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First Song – Piano Lesson 1 – Hoffman Academy

Hello and accepted. I’m Joseph Hoffman, and today we’re going to be learning about some piano basics, and by the end of this lesson, you’ll be playing your first carol on the forte-piano. So let’s come to the piano to get started. One neat happen about the piano is how visually the keys are coordinated. These situations you propagandize are “ve called the” keys, and they come in precisely two simple shades, black and white, and the further you go to the left the lowering the phone they constitute. So this is the low-pitched place of the piano, but if we come up to the title we get the high records. Now let’s experimentation with your own piano. I crave you to try this along with me.

Find any key in the high-pitched neighbourhood of your piano and play video games each key one at a time mov...

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Piano Posture & Engine, Engine (2013) – Hoffman Academy

Hello, and welcome back. I’m Joseph Hoffman. Today we are going to be talking about forte-piano posture. Posture is a word that means the shape of your figure for doing various activities. Let’s make eating a container of cereal for breakfast for example. If I were munching with this posture, would this be a good intuition? Or what about this posture for feeing my bowl of cereal? Not very comfortable.

Or how about this? Yeah, that would be good posture for ingesting a bowl of cereal. Now, when I used to play baseball as a kid, I learned that there was a good posture and a bad posture for batting. My instruct coached me that if I impounded my shoulders out and stoop my knees I could get a more powerful change. Now there is a good and a bad posture for representing the piano as well...

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LearnPianoin30Days.com [review]

What I LIKE about LearnPianoin30Days.com is a 30-day program.Well paced is easy to follow and has the concepts and steps to enable start learning straight away.Lessons on theory, such as the staff, notes values and rests,fingering learning musical alphabet all here. Provides printable sheet music for a large library of songs covering all genres from jazz to pop.It keeps you engaged with say short 10 minute video piano lessons.
What I DIDN’T LIKE about LearnPianoin30Days.com is a 30-day program:I thought the film production was poor but reasonable enough to be heard.Like other online piano these lessons are not MIDI compatible, so it doesn’t track your practice time or progress like Piano With Willie see my review.Overall: You there to learn and if your keen there will be no problem ...
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