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Jazz Improvisation Techniques – Simple Scale Hacks… Would you like to learn some jazz improvisation techniques? This brand new video tutorial will help. Make sure you visit the urlĀ  to get the full lesson and learn more jazz improvisation techniques. If you want to become great at jazz improvisation it’s essential that you learn how to improvise over common chord progressions.

That’s why having jazz improvisation techniques you can rely on and you have mastered is absolutely essential. In this jazz improvisation techniques video we look at the most common jazz chord progression, the ii V I chord progression.

Since the 2 5 1 occurs in a million different jazz standards it’s essential that you have a variety of different jazz improvisation techniques to play over it...

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Modern Jazz – Tonal vs Modal Harmony

Hi guys, So, I thought I’d make a series of lessons about Modern Jazz Theory. Now Modern Jazz Theory can be described as the gradual rejection and reshaping of traditional music theory. So, in these videos I’m going to go through how Jazz moved away from your more traditional music theory towards more exotic and avant-garde music theory. So, essentially, how Jazz moved from Tonality, which is the more traditional Jazz, into Modality, which is Modal Jazz, and then all the way through into atonality, which is more your Free Jazz. And just as a pedantic aside, Free Jazz is not necessarily atonal, but rather this is just a broad generalization of a general trend of Jazz moving away from tonality into atonality, as it moves towards Free Jazz...

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