just one person or situation for our unhappiness – not even ourselves.

2. Impermanence. Sooner or later, everything has to change. Life goes up and down and we will never be able to control everything.

3. Compassion. We are not alone: every other human on earth has problems, too. Realising these truths destroys this balloon of anxiety: Imagine a bright light taking its place and rest a little in this peaceful feeling.

This short meditation helps turn our mind from self-centred thinking towards a more compassionate view: Caring for other people, however, is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety.

We all feel the natural urge to change the people and the world around us, but the key lies within our own hands – it’s when we change ourselves that we find true peace of mind.


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A System To Get more leads for your business

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Move Heaven and Earth(Do Your Best) WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? – Best Motivational Video for Students & Success in Life

For me, it – it has been the – to be that guy that does what people say can’t be done. You know and I think it started with trying to please my mother and trying to please my grandmother and they always wanted higher for me. They always wanted more for me and it got to the point that I wanted to be something. I wanted to be somebody and it made me choose certain roles, it made me turn down certain roles there is more than an image that I want to project. I want to be the person that is the first person there and the last person to leave.

That’s what I want to be because I think that the the road to success is through commitment and through the strength to drive through that commitment when it gets hard and it is going to get hard and you’re going to want to quit sometimes but it’ll be colored by who you are and more who you want to be. I definitely found that wanting to be an actor stems from wanting to be somebody. My mom wanted me be a truck driver because that would mean I would make $24,000 a year if I went to Truck Masters and I’ll be twice what my father made and she thought that would happen but something inside of me said I don’t want to drive a truck.

There’s something else that matters more to me and I decided I was not going to go for money instead of passion and the rewards been pretty amazingly better than being a truck drive. It’s not bad being a truck driver it’s just not what I was after and I I look back and one of the things that helped me was my original teacher Jim Rohn, who was a personal development speaker I went to hear when I was 17 he said so the first time I heard him he said ‘you know it’s really simple if you want life to change, you got to change.

If you want life to be better you’ve got to get better. It’s the only way it happens and luck will show up for people and it will leave them but if you’re constantly improving who you are and what you give, game over. See if you can find some ways to multiply your value to the market and he said your income will immediately start to change. See if you go through life holding back and most of us do, most of us if we ask ourselves have we done all we can do? Most of us will have to answer, no we haven’t. We’ve been holding back. We have ideas that we don’t act on things we want to do, we’re afraid to take chances, we go through life trying to seek security and not coming outside of our comfort zone and we take most of our stuff with us to the grave.

Up until then I was hoping that the economy would change, I was hoping that my company would change, I was hoping that my paycheck would change, I was hoping that circumstances outside would change and here’s what I found out. It isn’t going to change. So then my question was if it isn’t going to change, how will my life ever change and here’s what my teacher taught me. When you change, when you change, everything will change for you and I’m saying that the fact that you’re still here that you’re still breathing you’ve got some more work and you owe it to yourself. You owe it to yourself so when you get up in the morning that you can look yourself in the face and say hey I’m living my life on my terms. Change your question, change your life. When it comes to planning your life I want to get you to learn to ask three questions now. The question you want to ask yourself is what do I want? What’s my outcome? What’s my result? The word R.P.M.

The first one is to get you focused on the target. The target is not the activity, the activity can change. Its what the – what’s the result I’m after. If you know exactly what it is you really want, what you desire, what you’re really after, clarity is power. The more clear you are in specifically what you want the faster your brain can get you there but if you’re generally saying things like what do I want, ‘well you know I want more money’, ‘fine, here’s a dollar get out of here.’ Whether you get the outcome or not whether you get that result will be based firstly of clarity and the second thing is whether you get enough emotional juice to keep going after it when things don’t work out. Did you achieve the outcome? Yeah, when you’re that general, you might be – you think you’re not getting your goal, you are.

