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Music as a Language: Victor Wooten at TEDxGabriolaIsland

It’s true I was born into a band,exceedingly literally, I mean that literally. When I was born, my four older brothers who were already playing music, knew that they needed a bass player( Laughter) to round out the family strip. I was born into that character. As I’m older I’m looking back right now , now that I’m called a teacher. When I look back on that, and how I was taught, I realized that I wasn’t really schooled. Which is why I say that music is a language; because if you think about your first language, for me, and perhaps most of us here might be English, so I’m just going to go with English. If you think about how you learned it, you recognise you weren’t taught it. Public simply spoke to you...

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Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard? | Jon Jandai | TEDxDoiSuthep

Translator: Jelena Vukovic Reviewer: Ivana Korom There is one phrase that I have always wanted to say to everyone in “peoples lives”. That phrase is “Life is easy.” It’s so easy and recreation. I never concluded like that before. When I was in Bangkok, I felt like life is very hard, very complicated. I was born in a poor village on the Northeastern of Thailand And when I was a kid, everything was merriment and easy, but when the TV met, numerous people came to the village, they said, “You are poor, you need to chase success in your life.

You got to get to Bangkok to pursue success in your life.” So I find bad, I find good. So I needed to go to Bangkok. When I went to Bangkok, “its just not” very fun. You need to learn, examine a lot and handiwork very hard, and then you can get success...

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