The way you language your goal, the way you think about it, you’re receiving it. You know you know, I, you know I want to feel a bit better. I want to lose some weight fine, you lost the pound you’re done. When you get better, everything will get better for you and that’s where I picked up that phrase: for things to change, you’ve got to change. You don’t have to change the marketplace you don’t have to change the marketing plan, you don’t have to change the economy, you don’t have to change countries, you don’t have to change circumstances out there, all you’ve got to do is look within and see if you can change yourself for the better and as you change, things will start to change for you.

What’s the result I’m after, what’s the ultimate result, what do I want out of this week, out of this thing, out of my business, out of my life, for my body. Don’t concern yourself too much with how you’re going to achieve your goal leave that completely to a Power greater than yourself. All you have to do is know where you’re going the answers will come to you of their own accord. Here’s my best advice: welcome all experiences, you never know which one is going to turn everything on.

Are there going to be some moments when you want to give up? Yes. Will there be some moments when it’s going to seem like it’s impossible, the pain that you’re experiencing, the disappointment that you’re experiencing that you’re going to say it’s not worth it? Yes, that’s – that’s going to be right there for you. It’s going to be in your face telling you to go back. When we think about changing our lives usually that means changing your behaviors or retraining yourself, getting new habits, going out and trying them out and changing your life. This is about changing your thoughts and then your life will change. Change your thoughts change your life. Benjamin Disraeli said nothing can resist a human will that will stake its existence on its purpose.

Shortly put, I’ll do it or die. Know that all you have to do is hold your goal before you. Everything else will take care of itself and I can tell you that it doesn’t make any difference what age you are, whether you’re a teenager watching this or whether you’re someone in your 60s, 70s, 80s or anywhere along the way, you can make that change. Every thought, every feeling, every emotion you experience in this lifetime is shaped by beliefs and values. All of your life is controlled by decisions you make. Decisions about what to believe, decisions about what to feel, decisions about what to do and most of us are on automatic pilot letting the world trigger us instead of taking back control of our life and when you do that, just think of it this way. Anything you want to change, you want to change your body, you want to change your career, your business, your relationship what to do requires the right strategy. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you can’t obviously just throw your pendulum and go on some silly diet.

You have to know the things that’re going to give you lasting results, so we teach those strategies but some people even know what to do but they don’t do it and why are we able to get people to do it, to follow through because 80% of success in anything my friends, is psychology and 20% is mechanics. What that means is there’s how to do stuff and there’s why to do stuff. How to do it, is not that complex and if you really learn from somebody who knows those refined distinctions they can – they can show you those tipping points. Those things you can do where in the least amount of time, you get the biggest result. As you look at yourself as a business operator, as you look at yourself as an entrepreneur as you look at yourself as a person that want to make a mark with your life, that want to leave a legacy, you’ve got to be hungry.

It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. You want to find people who master that because success leaves clues and that’s the same thing I’m suggesting to you. Whatever area that you want to go in, if it’s finances and business, insurance industry, whatever area that you’re interested in, find the people who are mastering that and follow their example. Watch your relationships. They are nourishing relationships and there are toxic relationships. Nourishing relationships, they bring the best out of you, they inspire you. Toxic relationships, they drain you. People that are hungry, are willing to do the things that the others won’t do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have. People that are hungry believe always strive to get on top in life because it’s the bottom that’s overcrowded. People that are hungry know if you want to be successful, you must be willing to do the things today others won’t do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have.

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. Complain, point at your circumstances, give up your power, blame the government, blame the economy. f you do what is easy, your life will be hard but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. It’s hard to make a radical change in your behavior. It’s hard to take ownership, it’s hard to swallow the bitter pill that wherever you find yourself, at some point in time you made an appointment to be there. It’s hard. It’s hard. If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy. .

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Move Heaven and Eart(Do Your Best)

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Spin Selling by Neil Rackham

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The Abraham mindshift challenge

Jay Abraham - Advanced Strategy of Preeminence

Eben video

How To Build Your Email List for Marketing and Sales with Roy Furr

The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

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